I get asked a lot of questions, often the same ones. It really is a fine line trying to make sure that I spend enough time in 'real' life with my family and not too much in the 'virtual' world. This often means that I cannot get around to answering all the emails. If I miss a few one day, then I cannot ever seem to catch up. So.......I thought that maybe, answering some in a post might just help a little.

What camera do you use?
I alternate between a Canon 40D and my Iphone 10s. I love the Canon for its crisp shots, but I adore my phone for instant pics with a vintage quality. I use a mixture of both on my blog.

Crochet Advice?

I started to learn eleven years ago now. However, I STILL consider myself to be new at it. I still forget things, I don't read patterns properly (usually though because I am always in such a rush to get it done and don't read things carefully enough). Many will agree, it's all about practice. You attempt it, and attempt and get fed up, but one day, it all just clicks. It's really quite amazing. My advice when starting out, practice the stitches and basic rows with a big hook. I learnt all the stitches on a big hook and it helped me to see where I needed to put the hook in a chain. It was invaluable to me really to do it this way.

Do you do tutorials?

No. Quite simply because I am so rubbish at them! There are so many great crochet tutorials on sites and blogs that give brilliant written and visual instructions, it seems rather pointless really, for me to attempt something which would be so poor and confusing! If I make anything from a pattern, If I can I will put in a link. Maybe one day if I get enough time to feel like I can do some justice I will, but for now, i'll leave that to better bloggers!

What Yarn do You Use?

I get asked this a lot. Now, I am not as good as most crafty blogs out there, who give every single detail such as hook/needle size, yarn amount, yarn brand and specific colours used. This is primarily because....well....I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl when it comes to making things. I'm rather impulsive. I get an idea in my head, and wham bam, I have to scratch that itch as soon as possible. I rush to see what I have in my stash and go from there. My 'stash' is usually a whole mix of yarns stuffed in a big tub. More often than not I use yarns that I've already started, so they have no labels. I have no idea of brand or colour other than it is DK. I mix and match brands to get the colours that I want in a project. For big projects like blankets, I use cheaper branded yarns. Mainly acrylic mixes so that they can machine wash. I find it is always best to visit a yarn store when choosing yarns for the first time...if you can. Especially with acrylic or acrylic mix yarns. I have found that some colour ways in the same style feel completely different from the dyeing process. I mostly make my blankets big for the family. They get used and abused and I love that they have become part of the history of the family unit. I use more expensive and better quality yarn for smaller projects. If I do have yarn details, I will provide them in the post, otherwise, I'm afraid, it's all just guess work!

Can I have some patterns?

There have been a lot of discussions on blogs with regards to this area and copyright. I do not send out copies of patterns for things I have made from books, pamphlets etc. I can always point you in the direction of the book the pattern came from, but that's as far as I can go. If I make something from a free online pattern or tutorial, again I will point you in its direction with a link if I can.

I can't find you on Ravelry?

I have had a Ravelry button on my side bar and I am indeed on there! I been on there for a while, but to be honest, I am only just starting to sort myself out on it. I am always a bit late with updating it with all my makes but if you are on there too then just look me up! My name is stripey-mooka

Well, I think I have answered the main questions most asked! I hope it has helped a little!