Tuesday 8 May 2012

Grey Days..........

I am not loving these grey days. I don't mind the rain. I don't mind a shower, or even a complete downpour. I don't mind getting wet. I can even cope with cold.......but grey? That dull, lifeless, grey that seems to be encasing most of the UK at the moment is wearing thin. April....sunshine and showers. A lot of showers and not a lot of sunshine. Now come on. Life is so much more bearable when there is a little peeky bit of sun.  

So, to combat the grey, I have been hard at it in the house trying to cram a whole heap of stuff in. Once again I have been away from Blogland for far too long and seem to be terribly behind in keeping up with all of its comings and goings. This whole trying to balance things out with regards to real life and blog life is quite tricky. In retreating from Blogland a bit to try and get everything I need done in my day to day life, it seems it's harder to begin to find the time again to slot it in.

I finally finished my Circus Patchwork Blanket for Baby Bear, but the weather has been so awful, that taking any decent pics has been a no no. As soon as the sun shines I will take some and reveal the finished article. I have to say I adore it......and Baby Bear gave it the big thumbs up too. It has been well used already, and the warmth it has brought has been welcomed on chilly nights. I also finished a couple of other little projects too. Just things done on a whim, but they have proved handy also. When I get round to it, I will take some pics of those. Life just seems to be one big roller coaster at the moment. I cannot believe we are in May already. Where has the time gone? I need more hours, as i'm sure we all do!

So, today, just a brief hello. The day is grey and dull. All I want to be doing is having a crafty play about, but alas, house tidying calls after a lazy bank holiday weekend, and a washing pile that would scare the hardest of beings! Ah well.

Tootle pip my friends. 

I do hope that some sunshine comes your way in your day and it's a beautiful one.



  1. Your colourful blog is enough to make up for the grey. I really like the subject dividers you've put in. :)
    I can take or leave the grey but I have to admit I was a bit miffed that it obscured my view of the glorious full moon on Saturday. :(
    Put on your favourite dancing music and bob your way through that ironing! xx

  2. Your lovely post has brought me a little sunshine! Time for a nice cuppa and bright outfits to keep the grey at bay. Hope your day sees some sunshine...can't wait to see the finished blanket!x

  3. Oh I hear ya! It'll be my bday in a few weeks and I can't remember when it was ever thís cold around my bday. I too am rooting for sunshine as I desperately want to wear my cute skirts!

  4. Glad you're back, even if it is sunless. Chatting with friends helps the sun come out! ♥♥♥

  5. Hi Vannessa,

    I know how you feel about the lack of sun. I think it makes blogging harder if you have photo's you need to take and share. Having had my own blog wobbles recently I understand where you are coming from, but I guess whilst figuring it all out for me I really enjoy the writing and photo taking sometimes it gets a bit much and on top of you and thats a good time to step back. I think you are doing the right thing in giving yourself the space you need. It's better that than to stop altogether and end up perhaps regretting it. Well that's the conlcusion I made anyways! lol.

    Look forward to seeing your lovely blanket I am sure its going to be a stunner!
    And good luck with all that washing. Grrrr washing the endless chore!!

    Take care and hope you can get some crafty days if not sunny ones!

    P x

  6. At last this pm, the sun is shining here in Winchester, but the forecast is for rain and gales for later on this week - AGAIN! I've given up waiting for sunshine before taking photos, but you're right, everything would look so much better in proper daylight! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. Oh I know how you feel, it is so very, very miserable in my part of the world too and there is more wet to come over the next few days...totally unacceptable, it is May and it should be warm and sunny and that's the law!! Dev x

  8. OOh I am in Winchester as well and the sun is shining a bit! I love the heart bubble on your tea, am going to make a cuppa right now and see if I can perfect the art as well! Happy making colour xx

  9. Lovely post!!!


  10. Hating these grey days too! On the radio this morning they were talking about seeing the sun this morning, but not here in the south-east sadly.
    Only thing it is good for is getting sewing/crocheting/painting/cooking done, so that can't be all bad!
    Hope the sun shines for you soon!

    Gill xx

  11. I wish we had some grey days here. It is about bedtime but still too hot. I hate summer.


  12. Det er bare sådan en fin blog du har :O) Klem Betina

  13. Sending you lots of sunshine from South Africa!!! Hope it gets there! lol xxx

  14. Wow! How do you do it? A perfect bubble heart in your tea cup. So fab.

    Yes these grey days are very trying. Even I'm fed up ith them now. I'm sick of being damp constantly. Sick of collapsing and erecting a pushchair that never dries out. Thank goodness for IG. Youbtotally brighten my day with your pics.

    X x x

  15. I am feeling the lack of sunshine as well, but the picture of your cup of tea with the heart is uplifting! Looking forward to seeing the blanket!

  16. What a dear wee heart in your tea - magic! If it makes you feel any better (prob not!)it is raining and grey down here on the bottom of the planet too (NZ).

    A doctor friend of mine in England once told me that is why English women tend to have far less wrinkles than those of us downunder - the grey days - ta da a silver lining! Becks x

  17. I know how you feel about the rain and getting the time to blog and craft. It's nice to hear from you when you do get round to it.

    Helen xx

  18. looking forward to seeing your makes, they will bring on the colour and sun for sure x x x x

  19. There is no fun in grey.I've heard the weather is improving for the weekend,fingers crossed.
    The heart is very clever...love it! :0)

  20. I'm in the Pacific Northwest so I know ALL ABOUT the rain!! My sympathies!

    Tootle pip back at you :)

  21. I know Vanessa, grey is not good! When it's like this I surround myself with gorgeous bright coloured yarn and snuggle under my happy ripple blanket! I'm having a giveaway on my blog with some VERY cheery things...........might cheer you up a bit. Other than that we're just going to have to fake good weather by wearing our sunglasses and flip flops anyway LOL!!!

  22. I just discovered your blog and already love it!


  23. Grey=school uniform colour! Yuck! But as always a beautiful show of colour on your blog. I love it!
    I had a load of washing from Mr B's trip away-doesn't help get it done, all this wet weather. My support worker threatened to bring his washing round as he says I am always doing washing!
    I tentatively read Flylady and she has a term 'Mount Washmore' which always makes me giggle!
    Here's to some sunshine!
    Z xx

  24. I love your heart-bubbles in the coffee. Fantastic. Your photos are just brilliant - so sharp and cheering. Grey days are around for a while - but at least crochet and knitting are heart-warming!

  25. Its lovely to see and hear that all is well. I have been out of blogland for a week and its very hard to try and catch up in fact its in possible so its best i feel to read a few of your favorites and that it real life is more important so to speak. Can't wait to see your finished blanket ;-) This weather is very depressing now hopefully the rain will stop and the sun will come out and play soon. Take care, dee x

  26. Hi Vanessa,

    I enjoyed seeing a post of you again. Happy to hear you are well! I am hoping for a bit more sunshine too. It's the same thick pack of grey clouds in Holland too.

    Looking forward to see your blanket!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  27. Beautiful blog!! Happy to be your newest follower!! Have a lovely day!! xo Heather

  28. I just found your blog and I absolutely adore your colorful post. I just moved to London, and it is so grey over here it hurts. Hope I will soon get used to this and will really soon get over feeling depressed... :)
    Meanwhile I am happy to spend time in such colorful little "worlds" as yours :)
    And dive myself into my own pastel ceramic components for my jewelry design!

    Stay warm!

  29. OMG the bubbles are in a heart shape!!! You rule, lady, you rule.


    Nicki xx


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