Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Q's and A's............

I get asked a lot of questions, often the same ones. It really is a fine line trying to make sure that I spend enough time in 'real' life with the family and not too much in the 'virtual' world. This often means that I cannot get around to answering all the emails. If I miss a few one day, then I cannot ever seem to catch up. So.......I thought that maybe, answering some in a post might just help a little.

What camera do you use?

I started out on this blog taking pics using a Sony Cybershot. I wanted a little camera that I could put in my bag and whip out 'as and when'. I used a Digital SLR Canon EOS 300D at home (Mr H's first camera and cast off), but felt too self-conscious out and about with it. However, I didn't get on with the Sony. It irritated me. After using the Canon, I couldn't go back. Although the basic model of its type, the Canon was easy to use, even for a techno muppet like me, and produced better pictures every time over the Sony. I got over my self-conscious issues and started to take it out and about with me. It is bulky though, and a good, big bag is always needed! Usually, now when I am out and about I just take outdoor pics with my iphone. I use the hipstamatic app for all pictures. These days I mostly use a Canon EOS 400D, and sometimes a Canon EOS 40D if Mr H leaves his lying around for me to snap up. These models are considered old now. Technology advances at such a rate, but they are simple enough for me to use so I am not complaining. I enjoy taking pictures and capturing a moment to remember, but I am no expert. I am very airy fairy, and trying to get my brain to take in all that I read and what Mr H tries to tell me about camera technology is a hard thing! Usually in one ear and out the other, but half the fun is playing about with the settings and seeing what can be created with what I have got.

Crochet Advice?

I started to learn almost 2 years ago now. However, I STILL consider myself to be new at it. I still forget things, I don't read patterns properly (usually though because I am always in such a rush to get it done and don't read things carefully enough). Many will agree, it's all about practice. You attempt it, and attempt and get fed up, but one day, it all just clicks. It's really quite amazing. My advice when starting out, practice the stitches and basic rows with a big hook. I learnt all the stitches on a big hook and it helped me to see where I needed to put the hook in a chain. It was invaluable to me really to do it this way.

Do you do tutorials?

No. Quite simply because I am so rubbish at them! There are so many great crochet tutorials on sites and blogs that give brilliant written and pictoral instructions, it seems rather pointless really, for me to attempt something which would be so poor and confusing! If I make anything from a pattern, If I can I will put in a link.

Can I have some patterns?

There have been a lot of discussions on blogs with regards to this area and copyright. I do not send out copies of patterns for things I have made from books, pamphlets etc. I can always point you in the direction of the book the pattern came from, but that's as far as I can go. If I make something from a free online pattern or tutorial, again I will point you in its direction.

Can we see more of your home?

My blog started out as a little space for me to record my crafty makes. Nothing more, nothing less. It has grown to be more than that in two years, but it is still my little space to come to when all around me is closing in. I live in a house with 4 males, so my space on this blog is VERY girly. It's where I can be me. When I am surrounded by lego, cars, computers etc, it's where I come to to get a feminine 'hit'! So, quite selfishly, that's one reason why I just show the bits that make me happiest. The main reason though, that I don't share my home space more, is that I do share it with 4 other people and don't feel it is fair to share THEIR private sanctuary with the world. Maybe one day, but for now, nothing more than is already up here.

Can we see more pictures of you?

I am really rather camera shy! I prefer to be behind the camera, rather than in front of it. The scarf picture recently with me in it was almost more than I could bare! So maybe the odd very rare glimpse but that's about it i'm afraid!

Do you do commissions with your makes?

No, not as yet. My aim was to get an Etsy shop up and running, but I am a bit behind with it. I am still trying out new ideas to see what I like and........well..........what I don't! But I will keep you posted on any progress.

I can't find you on Ravelry?

I have had a Ravelry button on my side bar and I am indeed on there! I been on there for a while, but to be honest, I am only just starting to sort myself out on it. My name is stripey-mooka

Well, I think I have answered the main questions most asked! I hope it has helped a little!

Enjoy the day! I hope the weather is better where you are. Blustery downpours. It has been a day of getting soaked and looking rather awful!!!!!!



  1. The weather is Rubbish here - it's windy and wet. My littlest and I got caught in a downpour on the way home from school and were literally soaked through to the skin! At least we can go conker hunting later! x

  2. Thanks for such interesting answers! I agree with lots of thigs that you say here. :) My blog has become more about just me too with only occasional glimpses of my family! I loved the picture of you in your scarf. I really want to make one similar now.xx

  3. Do people really ask you all that?! Goodness we can be a demanding lot can't we? I quite like it if people sometimes keep things close to their chests about what they are doing, it means it is more likely that it will lead to inspiration than copying (even though one pattern produces many results). I think it is better for us if we have to get a bit creative ourselves instead of always doing what others are doing. Sometimes you can't resist of course. You are right about the copyright thing too. There are tons of patterns out there and stitch dictionaries too - many of them are free so I hate it when people expect over-much from bloggers. I do love to see finished objects though as that is lovely and very inspiring.

    Your pictures are always beautiful, I think you are a bit modest about your skills you know, as your blog looks amazing. Some of these cameras are a bit tricky. I agree with you about learning crochet, I was just thinking the other day that I feel more of an intermediate crocheter now, as you say if you just keep doing things it will all click. Definitely learning about how to do straight rows is good advice (if you don't do it right, it will slope inwards). Many people seem to start with granny squares, but it was a while before I moved on to them. I had a job knowing where to put the hook or what chains to count at first. That is where a good book comes in I think (I forget things sometimes too!)

