Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Currently Enjoying..............

................random lovliness..............

Loving some of the colour in the garden.............
My new rose bush, with it's first bloom of the softest, palest pink flower.............

.........the opening of the Clematis.........I thought I had killed this last year and up it's sprung again......soooooooo pleased............

...........enjoying the scent of this rose. This bush is so sparse but the colour is gorgeous, and scent from the blooms I do get is heavenly that I cannot bear to get rid of it..................

......the Lavender fields behind my house just starting to burst with colour................

........enjoying the last of the brightest, pinkest wild roses in my garden...........I hacked this back so hard last year to paint the trellis, and it was the best thing I have done....the blooms this year have been spectacular............
Picking the pink blooms for my turquoise vases. I love that combination, it makes me smile.

Stopping by the greengrocer and picking up some of the most sumptuous cherries on my way home. They were delicious!

........enjoying a morning cuppa in bed before the bears wake in my beautiful Pip cup and saucer.......

.......making pom poms.................just because.............

......wearing sparkly and pastels and wanting to twirl all day long.........

........enjoying my first couple of blankets I made on the cooler days we have been having..........

....their colour lifts me......

..........enjoying some allsorts..............

............staring at my little pastel bowls and grinning at their pastel lovliness, perfect for muesli and yoghurt........

........................enjoying Baby Bear playing with Betsy. It is a rewarding feeling to have made something that is treasured by your child...........

..........hanging out washing, when the sun is fills me with joy at the wont last forever that's for sure!.................

.........checking daily how the alliums are doing..........

.............relaxing with a coffee, a mag and a teacake.......bliss...............

.........loving the vibrancy of the hydrangea when the sun is shining...........

.........snapping a cheeky little cricket who thought he would have lunch on my strawberry leaves..........

A post of complete randomness

...........just everyday things that are making me smile a bit....sometimes it is the simplest things.....



  1. Vanessa I am once again in awe of your photography. You put mine to shame!! Hope you're feeling a little lifted my lovely, I've been thinking about you all

  2. Vanessa I am loving your header! I also got that strawberry jam pot from lakeland for my birthday ^_^ I was a very happy bunny. You inspired most of my birthday wish list lol. I want to try making that kitty but Im working on a blanket for someone for christmas so that might take up all my time now. Glad to see you are back and seeing the beauty in things. x

  3. Totally fab photos - thank you so much for bringing such beauty into my day ;D

  4. A beautiful post filled with such lovely yet simple things Vanessa!
    Love your wild roses against the sky, stunning, and your crochet, I could just wrap myself up in it!
    So pleased to have you back, it's funny how you can miss someone you have never met in person!
    Have a lovely day with your bears!
    Rachel x

  5. Hello Vanessa... so nice to see your posts again...and such inspirational photos and words.... you live by lavender fields... oh bliss! Can you help me with one thing please...where do you get your coat hangers from that you do crochet covers for? :)x

  6. where to start? beautiful pics as always,so happy to see you back, hols start for us tommorrow and I'm looking forward to a lie in :)
    have a lovely week :)
    x x x x x x x x x x
    ps love that last pic, we spent ages on sunday trying to actually see one of those :)

  7. What a delicious post, filled with the most wonderful pictures! Your roses look so gorgeous and so do your crochet blankets. Such a feast for the eyes! (And fancy having lavender fields so close to home, you are sooo lucky!)
    Have a bright and sunny week.
    Helen x

  8. Wow what gorgeous photos, I love the stripey blanket. x

  9. What lovely photographs, my favourites are the roses, just beautiful. x

  10. Lovely photos, Thanks for sharing all that lovliness xxxx

  11. I am so jealous of the lavender fields behind your house!
    Lots of lovely summer pretties

  12. Absolutely beautiful photos. What yarn did you use for your stripey granny blanket? It's just what I am looking for at the moment.

  13. Random loveliness at its best Momma!

  14. I find it often is the little things that add up to create one magnificent life. Thank you for giving us a peak into your day to day pleasures. Made me smile this morning. =)

  15. Wow, wow, wow Vanessa!! What truly wonderful photos!!

    I dragged Mr G over to show him "this is the lady who has the type of camera I want!!" - I don't completely believe it's all down to the camera - your composition and timing is fabulous!!

    (Lovely to have you back, sweetie)....

