Monday, 28 November 2011

Currently Loving..........

Three completely cute knitting ladies

 Reminding me of being first year of school.....and having an ickle boyfriend who got his older sister to teach him how to use one of these. He made me a belt, to go over my school jumper....awwwwww.....think it got confiscated though by the teacher!!!!!

Loving my morning coffee angel

Loving my new birthday tights....floral whoooppppeeeeeee...

Loving my other new birthday tights...spotty whoopppppeeeeee

Loving my complete want for this Princess Leia look. Would I be laughed at in the street?!

Loving clay making time with the result....a trinket dish

Loving Cadbury's Snowbites....sorry a re-hash of a pic I took last year.....they seriously didn't last long enough for me to take a piccy! what a pig! Cannot get enough though.

Going all dotty over toadstools

See....told you!

Loving the light

loving a bit of spot and a bit of lace on glass......

Loving embroidery like this......sigh....I need to learn

Loving mid morning tea and granola snacks. It's become a frequent thing.

Loving wearing brights on grey, dull, depressing days

Loving little miss bunny light, how she makes me smile

Loving blankets

And loving the last of my roses by my kitchen make being there bearable.


So.....not many words....a lot of pics...but just some of the things making me smile at the moment.

What are you currently loving?



  1. Oh wow, what lovely eye candy for my morning cup of tea. Thank you.

  2. I'm currently loving YOUR POST! Especially the pic of the bright clothes. Thanks. I have 3 cardigan on order from Boden in lovely BRIGHT florals and I feel like they will make my life that much happier! Is that wrong?!
    Jo xxx

  3. I'm loving anything red & polka dotted!! Tea, chocolate, xmas lights, Harry Potter.....& this post!! Can I ask where your tights & the toadstool tealights came from as they are fab!! xx

  4. I am in love with anything spotty at the moment too. Have just realised I have bought a new blouse and two lots of fabric that are all very spotty!!
    And that bunny light is gorgeous!
    I'm also loving that it was icy for the first time this morning, feels like it's took too long for winter to arrive.

  5. Oh love all those things, my favourites at the moment is greengate aprons, homemade cheese soda bread scones, stripey paper straws in tiny milk bottles, Cath Kidston Christmas baubles I could go on and on....


    Take care


  6. Oh man, everything here made me smile! :)
    I'm currently loving the last of the Fall colors around me; I hope Winter stays away for a little while longer!

  7. I am loving the hair doo too.......I think it just has to be done!
    Thankyou for a pretty post!
    Nattie x

  8. Loving it all with you...I'm a sucker for anything spotty or with hearts at the moment.
    There's a definate chill in the air here now and your photo's look uber cosy & inviting.

  9. So many beautiful images- thank you for the burst of sunshine on Monday.

    I am loving that Christmas is coming soon and all the joy the season brings.

    Helen xx

  10. yay, lovely pictures! i have one of those light up bunnies.. and a house too.x

  11. I am loving this post! I would really love if you would show us how you use those little knitters. I have seen bigger ones, I think. they are too cute though.

  12. Loving cold crispy days and sparkly lights at night.

    Loving lots of the same things as you too, and I'm sure if anyone can pull off princess leia it's you!

    Have a cheerful week!

  13. Loving this post, especially th princess Leah doo. Polka Dots are high on my list right now,the color pink,and the soothing rythmn of knitting and crochting yummy gifts for Xmas.
    Hugs, Gerri

  14. I'm loving candles and openfires at the moment, and a few twinkley white lights, it is all about light and fire for me this time of year! x ps woolley tights and winter boots are good too!

  15. Lovely post! The knitting dolls are so cute and you look adorable with the Princess Leia Look. :)

  16. Loving it all!

    I bought little miss F that very same bunny night light for her Christmas stocking and it's all starting to look a little bit Christmassy around your home. Love the mushroom lights.

    Nina xxx

  17. you make dark, heavy grey days worth getting through with your joyful light and beautiful images nessa xxxx
    i love the tea light toadstools xxxx
    those cosy tights too...
    the knitting dolls are a bit like the one i had from my Nanny one summer...
    i think i made my sister and friends friendship bracelets with little beads on the knitted tiny scarf length ;0)x

    enjoy your week lovely xxxxx

  18. Ooooo, I don't know where to start! Those are the best knitting dolls I have ever seen! I love them.
    I made a trinket dish the same time I made the doily imprinted Xmas decks - just need to get around to painting it. Don't they look fantastic for something that is so simple to make?
    Is that you in the 'Princess Leia' photograph?

