Friday, 10 February 2012

About Me......

I found in my inbox this week I had been awarded several blog awards. Crafty peeps tend to travel in the same circles, and I seem to have been given a few. Having been in blog land for a while now, I have been the recipient of a number in the past, and, have played along, but it does get harder!

Thank you all kindly.

Those who have been reading my blog for quite a while, know that I am a bit rubbish with these. Apologies. I don't pass them on, simply as there are too many blogs to mention. I don't know if there was anything left really to talk about that I haven't already mentioned in this little old blogsy of mine, but in the interests of not being a kill joy, I thought I would try maybe write a few things about me. Might be boring.

I am though, always humbled that people like to read my blog, it still spooks me a bit if I give it thought though, as I am a massively shy person, but it's lovely to discover like minded souls.

So here are a few things about me......

Music is a massive part of my life. I am listening to 'Souvenir' by OMD as I type this post. LOVE it. It's dreamy and beautiful. The Bears love it in the car. I love nothing better than lying in the dark with some headphones on listening to whatever takes my fancy. When the Bears were very young, I never listened to it much as I always had to be listening to them and their needs first, as you do. I'm laughing, 'cos that sounded awful when I read it back! It sounded so much better in my head! ha ha! You know what I mean! Anyway, it was the one thing about early motherhood I found hard, and a little depressing. I like walking alone, and being in the house alone just to have my music on, and listen to it uninterrupted. I usually have a band a week playing. Last week it was Mozart (hardly a band, but awesome dude none the less), the week before, U2, and the week before that it was Depeche Mode and Placebo. I often walk the kids to school and grab a coffee on the way home and just sit on a bench in our little park by the Band Stand with my headphones on people watching. I even have people watching music. I go out of my way to make music memories. We all hear a song on tv or the radio that perhaps has a special meaning for us, and instantly we are transported to a time or a place. I have different pieces of music for different occasions that I sunday morning lying in bed with the kids music, baking music, crafting music etc. I love to hear a song and be transported. There is nothing like it. The Unforgettable Fire by U2 and Shepherd Moons by Enya have the biggest effect on me. Oh and I LOVE Shazam. One of the best apps ever for finding music on the tv.

I'm excited by the new Muppet movie. I ADORED the Muppets when I was little. Animal was my fave. Manic and uncontrollable....I wanted to be like him.

❸ I'm dreadful with plants. I can only grow geraniums well. My mum bought me a Bonsai Tree not so long ago. I had it two weeks and killed it. I need to dash off and get a replacement. I feel terrible. I'm so bad. It was REALLY cool.

I never really liked red wine all that much, but am starting to develop quite a like for it. Sadly, the head isn't going at the same pace!

I could quite happily become a recluse, and I imagine I will be one when i'm a little old lady.

I love the film 'Some Kind Of Wonderful'. I thought Watts was the coolest girl ever. I love the drums, wish I could play them (guess that's why I love Animal so much).

I am very particular about how I watch a movie at home. I HATE distractions and it REALLY winds me up if people talk (even the teensiest bit) or move (even a shimmy) whilst they are in the same room. I can really only watch a film with Mr H as he is the same. If I have to stop it for the phone, kids, loo etc, then that's it, totally ruined for me. Like a book. The thing I hate about books, is that I only like small books that I can read in a day. I HATE having to stop reading once I have started. It's all or nothing, so usually nothing as time never allows.

I felt like watching the U2 video 'Where The Streets Have No Name' on You Tube the other day. It's possibly one of the best music videos ever. Roll back to the 80's....good times.

You still awake?

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'm looking forward to half term next week. I'm looking forward to getting back into a crafty rhythm. Thank you for your kind get well wishes. Yesterday was the first day I felt decent in a quite a while....and it was lovely.

Right, off I go to play more music and float about the house.

Happy Weekend all!



  1. Blog awards, I have a bunch I don't know what to do with either ... I love that you've blogged about this and not just shoved them all to the back of a metaphorical cupboard like me. memo to self: must try harder!

    Oh, and I loved Animal too, I even named my guinea pig after him!

