Thursday, 31 March 2011

Working on........

A little March calender to remind me of what I have achieved this month and how beautiful the garden has been. Sometimes the months pass in such a haze that it is nice to stop for a moment and realise that I have seen beauty and I have achieved something, even when I feel like I havn't!

This week, amongst other things I have been working on...........Mother's Day Gifts 

Using this pattern..............

From this book...........
Just have to block and starch them a bit to hold the shape well. I used a bigger hook and larger yarn so these pot holders are bigger than they should be, but I wanted more of a statement piece!

I hope they will like them! I think one for me now, I have just the spot for one in my kitchen!

I also wanted to say a  HUGE hello to all the new readers that have arrived here in my little bloggy space. It is so lovely to see you here and meet some of you! I hope to pop along to visit you all at some point and say hello. Forgive me though, it may take time, my head is a sieve at the minute but I am trying!!!!!!

Happy Thursday all!


Friday, 18 March 2011

☀Appearing Sun☀..........

Firstly....thank you for all your very lovely words on my last post. I am finally feeling like my energy levels are coming back and so feeling brighter in my disposition!!!!! With little energy, getting anything done was a task....even crafting! I just felt a bit rubbish at everything.....mother....crafter....blogger! I didn't want to post about it as I felt like I was being such a moaning minnie, and whilst I don't want this blog to be completely unrealistic and always sickeningly sunshiny, I  also don't want it to swing too far the other way! Trying to find a decent balance!!! I think when I get tired and worn out I get a bad case of the bloggy wobbles. I lack confidence and think my blog is totally pants. But, at the same time, I do think that this blog is me, completely me.....and although it has taken a completely different path to what it was originally set up is nice to have space to be just me, so for now, I carry on as I am.  Also, after the week of terrible tragedies in Japan, you can't help but count your blessings. My woes pale into insignificance.

I have spent the week just taking it easy.....pottering.....crocheting and crafting in amongst the daily chores! Eating plenty of fruit and trying to be healthy!

please note...the coffee was a little treat here!!!!!!! I have been living off fresh orange juice all week.

My kind of brekkie


The bears lve fruit mixes. Me too. Scrummy with Apricot Yoghurt and granola. As you can see it went pretty quickly! Deeeeeeeelish!!!!!!!!!!!

When the sun has been shining, I have been sitting on my back kitchen step, cuppa in hand, head to the sun and drinking in this song.

It's one of my most favourite of feel good songs. It's happy and soft. It reminds me of sunshiny days in cornwall, spent drinking in the sun and sea air. Sitting watching the hustle and bustle on the Falmouth sea front waiting to catch the boat back to St Mawes. It reminds me of walking early morning up the winding little streets of St Ives whilst the sun shone in a cloudless sky. It also reminds me of happily baking in the kitchen on a warm bright day and feeling very content and happy. With a wonderful mix of memories to this song, it has amazing power to uplift me. It's awesome how a song can transport you somewhere in an instant. I like that. Great medicine

Also, I have been trying to find ways to make myself be a bit more organised. I was starting to feel like everything was just running away with me. My monthly planner on my fridge was a month behind and I kept forgetting school dates. Probably catch 22. When you are under the weather you start to fall behind with everything, then trying to catch up and over doing it makes you susceptible to more bugs!

Still enjoying the  flowers budding in the garden though

Early morning dew

Arn't these just such a fabulous colour? When they all start appearing in abundance in my little patch they look so lovely and cheerful. You can't help but smile.

So, little bits at a time to get me started. I have taken a long hard look at a lot of things. How to make the house run more efficiently. How to find space for everything and what to get rid of. I am in my spring cleaning mood (though you may not have thought it looking at my crafty mess piccie!!!!). I am a natural is Mr H.....and the bears seem to have inherited it too. Not a good thing when there are five of you living in a small space. So, after a while of hoarding, I get frustrated and get rid of it.

