Monday, 13 February 2012


My parents popped over late Saturday morning.

I asked them if they had had a good morning so which my mum replied.....

"Well, yes....... we took a detour on a whim on the way here and ended up at a car showroom."

"Anything nice?" I replied

"Well, let's put it this way....we left our house to come and have a cuppa.....but we go back having bought two new cars!"

"TWO!" was my high pitched reply

"Well, you know what your father's like, he can never do anything in one's!"

My mum had been thinking about changing her car, my dad hadn't, but while he was there, he thought why not.

My mum went on to remind me that if my dad goes out to buy one shirt and a pair of trousers, he'll come back with five or six of each.

Garden furniture? He'll go out to get one chair and come back with two complete sets for each end of their garden and a summer house.

New Sofa? A dining table set will come back with it....probably with a sideboard in tow!

Now, my father isn't a big shopper, what man is, but he is one of those that when he does go out to get something, he never just comes back with the one!

So....why am I relaying this? Well, it got me thinking. I think I take after my dad more than I thought. I didn't realise it, but the car conversation highlighted it for me.

A couple of years ago, I went into Zara and saw a top I loved. It came in four colours. All 'me' colours. I couldn't decide so I came back with all four and all four stayed! I couldn't just pick one. In fairness, the said tops have been the most worn items in my wardrobe and I don't regret buying them all.

But I do it with other stuff too. I recently had a rush of gingham love. I LOVE Boden men's gingham shirts but had never thought to wear gingham myself. I found some nice shirts recently, for me, and came home with not one, but three. I think being very reasonably price helped! Mr H did ask when the tractor was arriving! Blimmin' cheek!

Now, I might just add, like my dad, I'm not out shopping all the time, but when I do, I seem to do the same as him.

Thinking further, I realise that I do it with my makes too.......

One granny blanket has become quite a few.......

Egg cosies, not one set of four but eight sets.....

Pot holders, not one, but eight......

Apple Cosies, not one, but...lost count....

Scarves, not one, but seven......

Shawls, one made but two more on the go.....

Wrist Warmers, ten pairs made.....

Brooches, not one, but considerably more..... get it. In my defence, a HUGE amount of it went as gifts to family and friends, so it's not all piled up in my house!

I think it will be a challenge just to make the one of something!

I do think though with buying in multiples of a certain item, I have found over the years, that I have 'kicked' myself if I have dithered with getting two of an item if I REALLY liked it and I just walked away. It's because it's usually the thing I like the most that gets the biggest stain on it straight away, or gets caught on a nail or door knob and gets ripped. I learnt my lesson several times, and if the item is 'cheap' then I do. With making bits, I think it's getting the pattern in my head, enjoying the making process, so I just sort of churn them out until I feel fulfilled and ready to move on to the next thing!

He He

Anyone else like me and my dad?



  1. Yes, me!! The good thing about being like that is, you don't (as we Dutch say) 'leave work half-finished', you do it and you do it right. So go us! I don't shop a lot, but when I do buy things in more than one colour or buy one cardi with 2 shirts to go with it, so I can mix and match. Totally natural behaviour ;-) (Wish I had the money for two cars though... I would take two holidays instead, haha). Love your scarves! I have a scarf addiction too (so please don't encourage me, haha).

  2. Beautiful photos i want to go and make all of these now :)
    Kate x

  3. What beautiful granny blankets. I love the colours you've used, especially the one on the chair with the basket of wool next to it. I have to buy mine from boot sales as I don't crochet (yet!), but yes, if I see two and I can't decided between them then both will probably come home with me.

    Two cars is going it some though! :D xx

  4. wat een mooie dekens vooral het oma deken
    Heb je misschien het patroon voor me
    groetjes anita

  5. I wish I was more like you! I would feel horribly guilty buying more than one (but I have a spending guilt complex lol!)

    I would love to craft more so making more than one of each thing would be amazing for me - I only ever manage to finish one! Speaking of which I love the pattern for your wrist warmers and have been wanting to make some for ages (I have even already bought the wall) Do you happen to have a pattern you could share for them!? xxx

  6. I am smiling, it is the smile of self recognition. I did not not know there were others out there. I have skirts in two colours, jackets in two colours. Like you said when one loves an item a stain get on that is stubborn.
    When I paint and if I love the subject I return to the scene and re-paint another day, from a slightly different angle and of course it is never the same as the light differs each day

    I love your scarves and hand warmers. Your crocheting is beautiful and such even tension.
    I am with your reader "Happy in Red" give me two holidays.

