'Rosy Posy' Wall Hanging

Materials: DMC Natura  Just Cotton

                  2 x 50g Ivory

                  1 x 50g Rose Layette

                  1 x 50g Geranium

                  1 x 50g Bourgogne

                  1 x 50g Ombre

                  1 x 50g Light Green

                  1 x 50g Golden Lemon

3mm Crochet Hook


Large Darning Needle


Crochet Terms:

Ch = Chain

Dc = Double Crochet

Tr = Treble Crochet

Sl St = Slip Stitch


This wall hanging is made using 1 round Granny Squares, with the ‘join as you go’ method.

Using the Grid provided, start your squares from the top left and work each row down.

To make a 1 Round Granny Square:

*Ch 4 and Sl St into first stitch.

Ch 3 (this counts as your first Tr). Working in the middle of the circle, 2 tr, Ch 2, 3 Tr*, Ch 2, 3 Tr, Ch 2, 3 Tr, Ch 2. Sl St into your 3rd chain at the beginning of your round. Fasten off the yarn and sew in the ends. (Your Tr’s make the sides and your 2 Ch make the corners.)

To join your squares as you go:

Complete * to * of your granny square round. Ch 1, then instead of creating another chain for corner, 1 Dc into the corner of the granny square you want to join to. (See fig 1). Complete the next 3 Tr’s of your granny square. Dc into the next corner of your attached granny square and Ch 1. (See Fig 1).  Complete your final 3 Tr’s of your granny square, Ch 2 and Sl st into the 3rd chain of your 3 chain. Fasten off and sew in ends.

Once you get to row two of your banner, you will need to join 3 corners together as you make the granny squares. Complete the square joining the same way, but after completing your final 3 Trb’s, replace the first of your 2 Ch with a DC into the third corner join. Complete your second chain, and Sl St into your 3rd Chain to finish the Square (See Fig 2).


Using the Ivory Yarn, start at any corner. Dc into every stitch, to border your hanging, making 3 Dc’s in each corner. Repeat again for a second border round. Sew in ends. Using the Ivory Yarn, and large needle, attach the banner to the dowling. Fasten off and sew in ends. Using a strand of each yarn colour together, tie a length of yarn to each end of the dowling to be able to hang your banner to the wall.

(Tip: Cotton yarn works really well with this project but it’s a great stash buster to use up odds and ends of collected yarn. Just follow the colour guidelines of the chart and use a crochet hook size appropriate for your yarn)

(Tip: You can get hold of dowling from any local hardware shop, but fallen twigs and small branches make a natural alternative)