Thursday 9 June 2011

Today has been a day of..........



..........and doing oodles of laundry.........

.........where does it all come from?...........

..........why does it take a whole day to do?............


THANK YOU............

................for your kind words about my Spring Blanket. It was so lovely of you all to take the time to comment and like it as much as I do! I know what busy lives you lead........I read every one and mouthed a silent little thank you after reading each.

Thank you also for noticing, and your comments on the apple cosies bit in the new issue of Mollie Makes Magazine! I have no idea how they came across the pic or my little old blog but it was lovely of them to ask if they could stick it in!



  1. Beats me honey, but I still have a pile of it laughing at me! x

  2. Hola,me gusta mucho tu blog tiene mucha luz,me gustan tus tazas de flores.Saludos

  3. the doldrums of being a mom and wife......but all your pretties around lifts the spirits....have a great day! Heidi

  4. Oohh I got the Mollie Makes mag was smiling from ear to ear seeing your name posted there - fantastic photo so it deserves to be printed. I have just blogged about crochet and you are one of the ones I blame :-) xxx

  5. The mention in Mollie Makes was well earned - you make stunning bits and take some gorgeous photos!
    Loved the blanket - that goes without saying :)

  6. you've had better weather than we have had in Devon today...assuming your hanging your washing out too!
    your blog is beautiful!

  7. Hi Vanessa,

    I think I missed the post in which you mentioned your photo's were used for the Mollie Makes magazine. Congratulations!!! I tried to find the magazine when in England, but alas...

    Love your new header.

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  8. I bought my copy of Mollie Makes issue 2 today. Your photo of crochet apple covers blended into the magazine so well with all the professional pics that I almost missed it! Congrats on the mention - very well deserved.
    Becky x

  9. I sometimes think I am washing for an entire town rather than just a family of 4. My life sometimes just seems an endless task of sorting undies and then pegging them out of the line!!

    I am awaiting Issue 2 of MM to arrive on my doormat - can't wait - hope it arrives tomorrow.

  10. Hello! Thought I'd drop in on my fellow apple cosie chum- and I must say I absolutely adore you blog! You're a very talented lady indeed, your use of colour is right up my street, and the photos are dreamily gorgeous!

    Do drop by inverleith and say hello some time. X

  11. I know what you mean x a womans work is never done! lol xx

  12. Thanks for reminding about the not done laundry here. I totally forgot :)))

  13. Lol@ the laundry..I understand that the 5 of us make laundry, but the amount of boy sized pj's I just can't fathom..I think they are wearing two at a time!


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