    Happy Valentines/Happy Valentines

    Helen Helen xxxx

  7. What a gorgeous creative feast! Those pics and pieces were lovely to see. I am similar in that if I like a top I will often buy it in all the colours that suit me.

  8. Your post made me smile :)

    Seeing all your lovely crochet projects... has decided me to light the fire this afternoon and create some more granny squares (my first project) .... I'm new to crochet but I find your blog totally inspiring... so thanks! I'm also going to sew in the ends of the ones I have already done!!!!


  9. Hiya Vanessa,
    this is just so funny. It's like reading something that someone wrote about me, and now that I think of it, my dad came to visit like that as well. Though he only bought one car.
    I have shirts like that. One model, 4 colours, and another one in 3 colours. If I like a model, then I come away with more than one colour. And the same goes for buying yarn.
    But like Esther says at the beginning. I tend to leave things unfinished as well, and I envy that in you. It is something I still have to learn. I'm a multitasker who 'forgets' to finish. So I'm now trying to limit myself to one thing at a time ... and that is hard as well. Ah well, maybe when the kids grow to be a bit larger ...
    Me and my colleague, Susan, do like the flowery broches and wonder how you make them.
    :) Another one on your list.
    But anyway, good to hear and see regular posts again. It seems like you are beginning to feel better again. I'm happy for you.
    Take care and happy valentine's day!

  10. Yes, but for me it is pairs. If I buy a cup I like, i try to buy another one the same or similar. Maybe I don¨t want it to be lonely or maybe it is a symmetry thing.
    If you see something you like, it makes sense to buy it in different colours. I have Converse in lots of different colours.
    Your makes are so pretty, i am not surprised you make lots. My favourite is the shawl in the muted colours. It is a beaut. xxx

  11. I totally agree with you and your dad! Shopping especially for clothes is so hard, when you find something you like get plenty! Love the blankets
    Heather x

  12. Lovely pics there, honey. I am the same. If I see a top, dress, jeans etc that I love I always buy it in every colour. I just can't resist. The Mr and I once popped up to Tesco for some milk and bread after a holiday and came home with a brand new PC and an LCD television as we 'passed' PC World and Currys on the way. Eeek! A few weeks later they opened a Mini dealership just up the road from us. I went for my power walk and came home having paid a deposit on a new Mini Cooper. Joe almost had a seizure when I told him. He came to look at it too and loved it as much as I did. Have a lovely week xxxxx

  13. oh yes I am very much like my Dad. In fact my mates recently commented how much I looked like him - my Dad is good looking but really, I didn't think I looked like a man lol. I also dance like my Dad - luckily he isn't a bad dancer :-)

  14. Lol!
    If it was me and I couldnt decide which colour shirt for instance I would spend so long weighing up the options (typical Libran!) that in the end I would get frustrated and not buy any!!
    At least your shirts etc are a lot cheaper than 2 cars!

  15. What fun! All those lovely makes, your brooches are stunning. I am usually a one thing person but if I see something I have been looking for and know I will regret it if I don't get it I will if I can. Blessings Niki x

  16. have been so productive over the years....wish I could say the same. I always have a guilt complex about buying more than 1 of anything.....even if I love it.....really, really, wish I could get past that....have a happy day -xx-

  17. Hi Venessa,

    I have just nominated you for an award on my blog! xxx

  18. Amigurumi certainly come in multiples - I can never stop at just one! After all, it wouldn't do to be lonely.

    I think you should add blog photos to your list of multiples too! They're all gorgeous, I love to look at your photos!

  19. What beautiful creations!!! Yes, things are definitely better in multiples. Keep on crafting on.

  20. At the moment I can't afford to buy anything really but, if I had the money, then I would do the same.
    Quite a few years back, Evans had some gorgeous chenillle cowl-necked, long jumpers in Red,Blue and green - I bought one of each colour! I still have the red one!

