Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Slow Progress.......

I am excited by my new little crochet project.....

...or should I say 'bigger than I had first planned' project.

I wanted a little blanket. I had an idea a while back but it had to lay in the pipeline for a bit. I thought it would be quick and satisfying. It's satisfying, but it's slow progress. As usual my lack of planning resulted in running out of yarn at an early stage and not being able to get hold of some more as easily as I would have liked. Plan people, plan! But it is fun, and I am hoping that it will look as good as the image I have in my head. I guess time will tell. 

I have a bee in my bonnet about pastel shades at the moment. Cannot get enough of them.

I am still keeping my hand in with knitting.....mainly trying to keep going so I won't forget! After my peachy pink scarf, a forget-me-not blue one is under construction (yes, I know, I seem to go overboard on a pattern when I like it!), and also a cream cardigan. The cardigan.....well.......yes.....ahem.....that may take some time to get finished. It may only fit a doll too! We shall see on that one. It is fun doing it though. I also have plans for a pastel stripe knitted scarf. Nothing fancy, very basic, but you know me and my love of scarves. And yes, I am hoping that the Spring weather will finally kick in and the mild sweet days will arrive, but I am still wearing scarves and wrist warmers and using my beloved hot water bottles.

It has been a lovely relief though, to get a little crochet back in. I REALLY want to crack on with this blanket, especially as it's bigger than I had first planned. I would really rather like to see the finished result and decide if it was worth the effort! I'll keep you posted!

Cheerio for now



P. S. Thank you so much for your support with my new knitty venture. I am still fairly hopeless, but i'm keeping at it and hoping that I can stick with it and become more comfortable with it!