Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I have a lot on the go at the moment.......

.....My plan was to try and get a couple finished, just so I had a free craft head to get the christmas makes started....

....so many on the go.....

....having fun though, now my mojo is back.....

..........I seem to be back on the eclectic brights............

....gosh, I love working on this........

.......loving each and every WIP.......

.......well almost.......

...this was Baby Bear's blanket started at the beginning of the year. I am struggling with this one. Baby Bear chose the colours, and I am finding them quite hard to work with. They are just not my kind of colours. Laid out on the bed though, it actually looks alright, so I need to carry on with it. It will be as small as I can make it though!...

....ahhhhhhhhh this is more me.........the Evening Sun blanket....progressing slowly but surely. I keep stopping to start small projects but I love the vintage look of this blanket and will be very pleased with it when it is finally finished....

.....bright and cheery patchwork. I started this an age ago too but I really love it. I need to get my act together. It could well be a gift for a nieces bed....

....more Cath-esque.......

.....a bit more autumnal granny colour......



....and completely in ❤ with these babies.......


......very excited with what's on the go at the mo.......


.....I might even get something finished soon to show you and have a ta-dah moment.....



  1. Hej Vanessa
    Glad you have your mojo back and feeling better.
    My you have been busy...
    LOVE all your WIP's
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your crocheting

  2. Apsalutely gorgeous , i love your crochet colours you have really inspired me to get on with my crochet blanket which i to started ages ago,really love your blog its so colourful xxx

  3. I adore it all. I wish some of you wonderful bloggers who crochet lived close by and could show me how to crochet. Loving the bright colours.
    Sam x

  4. hellooo lovely! hope you and bears are feeling better sweetie xxxxx
    i love your crochet creations! so many! and so beautiful!!!!!...you have a way with colours you pick them perrrrrrrrfectly x
    ive been to M&S today mainly for sophia's lunch box fillers and also so a lovely bath mat with bobbles at the end that was in the sale!- looks like the bobbles of colours on your granny squares xxxxx loves, huggies and get well wishes xxxxxx

  5. I love it all! So Beautiful!

    :-) Liane

  6. Wonderful! Love thos colours!

  7. ♥ ~ ❀ ~ ♥ ~ ❀
    I love´t
    from Chile
    ♥ ~ ❀ ~ ♥ ~ ❀

  8. You have inspired me to get back into my blanket that has been put on the back burner for a while, time to get it out and finish the tedious bits! Gorgeous colours, I think I might have to start one of those patchwork blankies too, so pretty! Have a lovely day, Jules:)

  9. Wonderful selection of work and beautiful colours.

  10. Wish I could crochet. I love all your projects ... the colours, the pattens. M x

  11. Lovely Eye Candy!!! I, too, am plugging away at my WIPs. =) Would you mind sharing the pattern for the lovely hexi blanket you are making??

    Erin @ Dutch Girl Diary

  12. Oh such gorgeous photos! I'm loving the colour combo in your Evening Sun blanket......gosh it's very inspiring! No, I must resist buying more wool......for today anyways :)

    Jo xxx

  13. No idea how you manage to cram so much in...totally in awe :)
    Lovely vintage feel to lots of those beauties

  14. Now you got me excited! Loving everything! happy creating my friend. xoxo

  15. That's a fair few wip's (or should it be wsip ... I never know) and they are ALL gorgeous. Although I agree with Jo, the colour combo in the Evening Sun is extra gorgeous. Looking forward to all the ta-dahs to come!

    @ Sam and Vintage Jane and anyone else who can't crochet ... I couldn't either, until I tried the Meet Me at Mikes (free) Crochet 101 video tutorials and now I can. I need lots more practice but oh, the joy of that first Granny square :D

  16. Gorgeous gorgeous crochet things! I love your colours for the Evening Sun blanket especially, they are so unusual and work so well together...but all your colours are lovely. It's nice to be busy and have lots on the go, but I know what you mean about having a clear head for new projects...and a clear house too when things get finished and put into use or given away! Glad you've got your mojo back and are feeling better again.
    Have a great week.
    Helen x

  17. Ooo lovely cosy blankety goodness! I've finished my latest crocheted cushion and I'm patchworking again! I thought it might be my last but now you've tempted me to do some more - oh no!
    Jess xx

  18. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your beautiful work. Love them! I really enjoy your blog. Thank You for taking the time to share your thoughts, craft and life with us-you live beautifully. I also am a big fan of your Pinterest and find myself repinning a lot of your pins.
    I am new to crochet, learning off of the internet & books. Just finished my first afghan and would like to know if I should block it? Do you block, steam yours?
    Thank you!

  19. Wow that is a lot of WIPs! All so beautiful though.. I especially like the Evening Sun blanket..can't wait to see your Christmas makes :)x

  20. My goodness!
    Where do you find the time?!!!
    You are one busy and very talented lady.

  21. I am quite recent to your blog, but i look everyday to see if there's a new posting. You have great style and your work is beautful,i to am new to crochet and hope one day to produce lovely pieces of work like yourself. Just one question what wool do you use?

    Karen x

  22. beautiful work, vanessa~ always happy to see what things you have going on here. thanks for the inspiration! :)

    -lee katherine

  23. All beautiful crochet photos! Glad to see your mojo is back.

  24. Preciosas colchas de ganchillo,me encánta tu trabajo.Muchos saludos

  25. I really need to get into crochet again and start a blanket - hhmm an idea winter project.

  26. get you with your plethora of projects on the go....!
    Happy days of making
    fee x

  27. everything looks just great!! you have inspired me! x

  28. Hard to spread yourself out over so many projects isn't it? But also soooo fun! Everything looks beautiful. I'm also working on something for my son, and it's boring because I don't like the colors. Funny how that works!

  29. Hi Vanessa, some beautiful wips, you are busy! All lovely but my personal favourite is the Evening Sun.
    Carol xx

  30. Wow they all look amazing. I love the hexagons - I swore I would never do another after the one I made my daughter but that looks SO cute. You are so talented x

  31. Oh wow! You do have quite a few things on the go don't you! I wish I could be working on so many things and feel so happy about it, I can't help but just get stressed thinking that I'm never going to get round to finishing anything..!
    I really really love the autumnal colours on the big granny square at the bottom. It looks really lovely.

    Ashley xxx

  32. Lovely blankets, even unfinished. Must learn to crochet properly as I want loads of snuggly blankets and quilts in new house.
    Keep on inspiring me please I may give in and pick up a hook soon :)
    Emma x

  33. Wow......you go girl! I love, love, love blankets!

  34. your blog is such a lovely place to wander. i just found it and will look through it in nearby days. i truly love England and the cosy English home style and cook books. from your book stack i found something i need to look.

  35. Wow! You are sooo busy. How do you choose which project to work on? They are all so lovely,if it were me I'd be jumping from one to the other all the time getting myself in a right pickle LOL!
    Can't wait to see the Ta dahs.
    Have a busy creative week. ♥

  36. What a feast for the eyes!!!!!

    Cant wait to see them done...........

  37. I love all your colour combinations, gorgeous. Can't wait for your ta-da post!

  38. Hi Vanessa, your crochet blankets are just grogeous. I love all your colour combinations and dsigns. I'm still knitting away on my granny squares and have started crocheting a garland of hearts. I love working with wool too. Em x

  39. I love love love all of them! SO gorgeous. You are so talented. You can choose colors so amazingly well. I envy you! :-D

  40. Such a riot of colour - beautiful

  41. Your WIP´s are always such a pleasure for my eyes! I love them all, and I am excited to see which one gets finished first!

    Love, Maaike


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