    Love all of your makes, they are so colourful!
    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  21. My husband is like your dad when it comes to the buying and I am like you when it comes to the making. :) You have made so many beautiful things. Best wishes, Tammy

  22. Laughing so much, how funny, Your dad sounds so much like my mom, she will come back with two fridges and two ovens and sometimes 3 sheds, hehehe, ok only joking about the sheds, but you probably know her!
    Love all your talented pieces that you have made, you are awesome, I am lucky enough to have some of those lovely makes.
    You talented one! In awe, take care beautiful and have a great half term, wish I was visiting, xxx

  23. Oh Coco Rose, I laughed at this post, I can see myself as well. I go shopping with a list of 5 items, I come out of the store with 10 items. You have spent your time making some lovely things and hurrah's to you, you didn't just stop having fun with the first one but made several more. I love everything but what caught my eye was your blanket with the tiny flower in the center of each granny, the wrist warmers and as I look back there is more eye catchers there, oh my! Thank you for making me laugh today, I needed some cheering up. I am your newest follower!

  24. Yes, I can see myself here too! As well as sometimes buying two or more of something I really like, I almost always make two or more of something too, whether it's pin cushions or bunnies or anything else! I so enjoyed your crochet pictures today, you have such a lovely colour sense and I always enjoy the different combinations you put together and the patterns you choose. VEry inspiring!
    Have a lovely week, Vanessa.
    Helen x

  25. Oh yes me too...I don't have a store any more why am I out thrifting and collecting multiples.....Its just in our make up....I kind of like this quality.....Happy Valentines day.....p.s. love your treasures.....

  26. All I can say is you have some very lucky friends and family. And yes, I do seem to collect things in multiples and if I find something that I like making then everyone I know will end up with one :) Your wristwarmers look lovely if I could crochet I'd definitely have more than one pair of those.

  27. What a lovely blog. All looks stunning. Well done!

  28. Oh yes I do the same....except when I want a baby I end up coming out of hospital with THREE at once....!!! ha ha

    Such a beautifully colourful, yarn-filled post... please carry on with your 'muliples' tendancy as it's such fabulous eye candy for us!!!!

    Much love xxx

  29. Wow - what a lot of lovely handmade's there - you must feel very proud of all you've created?

  30. I am not like you and your Dad. I rarely buy anything. 'that's a nice handbag/pair of shoes/top/whatever', I'll think. But then I think ' I already have a handbag/shoes/top' and more often than not I walk away. I sometimes wish I wasn't like this, particularly when something I really like develops a hole or gets stained.
    It has always made me laugh that, you don't just make thing, you make a whole pile of them!
    Have a great half-term week. Xxx

  31. Hi Vanessa,

    Some things just run in the family :-) Love all your work! You must be the crochet Queen!

    Enjoy your new week!

    Madelief x

  32. Hej Vanessa!
    As I was reading your great post...I was chuckling to myself, oooh so that's where she gets it from her Dad... ;-D
    Don't go changing ...we love you just the way you are...
    I understand you completely as I can see myself too...I don't usually buy one of anything if it's cheap, because I think oh my daughter will like one, and then i can put it away and give it one to so and so and great aunt bessie lol! And yes i do have multiples of clothe items, namely jeans & converse
    And with the crocheting...I am still a novice but, I understand you completely about getting to know the pattern and then enjoying and savouring the make, when the pattern is imprinted on your brain and you can just pick it up and put it down at a whim, without being a slave to the pattern...I like to be master at what I am doing...but in a freeing way if you get what I mean lol!
    I'm waffling...
    All your creations are so lovely, you must be very proud of yourself and lovely to see that they give you and your family so much pleasure and I receive so much pleasure just looking at them and your lovely photo's.
    Thanks for sharing Vanessa, always an inspiration.
    Happy Happy Valentines day

  33. Well OMG first i have to comment on that last blanket im not sure if you would call it stars all layered together but my goodness its stunning and so fiddly looking i have never seen anything like it its truely stunning and so is your hexagon one those colours are gorgeous. I did smile about your dad and buying 2 cars bless him ;-) But hey being like him especialy when you can make such stunning blankets one after the other keep going i say ;-) dee x

  34. Ok, now i realise those stars are pot holders i got so carried away by your blankets etc and those egg cosy's are adorable to. dee x

  35. Hello Vanessa, I can see myself in you! There is nothing wrong with multiples... :0)

    you are so clever with your crochet, maybe one day I will get there. Enjoy the half term.