I am trying hard to do the whole 'one thing in and one thing out' rule, just to try and keep on top of things. I have decided that my monthly magazine stash is just ridiculous. I am such a magazine person, but you know, just never really realised how much I spent every month on them. I just wander around the supermarket, if one catches my eye then in the trolly it goes. So, I am limiting myself to two a month. Chop and change. Save money and space....can't be a bad thing! 

 I have given a good number of bags full to the brim to charity shops too this week, which is a nice feeling. Clear the house....clear the head!

I have been a bit mad and started a few crochet projects without any thought really. Just simple, easy, no headachey projects, but they have been making me happy. Sometimes the ones without thought are the best.

I have had two projects in mind though to start, just had to decide which one to start first......

Beautiful spring colours to get me in the sunshiny mood

Or lush pastel, chalky colours, all soft and snug.

Hummmmmm, decisions, decisions!!!!

I also have to say a big thank you to gillyflower and Gem for bestowing me with Stylish Blogger Awards. I still feel very humbled people read me let alone pass these on to me. Sorry I am late in posting about them! Got there in the end, although I have to say that I might just have to buck the trend a bit. I am not sure I have anything left to tell about me and also find it very hard to think of only a few blogs to pass it on to. I know, I know, yes, a bit useless, but maybe I will get there one day!

So, that is my week to date. Slow paced...... poodling along.........feeling brighter, the coughs, colds and are definitely shifting and the is beginning to shine through again!

Today, the weather is grey and drizzly. The Bears requested a variety of these for the weekend

(Marks and Spencers 'Blissful Brownies' Book)

and I fancy making these...

Toffee Apple Cakes
(Marks and Spencers  'Baking Day' Book)

So, A bit of Richard Ashcroft again, pans ready and oven on,  and this morning should be a contented one!

I came across a lovely little saying the other day. Not quite sure where it originated....

'Life is too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.'

So True

Thank you again, you are all truly awesome

Have a super duper weekend!



Friday, 11 March 2011

Little Thoughts......

Do you ever go to write a post and just don't know how to start it? When you are not sure how you feel, therefore not sure how your post will turn out?

I am in one of those moods. Have the potential to be rambly, but don't really want to be!

Suffice to say, this week has been a week of yet more illness. Last friday I came down with a nasty sickness bug which pretty much wiped out my weekend. Spent all of it in bed, with my little shadow at my side to keep me company!

By monday morning I felt like I was turning a corner when by the afternoon, baby bear and I were getting the sniffles and a scratchy throat was appearing. I seem to be constantly catching one thing after another at the present and it is taking its toll. When I get in one of those moods I start to question things, think too much, wallow in my self pity.  Even the blue skies this week havn't managed to work their gorgeous magic. Apologies if I have been a bit quiet on comments this week. I hope to visit you all again soon!

I have posted this week of my blooms in the house in a bid to cheer me up. Just a few pics.......sparse words. What do you say when you are feeling rubbish?!

I questioned my little blog, as I do every now and then. Is it too personal? it not personal enough? I want it? I need it?

Is it one less thing I should have in my it one thing that I need to make sure stays in my day?

I think I just needed to work out a few things. Work out what is important at the moment and what can be pushed to one side for a bit.

Sit back, have a little think, rest, take things slower and smell the flowers!

Open and looking beautiful by my kitchen sink

beautiful frilly little skirts

An abundance of colour and fragrance on my dining room table

Beautiful silhouettes





Smile enducing

Tomorrow, middle bear turns 10. The big double figures. I feel a bit sad. Just one left now in single figures. I felt a tremendous wave of sadness when their first tooth fell out too. A milestone. The sudden ending of a particular stage of life. He is so excited, bless him. We have a tiring day planned. Better take it easy for the rest of the day then! Cuppa tea and cake anyone?

Have a lovely weekend all

Much love



Monday, 7 March 2011

Excited........ watch these open!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I relent and make more rocky roads. All that is left now is the chocolate to be poured and the marshmallows to top it. None for me though, all for the bears!