Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer sorting and a Gentle Nudge..........

...When the sun shines and you start to notice the dust, it's time to start sorting. So, I have been taking things off shelves, dusting and cleaning. I actually feel quite proud of myself! I am a PANTS housewife!

So.........summer sorting......feels good!

...........And the gentle nudge?

Okay, so, I know this subject has been touched upon on other blogs, but just in case you hadn't come across them, I'll just give it a mention too.

Have you ever left a comment on blog post asking a question, and the recipient never bothered to reply? You may have put it down to them being busy, or just plain rude in manners......

....but you may be a NO REPLY BLOGGER

Some of you will instantly know what I am on about, and some of you may not! I am betting many of you are a 'no reply blogger' and you don't even know it.

Bare with me, it might be confusing! 

If you leave a comment on a post, it gets published under the post, but the comment also gets sent to the bloggers email. Many people just leave a comment about the post, but many ask questions perhaps that relate to the post content. 

If you ARE NOT a 'no reply blogger', the recipient is able to respond to your question as your email address is made available to them in their inbox. If you ARE a 'no reply blogger', it IS NOT made available, and the recipient cannot reply to your question. Often this can be overcome, because, if the person who leaves the comment (asking a question) has a blog of their own, the blogger who wants to respond to their question, can reply by leaving a comment on one of their posts. This way, their question gets answered if they cannot be emailed directly.

Many though, although signed in to blogger, do so purely to be able to leave comments and not actively have their own blog. This is where it becomes difficult. If you ask a question on a post, you don't have a blog AND you are a no reply blogger, there is simply NO WAY of contacting you to answer your questions. Your email address is not given out and you have no blog to post a comment back on.

I know a lot of us bloggers get this. It makes it appear that we just don't care enough to respond to questions, but in fact, it's simply because we cannot contact you back!

I often reply back in the comments box, hoping that the person might just re-read the comments section. Sometimes they do, but i'm sure many don't.

And you know, this also affects you if you participate in a giveaway. If you are a 'no reply blogger', and do not have an active blog, you will often just have a first name when you leave a comment on a post. The problem comes when several people with the same first name, leave a comment on a giveaway saying 'yes please enter me!' and they are all 'no reply bloggers'!!!!!!!!! If you were to be picked out, there would be no way of knowing exactly which one of you it was who won, and you wouldn't be contactable! 

Am I making any sense?

So, it's simple to change it around and make yourself contactable. Just put your email address in your profile part and you will stop being a 'no reply blogger'!!!! Alternatively, if this doesn't appeal, just make sure, that when you ask a question, email the blogger directly (through their profile) instead of asking a question on a post and that way they will be able to reply to you.

So, whilst I am on the subject.....

Helen (who was sent over from Lucy at Attic24) with a crochet question........can you please email me again directly through my profile page and I will be able to reply to you. You are a no reply blogger and there is no way for me to reply to you. So please don't think I am rude and cannot be bothered, it's that I can't!!!!!!

Okay, so have I completely confused you all?!!!!! Yes probably. In my very inarticulated way, I bet you are all scratching your heads wondering what on earth I have been waffling about......okay so.....if I have  just confused you, read here which may explain things a bit better!

A gentle nudge to get all you no reply bloggers to be reply-able!!!!!!

Have a super day all!


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  1. Good post. I'd add that if you are on Blogger and folk use the Name/URL option when posting comments you will not have their email address, but it is always worth checking the blog they've linked to to see if they have contact info. there. I have a link to my email address on my blog precisely for that reason :D

  2. I love these goodies!! I used to be a no-reply blogger, I had no idea. But now EVERYONE (hehe) is welcome to reply ;-)

  3. What a useful post! Yes, very often it seems that because of his employment, owner of the blog does not respond to questions or speak even elementary "thank you" ... simply lost the desire then go to this person to blog

  4. Thank you for that. I couldn't understand why I wasn't receiving emails from winners of giveaways and so just had a look, only to find I had entered the wrong email address on my profile.....duh! x

  5. oh dear vanessa, am i one of those?...sometimes i find it so hard to keep up with commenting and replying to questions- i hope bloggers n non blogger owners dont think im being rude. i do find the whole tag thing and award thing a little above me as i dont really want to be answering 30 questions- i dont mean this in a rudey way just i find it hard to respond to everyone, and if i respnd to one i have to respond to 30 others- so often i dont pick up the tagged blog awards- im sure ive lost followers cos of this...
    maybe im a 'simple; blogger- cant handle to many things- just blog when i want to, if i want to without worrying if im not keeping tabs on replies...oooo i dont know?...i get all confuzzled at the best of times! hehe x

    loving your flask and petty cups xx

  6. I am so glad I read this. It's not confusing at all. It explains why I haven't been able to contact people!
    Thank you for taking the time out of your 'cleaning' to do this. Must get back to 'sorting' my workroom!