    Lou xxx

  36. My goodness, you are certainly prolific! I would love to be like you both in finding time to make stuff and also in buying in multiples. I'm the person who dithers, can't justify it then spends, sometimes years, regretting not having bought all 4 colours!
    Have a fabulous half term,
    Sandra x

  37. ♥:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
    .//^ ^\\ Feliz Dia del Amor y Amistad ♥♥
    (/(_♥_)\) ::::::::::::::::::::::♥♥
    ._/''*''\_ ............♥♥❁◕‿◕❁ ♥ ♥

  38. Can you tell me the name of the stitch used for the wrist warmers? I've never seen it before and would like to look it up. Thanks!

  39. What a totally hilarious post hon! I can relate wholeheartedly. My husband just shook his head when after discovering a lovely pair of winter boots (ridiculously cheap in a sale) - I went back and bought 3 other pairs in different colours. And I love each and every pair. With crochet, it's the making that I enjoy so much that I usually end up making several of the same pattern and giving them away. I can see now that I have passed this 'more of the same/similar' onto my son as he does the same with Lego!!! Clearly it's genetic (my mum is the same too!). I'm just off to re-look at all your lovely piccies. And I'm thinking to myself how I need to organise my photo storage as I'd never be able to find any historic pics at the moment - eeek! Another job to add to the list ... Have a fabulous week hon!

  40. the car thing is sooooo my Dad, he is a car addict!
    and when he goes shopping for a pair of pants or whatever he will always come back with more than one.

  41. Holding my hand up, for clothes at least! I buy in multiples mainly because by the time I find something I like/fits it seems to make sense to buy two! My projects tend to be much more butterfly, no two the same flitting from one to the other LOL!
    All your multiple crochet gorgeousness is fabulous by the way. ♥

  42. Haha, Vanessa, this is funny, it is exactly like me and my dad! We are totally the same as you two, very funny. And as long as you keep on creating pretties like these, I don't mind at all!! Keep up the good work.

    Sending you extra love this Valentine,

    xoxo Maaike

  43. A fabulous array of makes! I too am a 'multiplier', cracking on with another earflap hat tonight (number four) and another at the endless wristwarmers (though they're not as beautiful as yours). And crochet hearts! I made millions of them.

  44. Hello Vanessa.

    I think it's always good to have a little bit of obsession -healthy obsession of course - and I love that you take after your dad.......and recognise it of course. I'd like to think of it as spending wisely though I would have to confess to being forever the hoarder. Great makes by the way.

    Nina xxxx

  45. Oh, you do my heart good! A woman (and man!) in my own likeness! Never, ever apologize for really is just a sound way of thinking.

    Love your handicrafts ~ simply lovely.

  46. I love everything on this page but especially the pot holders! How inspiring!

  47. Love those wrist warmers and know my son's girlfriend would too. Can I be cheeky and ask where you got the pattern?

    1. It is a drops design pattern called Karisma Superwash : )

    2. Thanks. I like you live in a house full of males (5 sons and husband) so it's nice once in a while having someone to make something girlie for x

  48. I am quite late with a commentary, but I had to laugh out loud reading this post! Thanks for sharing! I guess it is just efficient that you don't go shopping for one item at a time (and I have to admit I met several efficient shoppers runing my own shop - and I love them *bg*). Have a great day, love your blog!

  49. Yes it is scary when it starts to dawn what habits we pick up or inherit from our family, what other unknown ones are lurking that we don't know about? but quite cute too sometimes. Am I turning into my mother? I also am intrigued as to what the purpose of an apple cosy is? And those felt flower brooches are amazing and I would love to know if you have a pattern for them.

  50. You've made some incredible stuff! I'm actually kinda jealous. Haha. :) I do think we pick up habits from our parents. I'm the same way, buying or making more then one of something because it looks awesome.

    <3 Jenn

  51. Olá,
    Gosto das tuas fotos e textos!
    Admiro quem faz crochet...


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