    S x

  16. Hi Vanessa, wow, what beautiful photos, the detail on the cricket - astonishing. I love your lavendar fields, wish I lived near one.
    Thank you, that post was a real joy.
    Carol xx

  17. Such beautiful images Vanessa - our alliums are almost at their end of bloom.

    Nina x

  18. Beautiful photos! I've never seen alliums in mid-bloom - how exciting to watch their progress.

  19. So glad you are finding all that joy around you. Just what you need. Trying to imagine just how heavenly your home must smell with that fabulous field of lavender behind you.

    Grasshopper picture is amazing - very wildlife in action.

    Our aliums have been and gone well over a month now. Strange how they seem to bloom at different times. Maybe it's our lack of sun in Norfolk that's making all our plants hide again.


  20. Loving all your photographs, you are so amazingly talented beautiful!
    Am in awe of you!
    big time!
    biggest hugs ever.

  21. Even though when I picture you you don't really have a face, just a sort of pretty blur, I can totally 'see' you having a gay old time arranging your magazines, teacake, greengate latte mug, fabric softener, flask etc... I see you twirling and snapping away at the layers, enjoying how it all swishes around. I can imagine you sniffing your washing till you are giddy and smoothing your blankets out then creeping about on your knees pressing the button down and getting lost in the colour...yes I can totally see you doing all that.

    I think of you as the better version of me and I do all those things and I have such a wonderful absorbing time of it. Not that I've been getting a moments peace as the boys are driving each other nuts, the baby wont feed and is fractious and I'm not managing to even drink a hot cup of tea! I just want to shout ARSE really loudly!!!!! It was a pleasure to lose myself in your photo's today. I think I stared at them for longer than is sane for a person in need of a hot cuppa! You've got such a great eye for a photo.

    Much love



  22. Absolutely beautiful photos. The colour and the composition are amazing - so cheering and it's good to see you back. Your photos make me want to do housework and make everything look and smell nice!

    You must have been quick to catch that cricket! I love seeing them, I always make whoever I'm walking with stop and look if I hear them (or is it grasshoppers that make the noise?... Anyhow)... lovely, reminds me of my childhood when I used to collect them in jam jars.

    Nicki xx

  23. That rose photo is utterly mesmorising Vanessa. How long have you been taking pics, they are incredible! I felt my eyes going round in circles, looking at the roses petals. Perpetual motion and all that.
    The cricket has such a cute little face. I bet he is a nice cricket. Called Theo or something. I always name nice little things (I once had a Christmas tree called Gustav but I promise I am not mad).
    Loving the way you have fabric softener in a bottle and a pretty label. It's the small things. You and Cuckoo are like peas in a pod!!!
    Gem x

  24. So, so beautiful Vanessa - you do take amazing photos. Glad you're finding beautiful things to make you smile
    Emily x

  25. Beautiful pictures as always, those cherries look scrummy :) x

  26. Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks for the comment. Your photos in this post are gorgeous! Usually I am not a huge fan of flowery photography but yours are stunning :)
    Am glad to see you blogging again, I hope you have a lovely week.
    P.S please can we see more of your kitchen? and erm the rest of the house too...please and thank you! xxx

  27. Hey Vanessa!

    Any chance of a tutorial for that cute little pompom you made?? Pretty Please!! I can see them as brooches for my jackets.

    Thanks for some more inspiring pics, Tania.

  28. What a beautiful series of photographs. I love all these small things which make people smile. Your blankets look gorgeous too, there's just something so comforting and snuggly about a crocheted blanket.

  29. Beautiful photos as amazingly colourful and inspirational way to start my day!

  30. A simply lovely post Vanessa.

    I was so terribly sad to read about your sister in law losing her fight with cancer. You have said some beautiful things about her. Her art is just breathtaking, what a wonderful legacy she leaves behind.

    My thoughts are with you and your precious family.

    Take care of yourself.


  31. AWESOME post!! It looks like you live in paradise...and feeling cool lately???'s so hot here in Alabama, I can hardly remember "cool"! It sure is nice to get to live it through your post! Beautiful pictures! :)

  32. Dear Vanessa,

    You sound so happy. I am glad you are enjoying your summer. Oh it must be heaven to have a lavender field behind your house. The colour and the smell!!!!

    How pretty Betsy looks :-)!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  33. Vanessa, I think this is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read on any blog. Your photography is unbelievabley gorgeous. I am in awe of your blogging and photography skills, and am so glad that you have found so much beauty at a time when things have been so sad for you. Sending love and smiles, Em xx

  34. those are the colors of summer as I see them... truly impressed by your way of seeing things!!!

  35. Fabulous photos! I love the cricket!!

  36. Your photos are amazing, and your crochet beautiful! I love the egg cosies sitting on the eggs in their box - what a fantastic idea! So much better than tucking them away!


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