Friday, 5 November 2010


Taken the other week when I was in one of my sorting  and re-arranging moods. Sometimes on a dull and rainy day, I need a little bit of lifting with a sun shiney pic!

When the dust gets to be too visible, a change is in order...until I get bored and change it all over again!


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Word of mouth....

I ~♥LOVE♥ ~finding new tutorials to inspire. My manic colour burst at the weekend was because of one. I gave a teaser in the last post.

It was this lovely lady's blog post and link to this lovely lady's blog tutorial which has probably inspired quite a lot of people now! 

Completely addictive and very quick and easy to do. A gorgeous burst of colour  that really brightens up my week!

All you need are some spare bangles (which I seemed to have in abundance. And, if you live near a primark you can get bunches of 10 bangles for £1 which are a perfect size!) and some odds and ends of yarn. 

I think I might need to start streamlining my accessories.

One was made.....

then two......

then three.....

then four......

then I got completely carrried away!

Complete yumminess.....

Ahhhhh, gorgeous colour  to get the ♥ pumping

Like a rainbow

Ahhhhh big smiles on my face right now!

So, just need to back them with some coloured felt and make a little hanging thingy, and voila!

The pics given on both blogs are so so pretty and inspirational. I think I may end up having a few hanging in every room!!!!!!!

Are you inspired? Go on....give it a go!