Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Colour Boost........

Yesterday was bright and beautiful. It felt like Spring had sprung. Not a cloud in the sky, mild enough to have the windows and doors open. It made a new me.

Today, grey and dull again. Weather, why do you tempt us so?

So brights today to keep me lifted. Hopefully tomorrow will be all happy and sunshiny again.

Just what my morning needed! The lovely Pip!



  1. OOh I love Pip - I have only one item, a tiny little blue bowl but I do love it - and your mosaic of all that Pip Stuff is so pretty!

    Sending love
    Julia x

  2. Such gorgeous china!!! The colurs are amazing :) xxx

  3. What beautiful shinies - makes me feel like a magpie!

  4. Beautiful!!!

  5. Wonderful eye candy, really lifts the spirits.

    I have the birdy cups and saucers and love them to bits (have to remind myself not to put them in the microwave to reheat cold tea though!)


  6. gorgeous..i love the pip studio things but dont own any of it.. that really needs to change because its just fantastic isnt it..colours are amazing

  7. Oh I love pip, only have one little cup for drinking extra special tea in.....for extra special I mean just made by someone else :)
    Thanks for brightening my day x x x x x

  8. A beautiful collage of colour and pattern! - thank you!

  9. Ooooh PiP makes me happy... It's a beautifull collage!

  10. Hi Vanessa,

    Just what I needed too. I LOVE PIP! Happy evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. I think I could use alot of Pip!!!

  12. I'm so loving your Pip collage! You continue to inspire. x

  13. love pip studio. wish we could get it here in the u.s. enjoy for me!


  14. Beautiful images, love all that colour! x

  15. Helllooo my lovely friend VANESSA!
    This is real eye candy ;-)
    Everything is soo lovely...
    I LOVE Pip too, but alas I do not own any of her beautiful china YET. I noticed at LAKELAND PLASTIC's shop in Bluewater that they are selling Pip Studio they had a set of the bird mugs I was tempted...but wanted the Flower ones.
    I am just toying whether to order a roll of the turquoise bird's like 70 Euro'S A roll...I want tell hubby...thinking of a feature wall in the guest room hmmmm... better get selling some things on ebay lol!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your bears

  16. ohhh Vanessa xxxx i love your mahusive collection of beautiful pip studio! wowza! you have cheered me up! i needed that- thank you!.
    I have many 'admirings' out there in the ceramic wares, i need many more piggy pots! to save for new collections of lovely kitchen wares!
    wow! i want tea with you! id be like a little girl in a candy shop- eyes as big as saucers!
    admiring your beauties!!!!!

    *** loves ya cheeeeeerrrry brights *****

    kazzy xxxx

  17. Lovely eye candy Vanessa! I haven't been able to access your blog for a while for some reason. I'm glad I can again. I've missed ya honey! xxxxx

  18. Ohhhh. Pip Studio. I got the teapot for Christmas and then picked up a teatowel and plate in the sales. I am in LOVE. I plan to collect bits and pieces here and there!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! What amazing colours. I feel a new collection coming on. I love it and have no idea where to find it. (Which is pobably a good thing!).
    Z xx

  20. Good afternoon to you, I am just re-reading your delicious blog, again!, and cannot believe your entry for yesterday 7 years ago! Sunshine! Windows open!! It is -3 and blowing a hooley today and no I don't live in the North Pole! Please Mr. Sunshine come back again... Best wintery wishes, Pamela


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