Friday, 28 January 2011

The Hyacinth.....

........It's fragrance is taking over the house........I love it. It looks almost 3D..........Please come spring....I am waiting..........

Happy Friday all and hope the weekend is a good one for you



  1. I got one too for the first time ever [lets just say, in the past, plants have taken the victim role in an episode of Taggart "Thur's bin a mirdir!"] so am thrilled that I got one anyway [ignored the fear of killing again] and the smell...makes doing the dishes more bearable!

    Beautiful shot!

  2. I love spring flowers, especially those little mini hyacinths, not sure what they are called. Your lovely pic is calling to me to go out and buy some.... and yes you're right strumpet is a great word, in a very ' oooohhh Matron ' kind of way :)
    Have the loveliest weekend
    Love Jane x x x x x

  3. They dont grow here but I am visualising it!

  4. Ooooo. I got hyacinths this week too and crocuses and some other flower I cant remember! They caame in lovely pastel pots from Ikea!!!

  5. They're so beautiful - I can only imagine how lovely they smell! Beautiful images too :)

  6. Such a stunning image. I too, can only imagine the amazing scent.
    Pam x

  7. Yes, they really scent a room, don't they? Love them. I've got some indoor Jasmine too (from Morrisons!) - lovely smell. The little 'hyacinths' are muscari, Jane, I think. Abby x

  8. Yes, I have some too - they smell heavenly.
    Have a Good Weekend.

  9. Hi Vannessa,

    Lovely Hyacinth. Really beautiful. I brought some tulips the other week and they are now on their way out. So I must cast around for some more natural beauty.

    Just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my last post. I know how you feel. I have really struggled on and off this January. Some days I am really upbeat and others I just feel swamped. And I keep asking myself What is it am I supposed to be doing? Domestic goddess or entrepenur? (might help if I could spell it perhaps? lol)

    I know what you mean about how much of your home to show. I have wondered weather I have done the right thing in showing so much of our home. There is always the danger someone might take umbridge for whatever reason. Although I do try and paint a realistic picture of our home life. Its the usual chaos that we all deal with. I love all your pictures on your blog. No how big or small facets of your life they illustrate. They are you and that is what a blog is all about. One thing I have learnt through blogging is not too judge someone by how their life might look. There is always a bigger picture and deeper story. We choose what we want to feature in our blogs. Much I guess like we do in real life. Presenting our best face to the world.

    Wishing you and all your Bears from the Biggest to the littlest a very lovely homely and happy weekend.

    MBB x

  10. Hay Vanessa, I love those cushion covers in your blog picture and I'd love to do some myself....where do I start?! Any tips gratefully received :) xx

  11. Gorgeous photo! Have a lovely weekend xxxxx

  12. love having hyacinths in the house. their fragrance is such a 'mood elevator'.

    have a lovely weekend, vanessa.

  13. The smell is really heady isn't it?
    My yellow tulips,given to me last Saturday,are still going strong.
    Enjoy the weekend! :0)

  14. spring flowers bring so much hope don't they

  15. Hello there - my latest post was about my Hyacinth they are truly a miracle. Such beauty and scent from a tightly packed bulb.
    Jo x

  16. beautiful vanessa xxxx
    love the spotty red poker dots too.
    they do have a lovely smell, love getting a whiff of beauty in the kitchen ;0)
    my pink hyasinths are starting to open seem abit slower than the purples even though they were bought at the same time- sweet sweet blooms x

    have a beautiful, fun weekender my lovelies x

  17. Hi Vanessa

    Hope you're feeling better with the world today. Not good when you have those days when you want to scream because of all the pointless and annoying stuff that comes along in one go. I've got some lovely pale pink hyanciths just like yours, luckily I can't smell them as I find it too much. Have a great weekend.

    Lisa x

  18. just popped by your blog this evening after a dreary week of january drudgery - what a delight, I feel so much better now x

  19. Hi Vanessa,

    I can smell them overhere (I have a little vase with some white ones on my computer table :-))!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  20. I couldn't agree more with that.
    Hurry up spring...!
    Hope you have a nice weekend..x

  21. What a really lovely post xx Have a fabby weekend!

  22. I blogged a little inspiration post today and linked to you, hope thats ok :) have a lovely weekend xx

  23. I loved seeing your hyacinths. Your images are just beautiful! Think I might have to go and get another pot to keep on enjoying some before the season is over! Have a lovely weekend. Helen x

  24. Beautiful, I adore the smell of hyacinths, so much so, I even have a hyacinth perfume :) xxx

  25. Stunning photograph! I was mesmerised by the spotty background!
    I've got a blue hyacinth in tight bud on my mantel, I only bought it yesterday and I am so thrilled having it in the house. Can't wait for That Frangrance, I love it altho the men folk in the house complain bitterly about it. I very rarely buy the white ones, always blue or pink for me.
    Lovely as ever visiting with you, I do bob by often but not alwyas with time enough to leave a wittering comment!!!
    lots of love and hurry-up-spring vibes to you sweetie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. You my friend are the cure for winter therapy of blues!!

  27. This hyacinth looks beautiful on the polka-dot background. I can almost feel the smell. I have three of them and am waiting impatiently for them to bloom and see what colour they are. Cigdem

  28. hi yes i love hyacinths too, i have some beautiful blue ones, there just starting to flower, they smell fab dont they. love your blog too. jan

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  30. They are really pretty. They most smell amazing too.



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