  2. Sorry to read that you have been feeling rough...glad that you're feeling a bit better now!
    Know what you mean about awards; I haven't been presented with many, but I find it very difficult to pass on. I think of it as a bit of a cop out to just say if you want it take it, as someone has bothered to pass it on to me. But the 'who do I choose?' bit, oh, don't want to upset someone if they don't appear on my list etc etc!!
    SKOW-probably our favourite film. Like you, wish I could play the drums, (Mr B even bought me one of those electronic drum pad things, but my co-ordination is pants!), and I really wanted a pair of those leather cut-off gloves she wore!
    Have a great half-term week! Enjoy!
    Z xx

  3. What you say about music is really interesting. I love music but hardly ever listen to it. I find it really affecting of my mood and generally I like to keep my natural mood whatever that is. But in times of misery, I'll get some music on to accompany me, or if I need cheering up but mostly I find it incredibly intrusive. I couldn't bear having it with me when out and about for fear of missing something.Mostly I really don't like to have it on at all. I really do love the sound of silence! Which I hardly ever get to hear. Music is really evocative for me but sometimes painfully so. I like catching a listen of music from my teenage years the best. Incidentally U2 is more evocative of memories than anything else, but I don't always want them as some of them are wonderful and some very painful.

    You would hate watching a film with me as I witter all the way through as I never know what is going on and have to ask and talk about what is happening; I gather that it is very annoying. I love a good book that goes on for weeks too, I am driven towards the ending but feel a bit sad when I get there.

    I wish I knew what it is that green-fingered people do. I love plants and flowers but I can't grow anything to save my life.

  4. Hi Vanessa, loved this post. I love my own company too, I'm certainly turning into more of a recluse as I get older....home is the best place ,even if it's messy sometimes. I'm loving the boys at the age they are right now. Too young to go off by themselves , when I will worry about them , but not very demanding at home :0)
    I was totally into music as a teenager so music from the early eighties is very nostalgic. My favourite film from this era is "pretty in pink"...loads of great eighties tracks in that .
    I too find blogging slightly weird sometimes ....I don't really like to think about all the people who read my stumbling words ...but finding like minded souls is great.
    Have a lovely weekend...glad you are feeling better.
    Jacquie x

    1. Oh yes, Loved that film too! John Hughes was the king of teen films in that era.

  5. Ahh you mentioned those magic half term words!! Yipee! I love the holidays and always have though now it's all about me not the children ( they are well grown and flying the nest).
    A whole week to do mainly what I like, listen to music and relax. I adore being at home and if I could would give up work in an instant. I may even go and watch the Muppets new movie!
    Have a great week. ♥

  6. How uplifting your post is. Sometimes we need to look into another persons world to put our own world into perspective.......xx

  7. I am with you on the recluse thing...and the plants..and the :) :) hope you feel a bit more chipper and have a fab half term x x x x x

  8. I only listen to music at the gym, but thats OK as it seems less of a chore. My all time favourite, Depeche Mode, past and present.

  9. I really enjoyed the photograph- its so bright and beautiful! just like you ;0)X
    ...i love the 80's tracks!...i do admit having Sophia at this age has got me back into music as i can have that time to play it without interruptions. I felt exactly the same when sophia was born as i loved having my ear phones in b4 and loosing myself in classic fm or heart radio, bbc devon and radio 2. But suddenly when a baby comes a long and listening out for cries and not really having any time for 'me' things was quite a shock to the system. Obviously i wouldnt have changed it for the world- I love being a mother. But having that time now sophia is a bit older is very much needed. Also she loves my chill out music!!- we listen to it while in the bath its quite fun!.
    I've learnt all my life to love my own company...I was always in fear of it, then realised one day i needed to love me and the things i love to get me through the very lonely bits...often just craved a like minded partner to be with and the company, but realising now my best friend is me.
    Sophia is with her father this weekend...but least we have the half term together and im really looking forward to it. Enjoy your time with the bears! much love to you my sweet xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi Vanessa, I've loved reaindg this post and getting to know you. I love the Muppets too and got really excited when I saw the trailer for their new film. I don't have children and have been thinking whose child I can borrow to go and see it at the pictures with a big bag of sweets! My significant other Steve is a drummer when he's not at work and I get really envious of how he can make his arms and legs move all at different times to make these great rhythms. I like people watching too. Em x

  11. I love Animal too....and my music. I'm better at looking after plants though. ;) you would hate watching a film with me, I talk all the way through them. I don’t like red wine though...... :-/
    have a lovely weekend and a fab week off with the Bears.

