Monday, 20 February 2012

A Happy Bear.....

........Big Bear has been asking for a make for a while. I have always replied.....'yes, sure I will make one, when I get a few moments spare.'

Last week was my moment spare.

Last year I made these for Baby Bear.....

Frank and Betsy

Brother and sister

Dearly loved......and VERY well used.

Big Bear, although the biggest, still does love a soft toy. A velvet feel Gromit has been his companion for several years. He wanted a cat too. 

So, the Half Term week was the week I thought I ought to get cracking and actually make one. 

So meet Arnold.......

Loved tremendously already.

I thought I would make the larger of the cats......and boy he turned out big!

Compared with the other two! Baby Bear wanted him to be Frank and Betsy's Dad, but Big Bear was having none of that. I think he has become the Uncle instead. They were having a little family hug in the last pic, I think Arnold had just finished reading the kids a story. 

I now have had lots of calls from Baby Bear to make a 'Mummy' for them, as now, apparently, they are very lonely not getting mummy cuddles. A 'Mummy' may possibly be in the making some time soon.

I have to say, I am very taken with him. I want one for I too old? He is a big dude, and he took a whole week to make, but he has a HUGE amount of character, just like the little ones. I have visions of a Sylvanian type family appearing all about the house. I'm thinking now how I can adapt the pattern to make a hot water bottle cover for Baby Bear to help with winter snuggles. I'll ponder on that one for a bit.

So.....Big Bear is happy. I did ask Middle Bear if he wanted one. He is not a soft toy kind of boy, but in the interests of being fair, I asked if he wanted one. His reply was......'I appreciate the effort and they are nice, but eh, no thanks!!!!!' That's easy then!

Today the sun is shining. It's mighty cold outside. Baby Bear is home today so we are having some quality time. So, I'm out of here...................

Happy Monday All......wherever you are and whatever the weather.....



  1. Oh NO! You're never too old.
    I want an Arnold please!
    Enjoy the day with your bear. ;0)

  2. Oh, very cute. Well done. I really like it that you call your kids the bears, as my last name means 'bear' ;-)

  3. Vanessa, these are so, so, so beautiful! I love everything about them. Their slouchiness, their colours, their shape. You are the goddess of crochet. My goodness. I am lost for words. What a productive half-term you have had! Ours is still to come.


    Can you hear my very timid whisper letting you know about a giveaway on my little space? I think it might inspire you... maybe. (Stephanie walks off with very red cheeks.)

  4. Oh so very lovely makes!! And with so much love worked into them as well....they are sure to be treasured by your bears for a very long time x just lovely :)

    Hope you enjoy snuggles with your youngest bear x

    Jo x x x

  5. Estão LINDOS!
    Fico á espera de ver a mamã urso!
    Um beijo

  6. They are gorgeous! So sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Not too big at all! If you want one, then go for it. I plan to make myself a stuffed owl soon ;-) Love the size of Arnold. The "family" pic was just too cute! Bet it took a while to stuff him, though.

  8. So delightful x
    I would say that you are NEVER too old ;o)
    have a lovely day
    love jooles x

  9. These are amazing. I'm off to an Amigurumi workshop on Sunday and these are the inspiration I need. Well done. I bet your Big bear is very happy with him.

  10. Really beautiful, toys in a dream shop. xxx

  11. He's gorgeous, Vanessa! So lovable! And no, you are never too old...!!
    Helen x

  12. Oh my! How sweet! I would want one for myself, don't blame you at all!! :)

  13. Oh I love the bears, clever you! No never too old, ever! :)

    Are they knitted or crocheted? x

  14. Oh my, he is just so lovely! That wonderfully gentle face. And so big ... how DO you do it? It would take me months to make him!!

    Middle Bear ... bless him!

    Have a wonderful week.


  15. GORGEOUS!!!! I know 2 little boys in my house who would adore these! Thanks for posting. lol x

  16. Very cute family! I have made a few stuffed animals and I never want to give them away because I'm too attached. I feel like I breathed life into them and they just need to stay with me where they are safe and treated with the utmost respect. LOL We little girls NEVER grow up! (And I'm in my 50s) Hugs, Annette

  17. Good grief, it's huge! Arnold must be as big as your baby bear! Have a great week xxx

  18. Oh boy, isn't he just FABULOUS! I bought the book after you introduced us to Frank and Betsy and made two of the cats, both very well loved. Not sure I could tackle an "Arnold" though.
    Carol xx

  19. Oh goodness, these are so cute.

  20. How funny, I received the book with this cat in for Valentine's Day and have just started making a little one. It was so nice to see them on your blog looking so fabulous, I hope mine turns out a fraction as well!

