Wednesday 23 November 2011

Cosying up........

 So......the days are drawing in.....the curtains are getting drawn earlier and earlier.....and now is the time to get all the candles burning of an evening.

Nothing new....quick and easy to make.....and look so much prettier on a mantel than just a plain glass votive....

There is plenty of inspiration out there on the web for all kinds of tutorials for different designs. I used this one here

So.......warm, cosy evenings now.....

....little candles twinkling in their jars.....

....I it......

The days have been mainly so grey and depressing here. It's hard to get into the frame of mind to take photos. I don't mind the cold......I don't mind the FREEZING cold.....just so long as it is bright.

So............lamps on to make it cosy. Tealights in my new jar covers to add that little bit of sparkle to the dark days and I feel all the brighter for it.

....Happy Twinkling....



  1. Hello Vanessa,

    Twinkle away as you always do on your delightful blog. I adore this time of year - as long as there are not too many germs flying around - candles, cosy fireplace evenings with Baroque music and colourful knitting make me so happy.

    We have had the mildest sunniest weather this November here in Touraine: so weird. Your grey and dull sound normal for this tim of year at least!

  2. so very beautiful nessa xxxx
    love those lights...sweetness and light...luckily we have had sun shine the last two mornings, but seems to get hidden by the time the next school run comes round...light is so important in the winter months- lifts my spirits too ;0)xx

  3. That's funny, I'm the opposite. I hate being cold more than anything and yes I would rather the sky was blue than grey but it doesn't affect my mood at all. Not like being cold does, which upsets me a lot as I find it very hard to warm up again. It is a beautiful day here today, crisp but not too cold and sunny too.

    Love the little candles they are very pretty. Another thing to add to the list for Christmas! Have to say I'm not doing so well on that score as there is still so much to do and so many things to make. I've got a parcel of felt coming in the next day or so that I want to make decorations with. And I haven't even started knitting my mum's present. Sometimes when I see how much bloggers manage to make - and write about it too, I feel very lazy.

    Hope you are feeling better now. At least hopefully that means you will be well over Christmas.

  4. Fab creations, I saw some pinterest and thought how lovely they were. I hate the grey, dull days too - it makes me want to hybernate and stay in bed all day :-( x

  5. So very pretty & twinkley, a must for winter evenings :D
    Karen x

  6. Ooooh, they are so pretty!!

    I too hate the dreariness of winter - the mildish, grey, wet that we tend to get here.

    I loved it the last couple of winters when we had PROPER cold, with the sun out and everything sparkling like it had been dusted with glitter - then going out to do the horses was a pleasure instead of the usual winter drudgery....


    S x

  7. Twinkling at this time of the year is possible one of the things that gets me through the dark days and I love the patterns your covered jars make - just perfect.

    I wish it would get (careful what you wish for - I know) just a little bit colder so I can light a fire - it's still too warm down here. It feels too strange.

    Nina xxxxxxx

  8. It is a cozy time of year..and your little candles are soooo adorable...I used old dollies to wrap around my jars but they are not as cute as yours...hugs to you and happy creating. xoxoxo

  9. What a lovely idea for prettying up little jars. Unfortunately I've just used up my last jars with chutney. Ah well, start again!

  10. I love your twinkly crochet candle holders!
    Our fire needs repairing and I miss the glow,so I'm lighting lots of candles right now. :0)

  11. I saw real daylight, sunny sun today for the first time in 3days...bleurgh to cold foggy days.
    Loving your gorgeous jar cosies

  12. Wow, they are so cute and lovely....will have to put them on my "to do" list of lovely things to make.....don't think I'll get a chance this side of Christmas though.....bummer. Hope things are going well for you with all your upcoming birthdays -xx-

  13. Looks warm and cosy with those beautiful candles.

  14. Beautiful candles! I just love the cosiness of winter evenings with lovely warm lamps, flickering candles, hot water bottles and blankets... ahhhhhh perfect! xx

  15. You can't beat a bit of twinkly candlelight and the bonus of being able to slip into your jimjams nice and early, preferably under a nice cosy blanket!

  16. Those crochet candle covers are lovely. I know just what you mean about the dark nights and the cold. Its pretty depressing really but it does give you the excuse to stay in and cosy up and make things. Eat soup and bring out the blankets and candles ;-)) dee x

  17. Glad you made some twinkles. Thank you for linking to me. Happy winter!

  18. these are simply beautful, what a lovely idea. So glad I found your blog. Katie x

  19. I love your candles, they make such a soft and gentle light, perfect for the winter evenings!

  20. That looks so extremely beautiful, I love them.

  21. so so pretty, I love them! Catherine x

  22. They make a room look so inviting and cosy.
    Carol xx

  23. These are you have a pattern or did you just 'freestyle'?

  24. Sooooo adorable! I am totally into cosy right now! A great idea.....and I love your blog; all your colors make me happy.


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