Wednesday, 25 January 2012

That time of year..........

....when I get heart palpitations.....

.....Gosh, I love it.....

I wish more of the collection was readily accessible over here in the UK

But I just love it

So, for now, I will just stare at it longingly!

Oh Greengate how I love thee

(All images property of Greengate DK)

For more lovelies, Check out their website if you fancy drooling for a few minutes longer...



  1. Oh wow - how absolutely stunning! I don't know if we can even get this beautiful range here in NZ? And as for that tiny caravan - GORGEOUS!!

  2. I LOVE Greengate too, I had never heard about it till I visited your blog about a year ago. That makes it your fault you know : D
    I wish we could get more of it here x

  3. I'm afraid I have a weakness for Greengate too....I have two tall cups and they are constantly in use! Their catalog images are just lovely, aren't they.....xo K.

  4. *sighs & swoons* oh I want my life to look like that! Why can't I just be skinny, pretty and go on idealistic camping and picnic trips!!!! *swoons some more* Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    Jo x x x

  5. I LOVE Greengate too! There is a shop in Arundel that sells lots of the lovely china,tins towels etc.I always make a beeline for it every time we visit the town. :0)

  6. Oh deary me, what a lot of very covetable things! The most desirable of all being the Morris Minor and it's van, of course! Thanks for bringing these lovely photos to our attention. Better get saving...
    Hen x

  7. Love Greengate, so bright and happy!
    Oh I want that caravan!


  8. Love the red morris minor. When I was a child we had lovely green one. The inside was all polished walnut and leather seats. You would have to pay a fortune for that sort of quality nowadays. I can remember my brothers and I in the back inside our sleeping bags as we journeyed down to see our grandparents. Oh to be young again!! Dev x

  9. Sharing a covetous moment gorgeous!

  10. I know what you mean with loving Greengate! I do to!! They have so much to long for...
    But here in the Netherlands even so they don't sell all of the things that you see in the brochure.
    So we have to look a lot to the pictures of the brochure...and dream on...
    Greetings from Holland, Joyce.

  11. Don't think I could take much more tortue!!


  12. I'm such a fan of Greengate - alas, it's not sold here in the United States!

  13. Why have I never heard of Greengate before? Thank you so much for enlightening me! :)x

  14. aaaah... yes! Same love and longing here... For both Greengate and Spring ;)


  15. oh blissful green gate- its sooooo beautiful...there is now a stockist in my area, i found it by chance, but as its part of a flower shop/shabby chic furniture they only do a small selection...but still- its lovely!!!!...and another beautiful shop to look at, i used to not rate my city very high on the 'gifty, homewares' but its steadily improving! yay!...but its something i cant really buy much of...maybe a mug or tea towel every 6 months? hehe x

  16. Just died and gone to heaven!
    What a beautiful collection, I want it all!Now!
    Thanks for sharing

    Gill xx

  17. I must not look, I must not look, I must not look!!! : - /

    Lou xxx

  18. Lovely. Just lovely.
    Wish we had Greengate here in the U.S. too!!

  19. Pic 1. Cut glasses
    Pic 2. The car and caravan
    3. little blue jug and tea cup
    4. Painted bottle and cup cake toppers.......Oh I could be here all day. There is nowhere near me that sells any of it. I have bought a few odd bits on line but it's not the same is it?

    For a minute I thought you meant palpitations for real!!


  20. oh me too and the gorgeous red caravan. Yummy xx

  21. oooh aaah wonderful!
    And the RED vehicles too!
    Hopping right on over now...droool

  22. Gorgeous!!! We had a blue Morris Minor when I was a kid and the other kids at school picked on me because of it. How little they knew of how deeply cool it really was.
    I love all the images here and I like the greyish and plum collections on the site too.
    You can buy quite a bit of it here, including cushions and bags. It is expensive but I can vouch that the quality is great as I dropped my lovely stoneware jug on the bus afetr buying it and there was not a scratch on it! You can imagine how my poor little heart caught in my mouth there. xxx

  23. It is utterly lovely - perhaps it will make it to the UK like Pip has.....


  24. ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱

    me encanta!!!!

  25. Thank you for sharing these wonderful inspiring pictures today! They make my heart beat mUcH faster too!! The colours and patterns are just the kind I like...Will pop back for another look soon, and hope to acquire one or two little things from these pages if we can get them here in the UK!!
    Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  26. I loved working with the snowdrops wool...I wish I had got more now. I might pop in there on Saturday. Have a lovely weekend.

    Lou xxx

  27. Oh drat, I just drooled on my keyboard. It's all TOO lovely!
    Emily x

  28. I have a HORRIBLE case of the!

  29. Oh my goodness!! Thank you for introducing me to this company....I see there are no shops here is the US...but...I am headed to Ireland this of course I will be looking for a store there! Now if I could just figure out where to get the car...and little trailer....

  30. Oh my, the new Greengate range is so beautiful, thanks for showing it here. I usually always thought I don´t like the items of this company a lot, I am more a Cath Kidston fan, but now - I could buy nearly every single item AND the red caravan with the lovely old car. Every picture looks like the perfect summer day, how I long for this sunny bright and happy days now. You made my day definitely!

  31. Hi! I just stop to tell you that I`m your new follower :o) I love all your colorful inspirations! And thank you for sharing this piece of spring with us :o) Love every item.
    Have a sunny day
    P.S. Please came to enter into my giveaway ;O)

  32. What is not to love about this post!??? I adore her yellow shoes and the 50's hairband around her head. Maybe I can try that...???

    Thank you so much for your sweet words Vanessa. I am overwhelmed by all the messages I have received on my latest post. I am slowly recovering, the shock is still simmering a bit underneath but I faced the fear and drove by the place today where everything happened. Because that is what people say you should do. When you get thrown off a horse you should get right back up. Thanks again dear Greengate loving Vanessa! Dream away. It will put a nice smile on your face and make you feel warm and fussy inside. :D ♥♥♥ Annette

  33. Hello beautiful,
    I love this inspiring page. I love everything Greengate. Hope you have a good weekend, take care my sweet, Becca x

  34. Oh my! How gorgeous is that Greengate catalogue!? In my head I am the woman sitting outside of that adorable red caravan. I want, I want I want....:-) Fabulous blog - I have added your blog to my blogroll I hope you don't mind? Nikki x

  35. oh my gosh, it look all looks so completely gorgeous! I'm drooling over the website now ...

    must... not... spend ... eek! :D

    Jessie, xo


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