  19. Christmas Christmas and more Christmas....I'm having a girls only cocktail party this Friday, Mad Men style.
    So were all excited the Hubbies are pouting a bit!.....Love the princess Lea hair ,I say give it a go!

  20. Wonderful post Vanessa! I love your pictures :-) and currently I am into latte's from our coffee machine which is finally up and running here in Canada, together with Lindt extra creamy milk chocolate, and on the creative side it is the IKEA Santa fabric I am in love with at the moment.
    Have a wonderful new week!

    Love, Maaike

  21. I'm loving my crochet ripple blanket at the moment, all those multicoloured rainbow stripes yum! Actually loving stripes in general.
    Gorgeous post and pictures.

  22. Hello New to your blog (it lovely BTW)I personally thought your hair looked cute!
    I am currently loving my evening cool weather here in Dubai!

  23. Hi Vanessa,

    Those three little knitting dolls looks sweet! I used to make meters of knitting when I was young :-)!

    What I currently love? Singing & baking :-)!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  24. Thank you for putting a smile on my Monday morning face!

    Yes, I'm all about bright colours these days with my mustard yellow top, pink Fairystep shoes, green velvet trousers and purple velvet coat... need I go on? Needs must ey?

    I am currently loving all my beautiful Madelinetosh yarn purchased to make so many lovely projects....

    Sigh of pleasure.

  25. Gosh what lovely, lovely smiley things. I now have huge toadstool, blanket and tights envy!

    Thank you for sharing such cheery things.
    I've loved that!

  26. Well my friend I am loving your loves too...those chocolate snowball things would do we well right now. And yes...I am sooooo loving blankets..wool plaid are my favs
    So a few chocolate snowballs and a pretty wool blanket would be HEAVEN right now. xoxoxo HUGS

  27. I found my old knitting Nancy from when I was a girl the other day, she looks very similar. Now I just need to relearn hoe to use her. I am loving wooden toys for kids, far better than the plastic stuff. Love all your lovely photo's

  28. This post got me all excited!
    Go for the Princess Leia look. I think it could be lovely with some strands of hair coming down. Plaits in buns are nice too.
    I am afraid I am going to be irritating and ask where the dollies for knitting are from. Love 'em. Aw, your cute little boyfriend too.
    I think I have the same tights.
    I really like the toadstool lights. I saw some little decorations yesterday that were similar, kind of glass looking.
    What a lovely little world you have.
    Happy Monday. xxx

  29. Well right now im loving those mushroom tealight holders how cute are those ;-)) I adore those kitting dolls i brought one for my friends little girl last xmas. Have a lovely week, dee x

  30. I'm loving looking at the pretty colours on yours and others' blogs as currently I have a very grey house covered in kitchen renovation-related dust and bear plaster walls. I'm longing for the end of January when I aim to have it finished by but in the meantime thank you for keeping my days colourful :)

  31. How come every time I visit you I feel the need to spend I would love my hair to look like that. Love the new header!

    Thank you for your comment :0)))))

    Lou xxx

  32. I'm loving your blog :-) and that white crochet blanket under your trinket dish! Can you email me the name of the pattern? Thanks bunches :-)

  33. Oh your whole list just makes me smile!!! I sooooo love your style! And those little ladies are just cute enough that I might start knitting! SOOOO cute!

  34. I am loving those toadstool tealight holders especially, I have a thing for anything toadstool related. At the moment I am loving the fact it will be my son's 2nd Christmas and starting wrapping his toys is making me smile. I'm doing him a stocking using the same one I had as a little girl and it feels very special.

    Sam@Happyhomebird xx

  35. I love all your photos but I think those toadstool tea lights are my favorite! Right now I am loving all the christmas lights that are going up around town.

  36. Man I am loving at the moment!
    Big time,


  37. It is good to love. Keep on loving! I love everything about this post. Me smiley!

  38. Absolutely there would be stares and looks of disbelief is you went as Princess Leia.hahahha...but, hey...if they came here to check out your great photo skills....all that laughing would stop! What beauty....

  39. loving your blog so far. . .

    =)) angela

  40. Can you tell me where you got the tea light holders from as my mum would like some.

    1. The Tea Light holders came from a shop called Tiger. I bought them last year, and I haven't seen them do anything like that this year. You may have some luck trying to get hold of some on ebay. Sorry I cannot be of any more help. Good luck on your search! : )


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