Monday, 13 September 2010

♥The Weird and the Wonderful♥.....

.....Hello again! I hope that you had a good weekend, and that the sun got to shine for you a bit!

The weekend didn't really go as planned for me....I had big plans...and they all flopped rather.

Mainly due to being struck by the lurgy. Friday night sees Mr H complain he feels like he is coming down with something. Saturday is spent trying to get out and get mundane bits sorted and organised, all the while  Mr H gets worse and worse. So, by Saturday, late afternoon, things grind to a halt. Baby bear starts to feel hot and is off his food.

The evening is spent resting, and me looking at my purchases made earlier that day, for me, the weird and the wonderful....firstly the weird.....

I am not sure what possessed me to buy these rings. I kind of like the quirky. Do I really want to parade around with a stags head on my finger? Not at all practical, the antlers will irritate me after a while, but it's a talking point if nothing else!
Now that's a bit better! I am a magpie, drawn to the sparkly. Not a day goes by when I don't have a clip in my hair, and I like the sparkly-ness and the fact that they have good grip. Also, they were cheap and that sold it for me too!

My other love. Very cheap, but very cheerful. I love this kind of jewellery. Worn with something really plain, it makes me smile, and at £3 it makes me smile even more! The photo does not do it much justice, but alas, trying to get one of the bears to photograph it on was just a tad too tricky for them!
So, there you are...the weird and for me, the wonderful.....but do you know what was even more wonderful?

I had promised to take the eldest bears on their first carboot experience on Sunday morning.  I knew big bear would love it and middle bear would come, so as not to be left out, but would be moaning within 5 minutes.....and I was right! Only some sparkly vintage brooches came back with me......along with these...

How beautiful are these?!!!! 

There was a lady and her daughter who, apparantly go every week and sell a few buckets of fresh flowers. They had 6 buckets full of Zinnias and Dahlias. I stood there, quite gobsmacked at their sheer beauty and vibrance, then immediately picked up a bunch when I saw they were just £2.50 for a huge multi-coloured bunch. A similar bunch at a supermarket would be at least three times the price. All this beauty for just £5, to me it was money SO well spent. I knew these beauties were going to give me such joy, pleasure and happy smiles!

I walked around the stalls proudly holding my bunch, and after telling several people admiring them, where I got them from, I realised, one bunch just wasn't enough. I ran back with bears trailing behind me and snapped up another bunch before they all went.
Please indulge me these photos, I truly had Dahlia love yesterday!

Mother Nature, never fails to leave me speechless.

I arranged them in 4 vases, but couldn't quite bring myself to distribute around the house, so all day yesterday, they sat happily gazing at me in all their fabulous glory from my little coffee table!

It was like walking past a flower shop with all their bunches on the front pavements. Sometimes, when I walk near a florist, I stop and stare for quite some time (far more than is deemed normal!), just to take it all in and capture the picture of all the flowers and their beauty in my head.

These helped to cheer me up enormously, as, by sunday afternoon, I too was starting to feel that I was coming down with the lurgy.

Today, I have that Monday feeling. The head is heavy and foggy, the energy levels are low, and I still have to distribute my wonderful Dahlias....but for now, they still sit grouped together on my coffee table and make me incredibly happy! Oh for the love of the flower.....ahhhhhh!

Happy days to you!