    Your scarf pictures were lovely but it is entirely your prerogative to show as much or as little as yourself, family and house as you want. It WAS nice to see you, though I understand that it is not something that makes you feel comfortable. I totally repect that keeping other people's privacy is a priority for you.

  4. I don't do Photos either, hate them......How did I miss three of your posts.
    life does keep us hopping doesn't it. I took my three last Saturday to Homer we drove roundtrip 160 miles had lunch, bought the most amazing old fashioned wrapped candy and forgot my camera....well i have the day stored away, I was amazed at how much fun we had and we made the whole day with the kids not having one fight. quite an accomplishment for us as of late!

  5. hellooooo sweet vanessa, what alotta questions you've been asked and answered- i agree with you- we all have to draw a thin line on home piccys- i sure more than enough- and starting to wonder now sophia gets older whether im right to show her image...as its not her choice to be in my blog.
    Its tricky as well with home life cos i like to show area's i love in my home- but then i feel complete strangers are viewing my world and i must always put my daughters safety first!
    I totally feel that with your crochet its something you've made, took piccys of and to do all the tutorial and showing how you went about it would be a lengthy process- sometimes you might just want to show the finished article not the learning process through it.
    Ive heared alot of bloggers using the word clicky as well...I dont blog to score chums!
    I love that so many follow me but im not an arse lick! (sorry! that sounds blunt, but hope you get what i mean)...also like you, i know you- ive followed your blog for years!!!!, so giving my addressy to you is no problem- but sometimes giving out addresses i find hard!- when ive only know the blogger a short time.
    Anyway lovely...I think you share what is right for you- good on you girl xxxx

  6. Thank you for sharing my friend....I am feeling the need for a new camera soon...and I am very confused about the whole thing.

    Happy day to you. xoxo

  7. I enjoyed your Q & A post very much, Vanessa. Also I agree with you that your blog is your own special space and it should be just what you want it to be, and reveal only as much as you feel comfortable about showing. I love the colourful, delightful posts you bring us and wouldn't want to change a thing!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  8. Thanks for all the lovely info about yourself. I think why people have a hard time finding you on Ravelry is your button doesn't link to your page, just to the Ravelry home page. So thanks for telling us your Ravelry name. Now we can find you. :)

  9. I love that you share sources for all the lovely patterns you come across - it's why you're first stop on my little list of crochet blogs :)

  10. lovely.
    I too share my space with 4 males so it is nice to lead a girly virtual life!
    I have recently bought a new camera (a digital SLR) and am currently finding it v heavy and the instruction book terrifies me...but the pictures are defo getting better.
    Why am I telling you all this? no idea.
    fee x

  11. I like your blog just as it is. It's lovely to come to a place where I can't see all the boy paraphenalia, there's enough of that around my home. But you and your commenters have got me thinking about how much I put out there of my boys. I put them on here but maybe they'll wish I hadn't. I guess I'll ash them and then I'll turn all my posts dedicated to them into draft form and then paste them into a new private password only blog. I do want to continue to document their lives though, so they have that when I am gone.

    I wonder if it might save you a lot of time if you pop a FAQ tab somewhere on your blog. Maybe up there with your recipes or over by you flickr....Hark at me telling you what to do. that must be worse than having annoying questions....I'm probably guilty of that too!!!!! Ah man!

    As I write this comment I have noticed for the first time (as my comment box is right next to it) those darling heart scales. So sweet. Where did you get them? How much where they? When did you get them? How did you get them home? How often do you use them? What do you weigh out in them most often? Ha ha ha haaaaaaaa! That wasn't funny was it?


  12. So much wanted to say a BIG 'thank you' for the giveaway mention; you are a wonderful lady! ;-)


  13. Hi Vanessa,
    I think it was a good idea to do this if you are inundated by questions - I myself am guilty of that, so sorry on my part. I think the reason people ask you so many questions is because they find your blog very inspiring :) and that is a good thing!
    P.S hope you are well xx

  14. What a great idea to answer the questions like that. I too don't like to share too much of my home and definitely don't like to show photos of myself, for no real reason other than I have always been a bit camera shy too! M x

  15. I'd say you are about to get *a lot* of friends requests on Ravelry :D

  16. Thank you for putting some info about your camara!! I am after one for Christmas so I don't have to steal my husbands iphone all the time! I do love taking photographs and yours always look so lovely!!.... :)
    Weather is horrid here by the sea :( very wet and windy indeed... Not at all good for looking nifty on the school run here either!!
    Hope you are having a cozy evening though!

    Louise xxx

  17. thanks for the post vanessa. one of the questions is one i also asked and I think I have the answer already as I ordered a japanese crochet book for the granny blanket last week. Hopefully it's the right one.
    you inspire me in many ways and yesterday i was struck by the beauty of some flowers that i got for my birthday and this time i grabbed the camera and started taking pictures. another way you inspired me is that i finally just picked up my needles and started knitting a sweatshirt for my little girl. I figure she's the smallest one, so i might actually finish this one. and i cleaned up the former studio and now we can actually use it again. small changes, but they made me happy. so thank you for the trigger ;)
    carmen xxx


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