Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Trip.....

In August we had some time away.

It was a really nice getaway.

Lots of lovely sights.

Nature's beauty.

Looks exotic.

It was Cornwall.

This was at the Eden Project. 

The humid and arid biomes.

Just beautiful.

A lovely place to visit. I do love to see all the tropical plants and the beautiful grounds, but if you don't go really early in the summer, then it's not worth going at all.

There were 19 family members together on this holiday. It was a huge amount of fun. The Bears LOVED IT. 

The house that we stayed in was right opposite a pretty village church......with bells! There were two weddings one day, so many of us sat outside with drinks in hand, prime view, watching people arrive and seeing the excitement of the day unfold for them. The bells rang for what seemed like most of the day. OH MY WORD, I just LOVED IT. I did not want to go anywhere, just sit and listen to the bells ringing.


I think I have said before just how much I love the sound of Church Bells.

I think the whole village had turned out to watch each brides arrival. I absolutely loved the Vicar, about half an hour before the first guests started to arrive.......standing outside with his take away coffee and shorts with his dog collar on....just chillin'. It tickled me.

Pretty flowers, heavenly church bells, pretty cars, and gorgeous dresses. It was lovely to sit and soak up the happy vibe.

The second bride.....I ADORED her dress. She looked utterly gorgeous.

Isn't it just so pretty? Just simple and oh so elegant. The Vicar still had his shorts and sandals underneath, he gave the gathering audience a quick flash!


We managed to fit in beach time

It's always pyramids that are built, never old school sandcastles for some reason.

The sea was awesome....but choppy

I love this pic of my S-I-L

And I love this one of stripey boys admiring their handiwork!

Clear blue skies in amongst brief squalls.

Sights to make you smile.

And buildings to make your heart sing.

I loved this little building so much. It had the prettiest lace in the windows....and I loved the grey blue of the paint. Picture perfect for me.

And in the evenings this was the sight from our window, which I just ADORED. A perfect golden glow.

To me, just the most wonderful sight.

So a fab time was had. 


Monday, 1 September 2014


Yesterday felt so good.

A day sorting out the garden.

As I've said many a time before here, I really am a pants gardener. We have a very small, and very manageable sized garden, yet I still struggle with it.

The sun unexpectedly came out......and I was encouraged to get things prepared for the onset of Autumn/Winter. Everything had pretty much all died off (I can just about manage spring and summer flowers but that's it.....zilch to take me into Autumn), so I thought it was as good a time as any to hack it all back.

This, sadly meant my adored rambling rose bush, that had been infected with black spot.

Whilst it gave a tremendous show of the hottest pink flowers this year (and I had spent years intricately  trailing it over my arbour and all over my decking); the size of the rose bush meant I just couldn't keep any control of the leaf drop, and it was reinfecting the soil. Oh it was sad. It was hacked back to a height that I could manage next year (I'm short, so barely nothing). It's its last chance. If I can't control it next year, then it goes. Boo hoo. At least I wont feel so bad though, getting rid of a smaller bush than a really huge one altogether.

There was a silver lining to this though. The hacking back revealed all the woodwork that needed a good old lick of paint. So that will be done over the next couple of weeks and it will be ready to take it into the autumn months.

The hydrangea heads are starting to dry off now. That lovely deep plum, mixed with subtle shades of forest and rust. I'll leave them on longer until all the colour drains from them. Finally, the bamboo was hacked back and the ivy clad fences were given a good hair cut. The beds were weeded and turned over.

It looks tidy....but oh so bare.

My neighbour said 'Oh no the lovely rose has gone!' She said it was such a lovely sight to look out upon in the mornings. Oh well. I will make it great again, whichever way I have to do it.

Pots were sorted and tidied, and I was feeling really rather chuffed.

So. The garden, stripped bare. Ready for the next couple of seasons ahead. It feels good to have spent some time there. That satisfaction that you have achieved something......something quite visible. It's quite uplifting. I needed that. Although my back isn't thanking me today. I'm such a wimp.

Thank you for all your comments on my last post. It's very comforting to know others feel as you do at times in their lives also.

I'm waiting patiently for the end of the week. I'm wanting silence for more than 30 seconds. It will be nice. It will be nice to have my kitchen back. It will be nice to have the cupboards closed, instead of continually seeing them open with a kid behind them grunting 'what is there to eat, I'm hungry'.


Friday, 29 August 2014


It's been a while.

Apologies for my absence.

I have needed a little break.

In truth, I haven't really had much enthusiasm for blogging.....or much else really.

It's all been about the day to day here.

The Bears have been really rather good this summer hols. Not so much bickering. Big Bear seems to have matured a lot this summer. Suddenly he is so grown up and adult like. I feel pride, but a tinge of sadness too. Where has the time gone? This baby born so small, whose whole hand could fit on my finger nail......taller than me, deep voiced now......sigh.

It has been a strange summer holiday this year.

This month of August seems to have flown by. I have been floating by alongside it. I realise by saying 'floating by', it sort of implies floating, as meaning, floating, dreamily and happy. My sort of floating is a weird sort of floating. Like suspended in air, and being gently pushed along. So I shall perhaps settle for 'drifting' (even though it feels more like floating).

An aimless drift.

Not being able to anchor myself to anything, but grabbing hopelessly at everything as I see it going by me. I get this feeling every now and then. It passes, so I just roll with it.

I have these lines going round in my head when I lay my head on the pillow at night...

'....A herd of shepherds to herd the sheep, sleep now my only one....'

I have those lyrics in my head when I close my eyes at night.