  21. Adorable!!! Those bears are simply charming! Happy week to you! xoxoxo

  22. Brilliant! I still have a bear my nana crocheted, its not far off 40 'cough' years old.

  23. Wow......these are simply gorgeous...delightful......snuggly........cuddly......and dreamy......would you mind sharing where you got the pattern from.....or are you so very clever, you made it up yourself? I'd loved to have a go at one of these.....probably a little one tho lol And most def not too old for one of your own! -xxxxx-

  24. Wow!
    These are incredible LOVE them, I can understand why you want one too, I do too!
    Arnold, just oozes character and attitude...
    I can understand why your son's are thrilled...and something for them always to cherish.
    Definitely, I',m with baby bear...You should make a Mummy one ;-D
    You are such a lovely Mummy making these.
    Have a wonderful week ahead

  25. He has attitude that bear, I love him!Can't wait to see mummy bear. Your middle bear is so polite I am suitably impressed. Have a happy week, love Linda x. Oh and your new look header and bottom bear family bit are really lovely!

  26. He has to be the cutsest thing ever (and the two little ones). Would you make them to sell as I would definitely be interested in buying one, I half expect him to jump off the chair and go for a walk.
    Lots of Love
    Claire x

  27. So cute, well done you. And as for Middle Bear's comment......priceless! X

  28. Those cats are fab-U-lous! So cute with the crossed arms and legs!

  29. That cat is fab-U-lous! Love the pose - crossed arms and legs!

  30. they are indeed fab, you are so clever....
    have a lovely week x x x x

  31. Oh My your never to old for an Arnold he is fantastic i adore him he has oddles of character just look at his face ;-)) Your post has made me feel all warm inside. What a great mum you are and NO your never to old for an Arnold yourself i would love one to your have to make one just for yourself and def a mummy bear to. dee x

  32. Cute baby bears and what a wonderful big bear. All of them look so very very cute.

  33. You are so talented Vanessa! Andrew looks GREAT!!!!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  34. He is wonderful! Could he be a friend for Chester (when he's finished)? If you have another of those spare moments, have a look at him on my blog, you'll see what I mean then!

  35. Those are VERY cute - I want one too :)

  36. You're never too old for crochet toys, but if you think you're pushing it, then kids are a fantastic excuse. At least that's what I tell myself!

    And handmade toys are all unique - no matter how many times you make the same pattern, they're all so different and eash has its own character!

  37. Great and cute works dear Vanessa!

    Kisses and greetings!:)

  38. Oh he is absolutely gorgeous - love the name too! What a fantastic size - you'd never really lose him down the side of the bed would you? Have a fab week hon.

  39. Happy Monday beautiful, I love the bear family, you so have to make a mommy bear and another dinky one! How long do they take! love them.
    Take care, Becca xxx

  40. I want one for me too! He is quite simply, completely fabulous! Where does one find out how to make one of these? Have a super week. Carmel x

  41. 100% Cuteness!! I don't think one is ever too old to have a cute knitted toy like that :)

  42. O M G ! How cute are those little kitties :) you must have masses of patience to make a softy so big! Hats off to you lovely lady :) xxx

  43. You're never to old, go for it :O)

  44. they really are L*O*V*E*L*Y!!!!!...Hope your keeping snuggers! xxxx
    big huggies to littly bears xxxxxx
    i have to do school run sooooon and ive only just warmed up...;0(x boo to school runs!!

  45. Hello!

    I've loved your last two posts, absolutely loved them. They're the kind that make me keeping coming back to swoon over the same photos each day! I have downloaded a bunny pattern to have a go at making critters for my niece - thought it would be a nice Easter present for her. I just need to build up the confidence to start it (my head has to be in the right place before I can give things a go otherwise I get in a right tangle and can't understand the simplest patterns!).

    Hope things are good with you - nice to have you blogging with loads of china and crochet p0rn pics for us again!! :-) I popped over to let you know I'm having a little giveaway. Nothing major but it's baking related and I know you like a few baking goodies!

    Nicki xx

    PS I bought Tunnocks teacakes today and thought of you! Had forgotten how delish they are. Bad Vanessa, getting me into them again!

  46. He's totally adorable!
    How big is he exactly? Is that a normal size dining chair? He looks as big as my Little B!!!!!

  47. You are just too clever young lady! I love him....

    Lou xxx

  48. What a gorgeous blog you have. Just delightful.

  49. I love them all! Your post put a smile on my face. I want to make one too!

  50. Just looking out for the little cats....Arnold is beyond perfect, How do you do it!

  51. Soooo cute.
    I love his long arms, ready to dish out the cuddles.

  52. wow, so cute :)))
    I'll be your reader now, love your blog :)

  53. oh my goodness...I want one of those kitties!..just perfect for a wee child to haul around or just to sit in my kiddie chair in my kitchen...sweet sweet sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!

  54. I love Arnold! He is fantastic!

  55. Wowzers! bet he took a lot of stuffing!

  56. Hi Vanessa, this dad or uncle or whoever, is so pretty and perfect! I laugh about his size... so big, haha! The perfect non-talking friend. And no, no one is ever too old for cats like these.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  57. Hi Vanessa, I just adore these - they have so much personality. You are so talented! Have a wonderful week xx

  58. These bears are adorable, what a great job! Blessings Niki x

  59. Olá, menina, adorable seu blog!!

  60. Wauw there the most beautiful,adorable,lovely Amineko's all three together I've ever seen!


  61. Do you have a pattern for Arnold? I am dying to make him!!

    1. Hi there,

      Arnold was made from a book called 'Hello My Name Is Amineko'.

      I hope this helps!


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