Friday, 20 January 2012

My Week....

......has been a good one.

There has been a fair bit of sunshine these past 7 days. Okay, so it's been a TAD on the chilly side.......but, I don't care how cold it is.....if the sun is shining, it makes my day.

I have managed to work off my holiday weight gain. The car was ditched in favour of power walking up and down steep hills. The Christmas treats are no more and I feel a tad healthier and fitter!

My Evening Sun Blanket is coming along slowly but surely, and she is a DREAM to work on.

This week has also been a week of bargain finds.....well.....mostly.

I tend to avoid shops in January. I don't do sales and I try and keep my purse as closed as is possible in this month. However, off I trotted into town this week with the aim to get bowls. Bowls were a need. Yes, yes, I know, judging by my recent dresser posts, I DO possess bowls. But, I needed everyday, cheap bowls for the Bears. Bowls that can take the rough and tumble of crash, bash, slam on the counter every day. I wanted dirt cheap, that I wouldn't cry over if they got chipped and smashed. We have had to say goodbye to quite a few loved bowls these past couple of months, so my aim was CHEAP. My 'prettier' bowls are really for my use! I take care of them!

And to my joy, I found some bowls in the sale that were as pretty as I was going to get (for me, a bonus as I am the one who stares at them the most and puts them to and from the dishracks to the cupboards), perfect (for the Bears, good size)......and nice and cheap. Hooray! Job done.

So, once I was out, I thought I might as well have a wander. I had a few gift cards in my pocket so if anything REALLY stood out, I could justify a teensy tiny stray.

I did well in the thrifty shops this week. Usually my luck is low, but this week.....two blankets with pretty edgings and a stool, for pennies, have got me all excited and the creative juices flowing.

Pretty little crocus bulbs in jars reduced right down on the bargain shelf. I thought the joy of watching them unfold on my window sill would be too immense to pass up. I had seen hyacinths like this many a time before but never dinky ones for smaller bulbs.

Tea towels. I bought tea towels and they got me excited. Am I sad? Cheap as chips and pretty as a picture in the kitchen. Mr H did comment on whether more tea towels were actually needed (we have a job trying to shut our tea towel drawer as it is!), but I said the grubby, well used ones will be relegated to the garage for car maintenance! He seemed happy enough with that! Actually though, I like them so much, they may be turned into cushion covers, or hot water bottle covers. We'll see.

Nothing beats a bit of gingham

Floral lovelies

I found some pretty cupcake stencils.......

.....and a pretty silicone heart tray.

I do so have a love of shawls (if you follow me on pinterest you may know this!), and found one in a sale for a few pounds, but it, along with the tray and stencils actually cost me nothing as a trusty gift card was used so I was more than happy! Woo hoo!

Big Bear showed off his Crumble making skills. I was impressed.....didn't get a look in though. He had scoffed it all by the time I got a fork! There are promises of another one, so that puts a smile on my face!

And lastly, sparkles.....again, cheap as chips plastic sparkles to be precise. I love me a bit of sparkle......and in the sunshine, these beauties radiate sparkles all around. The Bears love these. They say it's like having the solar system in the house or the car on a sunny day. 

So, several bargains were had.

Mr Postie was my friend this week too. A top popped through the letterbox. I had stared at it online for several months. I hoped with hope that it might just have been marked for sale at Christmas, but the store had other ideas. Typical. So I carried on just staring at it. I then sold something on Ebay to make room for it, and pay for it....and that justified it! As I have said, January is not a month for splashing out on anything full price but if I was able to make some money to pay for it, then that was okay!  There is always that worry too, that something you have lovingly longed for online, might just fall short when you actually get it.....but it didn't and I love it! The only down side is that it's a tad summery so I may just have to wait a bit to wear it. Roll on spring! Yippeeeeeee!

Mr Postie also popped some yarn my way. I can carry on with some WIP's.....

 and to Mr H's surprise, I actually did a MASS sort of my yarn. Boy, I had more than I thought. They were grouped into yarn style and colour and I felt very pleased with myself for getting so organised. I actually felt a lot like Monica in know the one where she sorts out all her photos......

So, there's my week. A bright week, a healthy week with some bargains to be had. and a little bit of sorting done.

I wander what next week will have in store? Me thinks a fair amount of housework will need to be done to make up for the slack week I seem to have had this week!

Have a super duper weekend all



  1. Well done on finding such lovely bargains!

  2. Can I just take a swim in your yarn? ;-) (PS. I totally have a scarf addiction as well. Whoop!)
    Have a great weekend, Esther.

  3. Hello Vanessa!

    What a lovely week, sprinkled with lots of lovely finds and family moments - really enjoyed catching up with you today, it's been a while since I bobbed about in Blogland, had lots to do and being busy means I don't always have the time to leisurely read nice things on nice blogs. Hope your weekend is as glorious as your week was, sending love
    Julia x x x

  4. oh wow, all that yarn! may i ask where you order from online?

    1. I don't really do much ordering online, but when I have, it's been from the Laughing Hens website. The cheap yarn I just get from my local yarn store. If I like the look and feel of some more expensive stuff, I'll then go online to find a supplier and see what colour ranges there are and then order.