I've been listening to Kate Bush a fair bit at the moment. I actually listen to her a lot, but I always find when I feel the way I do, I am usually drawn to her more. It transports me to time in my life when, for various reasons, she was always played. A time in my life, when I look back on it, was really just perfect. So when I listen to her, I feel how I felt all those years ago. In a split second I am calm, I am comforted, I feel safe; and for the time I hear her voice, I feel like I am all okay again. It's my fail safe. Good old Kate.

 I feel like I've been here in body, but my mind is elsewhere. Before I know it, the day has gone, and I can't say that I've been utterly present in it. I'm aware this makes me sound quite weird. Probably it's coming across as more weird than it actually is though.

I think I just have been very lost in thought.


My younger brother tells me I think too much. I realise I DO over think everything...to the point of missing opportunities.........perhaps. 

I tell him he is WAY too impulsive. 

He notes this too. 

We wonder how we can both be so different.

I think I'm spinning a lot of plates. I don't like plate spinning. I like plates firmly on shelves.........perfectly still. I'm out of my comfort zone. It unsettles me. I think this is a period of change for me too in many aspects of my life. Subtle changes.....but still, I am not good with change. It takes me a month or two to adjust to things. Also, I can feel the subtle shift in the weather. The summer is fading. I don't think I am ready for anything else yet. So many grey and wet days leading up to the sunshine. I longed for it so hard this year, more than I have ever done so I think.  I'm not ready to give it up. I'm not ready for the change into Autumn.

I'm just not ready.

I have thought about my blog space here too. I had to decide really, last year, where I was going to go with it. After being absent on it so much with being more on Instagram, I had to think about what I wanted from this little space here. I felt like people wanted more of me than I was prepared to give, or,  I suppose, felt comfortable giving. That's why for a while, Instagram seemed the happier option. I felt like I was being a bit overwhelmed here and it was easier to just run away onto Instagram. People asked things of me which would have 'promoted' me.  I realised I just wasn't all that comfortable with it. Shyness I suppose played a big part, but I immediately felt like I was losing control a bit. I didn't like the feeling that perhaps I might start to lose what say I had in stuff that mattered to me.

I know people say it's good to get out of your comfort zone, but I just find it so difficult. Like I said....I'm no good with change. So, I decided last year to ditch Instagram, and come back full time to blogging.........but to scale it all back. Just go back to basics, and feel happy and unpressured with what I was doing.......and when I was doing it. Mostly I think I am happy with my choice. Sometimes I feel that maybe I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face. My close friends think  I am an idiot and that I've totally wasted opportunitues. Perhaps I have. So when people start knocking at the door once more, I have to ponder on it all over again. 

The parable of the drowning man springs to mind.

It's a double edged sword this blogging malarky at times. But I wouldn't trade it. I have my wobbles at times, when I'm restless, or when I self doubt, but, I'm always glad I have this space to record bits of my life and things that I make. And I do so love this community here. It feels special. Many bloggers I started this road out with have totally ditched their blogs now, succumbing to the Siren's call on Instagram. I know there is a huge crafting community on there, but the community on here feels exta special. Maybe just because it's smaller...maybe more concrete. Maybe because blogs are more than about a picture. It's nice to have something concrete to record. A permanent diary. A chunk of a day, week, month.....and not just a moment. I know I'll be glad in years to come that I had kept this little space to record my thoughts....my moments in time.

So, I think I'll be happier when the new term starts. 

Order again.

Less time to over think. Less mess around me, with the three bears back in school. A tidy house, a tidy mind. A clear.....fresh mind.

I shall miss the leisurely breakfasts though. They seem to last right through until lunchtime.

Slow pouring coffee

Jam that always has the lid off

The waft of fresh toast....

....Yes, I have enjoyed that very much.

But I am ready for the order to begin.

I will have adjusted to the shifts of time and life, and be more myself again. I know I'm not alone in this feeling. We all get it from time to time. I think it's maybe just several moments of my life changing subtly at the same time. It's just making me feel a bit 'out of sorts' for a short spell. It must be part of life.

Maybe when the order is restored, my crafty ways will come back to me. I have a few projects on the go, but abandoned throughout August. Once I reclaim my mojo, I'll be raring to go with them. I liked how they were shaping up before I put them down.

Thank you, for all your comments you take the time to write here in my little space. I know life is hectic, and I hugely appreciate that you take the time to post a comment. I am grateful too, to have you guys here. You 'get' me.

I am trying harder to be able to visit you all, but, sometimes I fail miserably when time is not on my side.

I will come and visit you soon...........


....and here's if you fancy a dose of Kate.....

My late night driving 'go to', and some of my most favourite lyrics....ever.

....all the dreamers are waking.....

Thursday, 31 July 2014

When In Doubt......

Do something that makes you happy....makes you calm.......

Go for walks and breathe in the country air....

Drink in the golden glow as the sun starts to set....

...and marvel at its beauty.

Bake a cake...for no other reason than you just want to.

....and love nature, for all that it brings....

I have felt restless this week. Doing simple things has been lovely. The Bears have been good......no massive bickering this week....phew. I have just been thinking a lot about stuff. This little blog of mine. What I want from it. I'm trying to figure it out. Every now and then I think long and hard about it and where I am going with it. Sometimes I feel satisfied with it, sometimes I feel bored with it......and sometimes, I'm not sure if it's going anywhere. But does it need to be? Maybe I just feel blah and my little space here bears the brunt of it.

I'm taking a short little break......just a little one. Just some time to gather my thoughts, spend time with the Bears and not feel tied to anything.

I'm sure when I'm back I'll have mountains of words to write and pictures to upload.

Until then.......