    Lou xxx

  12. we all love finding out more about our fav bloggers!
    My boys are currently watching old re runs of the muppets on Cleggy's laptop. Which means I'll be singing 'ma na ma na' all week. Again!
    Nice post
    fee x
    (fuzzy bear for me every time)

  13. This post was really interesting! I loved what you said about music, it encompasses pretty much how I feel about it, and it was interesting to hear you articulate how small children can impede that love of music. I have never thought this through previously, so thanks for making me think about that.
    I'm also with you on the recluse- I think it's interesting how many bloggers are introverts, or harbor secret desires to be recluses or hermits.
    I had one thought of doing a post about this, and asking if people knew their Myers Briggs types, as thought that would be even more interesting. But I think it would be interesting only to me perhaps :)

  14. Animal is fab isn't he, my fav character too :-) You need a orchid, they are so easy to look after and always reward you for neglect with a gorgeous flower that lasts a month :-)

  15. THe Muppets!!! Who likes the Muppets :) I am kidding of course but I always hated wacthing them parents always thought it was a big deal but I never really liked 'em :) But I would sit there for the popcorn :)

    I would never guess you to be shy! You are so friendly & make me feel so compfortable when I visit you. It was really fun to read about you! THanks for sharing from your heart!

  16. Congratulations on the blog awards, always lovely to have recognition. Lovely to hear a bit more about you. I agree with Sweetpea, Orchids thrive on neglect and are stunning!

  17. I am Animal. That is my nature but i am sooooooo happy in my own company. I like to be Animal all by myself. I think that is something we bloggers often tend to have in common. i do a fanTASTic impressions of Beaker though (Me me me ME me ME!). I have been given an award lately so maybe this will be one of my interesting facts.
    i am VERY drunk on Kir royals. LOVE IT!!!!!

    gotta go Mr C is begging for a strip tease. HE has no shame. I lost a bet. Better whip off me drawers!!!!! Wahh haha hahahahahaaa!


  18. Love your blog, really beautiful! Happy to have found another like-minded spirit...visit mine if you get a chance!

  19. Hi Vanessa
    I just love your blog it is amazing!! and thank you for sharing a little bit about you, I really enjoyed reading your post, I to could become a recluse easily I also love to have my own time out, to just sit and choose what I would like to do read,craft,crochet which i have just started, but when you have family as you know me time becomes rarer :) ah' well as long as I get some me time I love my two wee grandchildren to bits..but it's also good when saying see you soon :)
    Hugs Sarah x

  20. Your so sweet.....these are always fun!

  21. Congratulations on your awards, you so deserve them. Love the daffodils! Especially with St. David's day coming!
    I love all your facts about you, and I bet I'm so one of those cheeky people that chat while you watch a good film! oopsy,
    I love Souvenir too, My brother loved OMD so much and took me to a load of their concerts. Also my favourite song by them.
    So love music too. I don't like music too loud though as there is too much noise going on in my house and I can't multi task with sound. My other half loves noisy radio stations, especially the sport! AAHHHHhh, Funny though,
    Have a great half term beautiful, I wish you were coming to Wales, but maybe we will make a visit to England! Big hugs,
    Becca xxx

  22. 'Somekind of wonderful' is a fantastic movie, watts is very cool I loved her fingerless gloves, so 80's. The music in it was great too, I used to play the tape over and over.

    And the muppets, how can you not love them.I just took my 2.5 year old to see the movie, he was dancing in the aisles. A great first movie memory.

    Congratulations on the awards, fantastic blog.

  23. I know just what you mean about reading a book, I hate having to stop part way through and only choose ones that I will be able to read in one go. It is really interesting that my choices of music when the children were young tend to be amongst their favourites now they are older and insist on playing music rather loudly, so I recommend playing your choices as much as possible whilst they are young!

  24. OMG! so funny about the movie thing! That is totally me and I thought I was the only one! Hey soul sister nice to meet you.
    Analisa in Dubai

  25. I've been thinking recently that I could happily be a recluse so it's nice to know that I'm not alone in this thinking. I'm a big music fan too (this week I've been to see The Black Keys) and whilst I'm happy in my own company I nearly always have music playing. Like you my mood dictates what I listen to and today you've made me want to go in search of Depeche Mode :)


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