  7. i am confused!!!..
    i like to reply to the comments that i get on my blog because i love the fact people have taken the time out to actually read my ramblings and then left me a comment, so i dont know what i am really!..
    loving the cups and pretty.. i do love your pictures, and i love how im not the only one who has awful days out with the kids!!

  8. oh I am feeling so overwhelmed that at the bottom of your post you mentioned my giveaway - I thought I may have done the wrong thing by contacting you via your comments button - but you are just a star - thank you so much Vanessa xx

  9. Hi Vanessa,

    Just catching up with you and your lovely posts!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! your scarf how pretty it is! I love both versions a joy to own and wear I'll bet. And how nice to see you too and put a lovely face to a lovely blog! Glad you didn't delete your pictures. Pretty braclets too. I do love a braclet lovely chunky silver ones being my favourites!

    Ooooh I have no idea whether I am a no reply blogger or not!?? Although do have a contact page on my blog now. I am with Kazzy with the tags. Its not about being impolite or rude but I just found them all a bit daunting after awhile. I am a bit of simple gal at heart i think!

    Hope you are having a fab summer. Love your images above too yum! Best skidaddle have two little blondies to take to the hairdresser in a bit!

    MBB x

  10. Hi Vanessa,

    I may be one of those as well. Sometimes I am so busy that I totally forget to reply....

    Good luck with the cleaning & sorting,

    Madelief x

  11. Nag,Nag,Nag! or is it nudge,nudge,nudge, no wink?!
    So, I've done it! I'm now a reply blogger!

    I'm a pants housekeeper too! But, somedays I do get stuck in and shift the dust!

    Sandie xx

  12. oh my! i think i was a no-reply blogger! people can comment on my blog comment section, but i checked my profile and i still had this old non existent email adress. teehee, stupid ol' me! thanks for clarifying this with us ! ^_^

  13. Thank you for this post, I didn't realize by not showing email address it keep people from contacting you back. I have just went back to my blog and fixed this, and I do have a question--What is a pants housekeeper?

    Thanks, René

  14. What I hate about the "No reply blogger" thing is I have in the past written out long replies and hit send only to find out much later that the email just went no where, lost in the ether! I only realised this when someone re asked a question and when I re-replied I saw the email address said "Sarah @ no-replyblogger".

    It would be easier if blogger changed the way it is set up.

    I'm on an iPad in Spain and it's so hard to see the screen in sunlight but I have persevered with this comment as I think being a no reply blogger is a pain.

    It looks like some people above are confused over what no reply blogger is. It's not a blogging person who doesn't reply to comments. Its the inability for the person you left a comment for to be able to email you directly back.

    Hard to describe hey!? You did it well though. God this iPad...can barely see!


  15. Hi-
    You have made a great effort in clearing that up! I definitely do not want to be a no reply blogger!

    It's funny that we both atack the dust just hours in time differnce (I'm a "pond" away here in the USA)! How coincidental is that! Happy home grooming and beautifying!

  16. I now what you mean about No Reply! This is a brilliant post, thank you! Oh and well done on the Domestic Goddess bit! lol!

  17. ohhh the penny has dropped, I had no idea and I too have missed out replying due to this, for dusting... I gave the boys a feather duster and said I would pay them handsomely if they did it for that bad???
    have a happy week x x x x

  18. Interesting post!
    And I have repeatedly asked the same thing. I rarely answer the questions from bloggers, but sometimes I do not have time yet responded. Comments are always positive, and few questions. So you do not have to answer.
    I wish you a pleasant day:)

  19. I have one question for you. Do you know if I could out of his country Croatian order something from the site of the PiP Studio?

    Thank you for your reply:)

  20. I totally get you on being a pants housewife, as I am too! Too much to do, too little time to do it in...........whether the things I choose to do are actually a worthwhile use of my time is not for other people to question!

    I have today realised the error of my ways and I am no longer a 'no-reply blogger' in fact, I tentatively also add, that totally inspired by reading your blog and others, I have today started my own blog.....early days, but so excited to be part of it! Faith

  21. I do like your blog my friend. So lovely colors and crochets you show us.

  22. Thanks for explaining what a no reply blogger is! I had no idea that I am one! I've now fixed this :) Love your piccies by the way. Lis x

  23. have changed it now !!


  24. I didn't know about the no reply thing, thankyou - this has probably helped lots of bloggers including me.


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