  5. So glad you have had a good week... and as you say, who cares what the temperature is, along as the sun shines all is well with the world! You got some lovely bargains.. I especially like the beautiful crochet lace ones...and your new top..I would have fallen in love with it just for the trim... gorgeous! Beautiful, beautiful post...thanks :)x

  6. Oh my gosh. Oh my GoShhhhhhhh those cup cake stencils! Me want, look out amazon I'm coming a searching!!!!

    YARN ENVY!!!!!!!! I am trying to use all mine up but when I see your stash I think it would be wrong if I didn't have a wonderful stash, so maybe I won't use it all up, I'll use it and replace it. Yes that's what I'll do. Oh I don't know. You send me into a dither with all the lush stuff you show.

    Oh pants. I didn't actually mean to leave you this comment as I'm not talking to you, you see. No. I'm too peeved that you have lost your holiday weight. Well, let me tell you this, I know where it is. It's not lost at all. It's come to stay with me, on my backside to be precise. So I'm cross. You can have it back and I'm not talking to You till it's gone! Blahhhhhhhhh!


    1. The cupcake stencils came from Accessorize. I tried them out just and love them! I'm such a sucker for silly little pretty things like this.

      Well, i've lost my holiday weight but I still have a fair bit to go, I hope I can maintain the healthy enthusiasm, but soups are getting boring now!

  7. Your week sounds perfect! I am eyeing you bowls! Kx

  8. Hi Vanessa
    I'm a new follower although I'm a card maker, but am so drifting towards homemade projects like crochet and patchwork, your blog china collections and work is simply amazing.. your dresser is stunning, I also collect CK goodies,
    I will pop by again soon
    Such beautiful buys and I love your bowls for your wee bears, glad you had a lovely week
    Sarah x

  9. All that happy color was just what I needed this morning. I love all of your bargains. Nothings makes me quite as chipper as a good deal on something lovely.

  10. Ooooh those bowls are sooo lovely. Where are they from? I need/want/have to get a couple. So pretty! (I love bowls and jugs for some reason!)

    Your yarn stash is huge and you've made loads of stuff already too! Wonder how many balls of yarn you've got through in your time?!

    Have a fab weekend and well done for losing the Christmas weight. I'm still trying but I like cake too much!!

    Nicki xx

    1. The bowls came from a shop called Butlers. A German homeware shop apparantly. Never heard of them before but one just opened in a local Town. I hope I don't get too attached to them, there will probably be many bowl casualties with the Bears mitts on them!

  11. Your posts are filled with eye candy ...have a splendid sunshine filled weekend.....I hope we warm up....even just to 10 above would be nice!

  12. You've been very busy! Sorting and bargain hunting, all lovely by the way. But you have really impressed me with your stash, the colours the amount both seriously impressive, I aspire to a stash like that! ♥

  13. I just have to find the space to store it all! It has slowly crept up on me without me really realising it!

  14. Oh I am so happy for you about this week Vanessa! Looking all perfect, but as always I am drawn the most to your beautiful yarn and the sparkles... Pure eye candy!

    Lovely weekend to you too,

  15. What a great week you had! Love ALL your purchases. I could stare at your yarn stash all day!!!!

  16. What a month you've had! I love all the bits & bobs you found especially the cupcake stencils, what a great idea! Your banner is absolutely beautiful, I love the colours in your blankets and your Work-in-Progress is looking really lovely :D

    I am also VERY envious of your enormous yarn stash, you could open a little shop haha! X

  17. You did well in the sale Vanessa. You found some great things! Your blanket looks lovely. Perfect for cold winter evenings like today!

    Wow, you do have lots of yarn :-) Enough for the coming year!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  18. Beautiful photos as always Vanessa :) My heart always leaps when I see you've blogged because I know there's a treat for my eyes and some inspiration in store.

    Have a great weekend x

  19. Amazing week, I agree! Beautiful blanket,looks amazing!

    Have a great weekend, kisses:)

  20. Sounds like you've been busy :) I love the tea towels and the bowls. Lovely :)

    Gem x

  21. What a great week, and what a lot to show for your shrewd shopping!

  22. Oh what a wonderful week you had...I love love these kind of weeks. Mine was inside my home as we had 3 snow days...lots of snow...freezing rain and wind!
    Have a great weekend. xoxox

  23. It sounds like it all added up to a very satisfying week!

    The yarn that came in the post is gorgeous. Is the Rowan Pure Wool DK? Gorgeous :D

  24. Sounds like a lovely week indeed. I just saw your previous post and have read Tripp's story and looked at all his pictures. I am now a blubbering idiot. What that poor baby had to go through just breaks my heart. Makes one realize just how blessed we are when we have our health. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  25. Wow - love everything in this post! Fantastic blog!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  26. Beautiful colourful baragins, you've done well! I love weeks like that where I find things which I really love (especially if they happen to be on sale) because so often I traipse around and nothing takes my fancy - most often when I'm really looking for something in particular! Still have dresser envy from your post last week by the way! xx

  27. You've had a very busy week and it looks like a good one! :) I love all the pictures in this post!
    ps There's a giveaway on my blog, would you like to join? :)!

  28. I want to come shopping with you!!!
    Could you use those stencils to shake cocoa onto the top of a coffee like they do in costa?!?
    Pleeeeeeeeease take me shopping with you next time.

  29. Your blog is just beautiful, I love the photos of your china collection.
    Can I ask please, what make of yarn/colours have you used on your evening sun blanket? It's absolutely gorgeous :-)
    Thank you!

  30. Hi Vanessa, I've loved catching up on your blog posts. Your photos always cheer my heart. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog post last week. Your kind words made me smile. Big hugs, Em xxx


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