About Me

 A warm welcome to my little space here. My name is Vanessa and this is where I record small snippets of my life and stuff I love. 

I started this little blog really as a way of recording a new crafty path in my life. There was so much that I wanted to try and have a go at, and this was my means of recording it. 

I have been blogging now for six years, and it has become a lot more more than just recording my makes. It's a nice little reminder for me of all the nice bits and pieces in amongst the everyday.

I live, mostly in chaos. I am always trying to find some sort of order........raising three sons, my Bears, and trying to be everything to everyone. Sometimes achieving it.........most of the time not....which I put down to only being human.

I'm a massive dreamer and my head seems to always be in the clouds. I also have an unhealthy love affair with marshmallows, drink an insane amount of tea and talk too much in close company.

So...........thank you for stopping by and seeing the world through my eyes.