Monday, 31 October 2011

The week that was......

.....Okay..... it may have seemed that I was at my desk last week.....but it was half term and I was, in fact, in Egypt.....

......nahhhhhh......just kidding..... We hopped across the border to Wales to visit family....So if I seemed a little quiet, that was why.

It was a nice relaxing week apart from all the Bears being ill at some point......always the way.

There were wet days.....with wet walks.....

 It was a stars and stripes day for me

 It was a floral day for my beautiful Sister-in-law

And Baby Bear has not reached the age when pink for a boy is completely uncool!

 .........sunny but cool days.......

 I love this view so much

 hummmmmm...there seems a familiarity here in this photo

 Crossing this was fun!

 Three Cliffs Bay

 I could not get my Bears off this!

ahhhhh.....stripey love.....

.....and sunny and really warm days.....

 ......nestled amongst the rock pools

 Such a perfect day

 Always lovely to create happy childhood memories with lots of family around

 This was my Egypt! Did I fool you with the top photo?!!!! We never seem to do a bog standard sand castle. 

 Before the tide went right out, the channels were filled with water and the Bears (and Mr H) were in their element.

ahhhhhh fun was had

I even got a 3D heart castle made just for me.....that was until one of the boys ran and jumped on it!

Five out of 6 cousins wasn't bad. Have you any idea how hard it is to get boys to stand together?!!!!

To have such a wonderful day at the beach right at the end of October was truly AMAZING.


I also grew a year older

and drank out of pretty crockery

whilst admiring pretty crockery....

So......all in all we had a lovely break. Sooooooooo much to do now though. It will take me a week at least to catch up in the house, it always does.....and another week to catch up with all the goings on in Blog land.

Apologies for the picture overload. A real bore of a post to many, well done if you got to the end! ha ha! Memories created and saved for the Bears. That's what it's all about!

Happy Monday all

Hope it's not as wet where you are as it is here!



  1. Isn't that one of the best things about blogs, they are there recording happy moments and memories for you and your kids.

    Love your pics, not boring at all, there's one there that really catches my painters eye, the light is just perfect, you're very clever.

    Happy birthday!

  2. how lovely Vanessa xxxx
    looks a really fun time with all the family ;0) teh stars and stripes! happy, fun piccys!
    love the castle!- pyramid? hehe x
    Happy belated birthday wishes beautiful!!!!! loving the spotty ceramics.
    OOOOOH i just saw your rocky road!!! oh my wordy! yummmers¬!!!!

    x kazzy x

  3. Loved all your photos. They are all so wonderful to look at.

  4. Happy Birthday ...oh and yes all those wonderful memories!

  5. I loved seeing all your photos in this post, definitely not too many! The Egyptian sandcastle was most impressive and a very interesting design, and I loved the heart specially for you too. Happy belated Birthday, Vanessa. Have a lovely week catching up.
    Helen x

  6. Happy Birthday! and Happy Halloween. Love the photos, not boring at all.

  7. Wonderful photo's. Looks like you had a brilliant time. xx

  8. Happy Birthday. Glad you are back safe and sound. All your photos were grand.

  9. For me, it's like being in Wales. You made beautiful photos... really enjoyed it.

  10. fab piccies, even the rainy day ones look great, glad you had fun and a happy belated birthday to you :)
    x x x x x x x x

  11. WOW ! What a beautiful place, love your photos. Its so nice to steal away and enjoy nature isn't it? Happy sunny week to you!

  12. Oh happy birthday missie. Such lovely photos. Sounds like a grand way to celebrate. C.x

  13. Beautiful photos - love them. Happy belated birthday xxx

  14. Happy Birthday! Good to know that you had a good holiday, the pictures are super.

  15. Wow like the pyramids, are you all just great builders or do you have some weird triangle shaped buckets? Will try building the pyramids next time we hit the beach.

  16. Happy Birthday Vanessa!!
    Gorgeous photos' as ever...looks like a lovely time at the beach. Something special about sea air come rain or shine!

  17. Beautiful photos! What camera do you have?

  18. These are wonderful photos and memories for your family! A belated happy birthday to you.

  19. Your photos are brilliant. I have treated myself to a Canon 505 camera so hopefully my photos will be brill just like yours.......xx

  20. You seemed to have had a wonderful half term . Fooled me with the 1st photo.A very imaginative sand building.

  21. I don't think you can ever have photo overload, especially when they are memory making! By the way your sand sculptures are gorgeous. I have a collection of amazing creations on a family holiday to Wales a few years ago!

  22. Definitely not too many photos, and that first pyramid one nearly did have me fooled! Glad you had a lovely time and were able to celebrate your birthday in such a special way. Belated birthday greetings to you.

  23. Gorgeous photos of your holiday and making memories for your family is so special.
    Anne xx

  24. Happy Birthday!! :) It sounds like a great day out..I enjoyed seeing the photo's, they are just lovely!
    I like your star wellies..they are fab!

  25. the photos are really lovely~
    and your boots are so cute

    parenting articles

  26. It loos like you had a fab weekend. Belated Happy Birthday to you.
    I too love that my little boy is at an age where he'll happily wear a dress or use something pink. He wanted to go to a halloween party dressed as a witch the other day. He might as well while he still can!! xx

  27. Wonderful photo's and memories ;-) Happy birthday to you also. dee x

  28. Gorgeous pictures! I love your starred boots (WHERE did you get them??) and the crockery! ;)

  29. Not boring at all :-) Happy birthday, looks like you had a fab time. x PS Pink is cool for boys now apparently :-)

  30. I love the last picture so much! A belated Happy Birthday.....

    Lou xxx

  31. A belated Happy Birthday Vanessa! Looks like you enjoyed it. Love the starry wellies, and the pyramids are really cool!Love Linda x

  32. Fabulous photography! Looks like a lovely vacation!

  33. Happy belated birthday Vanessa - so glad you had a lovely half term, your pictures are amazing.

    I wish the sand down here would mould in that kind of way - it's too grainy!

    Have a great day,

    Nina xxx

  34. Gorgeous pics, as always!!

    S x


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