About Me

 A warm welcome to my little space here. My name is Vanessa and this is where I have recorded  tiny snippets of my life and makes. 

I started this little blog really as a way of recording a new crafty path in my life. There was so much that I wanted to try and have a go at, and this was my means of recording it. 

I started blogging fourteen years ago,  and it's been a lovely little reminder for me of all the nice bits and pieces in amongst the everyday. I love colour and texture, and it forms a big part of me, and how I view the world. 

It has always been so lovely to share my crafty passion with like minded souls. Over the years, times have changed and blogging has taken a back seat to other social media platforms. I do still post. I do it as a reminder for myself really to look back on years from now. I post less often, usually every season with a round up of crafty makes and life as it is for me. 

Thank you for taking the time to read along and comment if you do! 

Thank you for stopping by.