Tuesday 14 August 2012

I have been.........


.......and it was bliss........

Great weather, lovely company and well behaved Bears. What more could a girl ask for?!

It was lovely to be by the sea. I long to live by it. To hear and smell it everyday. For now though, I have to be content with being by it every now and then. So I drink up every last drop of sea air when I am there and it manages (just) to see me through until my next visit.

I got to see family and the Bears got to see some of their cousins which they loved. Sea air.......and tea. I drank a lot of tea! I drink a lot of tea anyway, but when you are in the company of two people who are MASSIVE china collectors, it's even more of a joy to drink tea and choose a nice cup to drink out of.

oh and cake too......

I'm missing my pretty tea cup drinking very much.

I woke without an alarm, had long leisurely breakfasts where chatter lasted hours and mooched in the garden with the bears soaking up some vitamin D and feeling happy.

We watched the Olympics with gusto and felt proud to see the Union Jack raised so many times....

I loved watching the Olympics, and thought the opening ceremony was ace, but I was cringing at the closing ceremony. I thought it was totally naff. A glorified Eurovision and it left me flat. I must be in the minority though as everyone else thought it was super. Just not for me. Sorry if I offend! 

I'm sure I will get the blues for a bit and I have a mountain to unpack and wash and sort and put away. You know, the usual. 

I did come home with a couple of treats to keep the 'happy' levels elevated......

I have to say, my heart nearly went into overdrive when I stumbled upon these lovely little beauties. 

I almost let out a piggy squeal! Most un-lady like! 

So dainty and delicate and I have never seen anything like them before. 

So, they were my little 'being away' treat to myself.

They matched my thrifty little purchase too......

I fell in love with these and at 50p for two I couldn't leave them on the shelf.

I was pleased that my ''You walk ahead, i'm just nipping in here" paid off and I found a couple of cups and saucers which were perfect for my picnic hamper. A couple of months ago I found the little bowls that matched, so I was very happy indeed!

I did also sneak in a few CK bowls as we are always running out of bowls in this house and I needed to replace some chipped ones. I blame the Bears naturally....it's their fault!

And lastly, my beautiful Sister-in-law had a stash of plates to give me she had come across. Knowing my love for utility china she knew they were a must for me! How lovely was she?!!!!!

And they match perfectly well with my new pink pieces.....

So, a beautiful week away, a few little treasures to remind me of the trip and I am a happy little bunny.......

.....but do you know what?

I think I might even have a second blanket reveal coming too!

I took it away with me, and managed to get a bit of quiet crochet time in the garden.

Wow, I cannot believe that I have finished two blankets within a couple of weeks of each other. I love it, Mr H and the Bears love it. I am not sure I am going to get a look in with it, but I can tell it is going to be a well used blanket. No matter though, my last blanket was all for me, so i'm sure I can cope with not getting a look in!

Watch out for my next post. Give me a couple of days to get my house back in order and then i'll be posting the finished article! 

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

Until next time...........



  1. Oooooh, waiting for the blanket reveal!! I was in Britain during the Olympics and had a fantastic time. Unlucky though for me, I saw plenty of gorgious yarn shops... but only had hadluggage with me. Darn! I guess I'll be back ;-)

  2. I'm so glad you had a lovely trip away, especially when you say the kids were well behaved and you got to sleep in until a reasonable hour! I love to be by the sea, I can't wait until we're a little closer to the coast again some day soon...
    Completely in love with all of your new purchases! The little spoons are just adorable, very pretty. :-)
    Can't wait to see your next blanket!

    Ashley xxx

  3. What a great time you've had, great to recharge your batteries. Wonderful finds as well, icing on the cake for you! Looking forward to the blankets! Ada :)

  4. I grew up 10 mins drive from the sea, even my college was on the seafront. I do miss it, oh and I miss my mountain. Soon , soon we'll meet again. Love those dainty spoons! Glad you had a lovely break, welcome back!
    Celeste xxx

  5. Such a wonderful post of gorgeousness! Love thos dinky spoons!
    Victoria xx

  6. You did have a good time, great. Much time with loved ones, and the sea. And that lovely China, and those beautiful spoons. Love it. I'm curious to see the blanket!
    groetjes, Gerda

  7. Oh what a delightful post! I love it all but those china spoons are definitely the STARS! Just heavenly... I can just imagine you screeching when you saw them!

    I'm very lucky to live somewhere that is fairly close to the coast and can nip off there whenever I feel the urge for a bit of salt in the air. You were lucky with the weather too.

    Oh and I have to say you are not alone in your opinion of the closing ceremony - I flicked over to it a few times and felt so embarrassed I could only watch for a couple of minutes before flicking away again! I expect if you were there you would get caught up in the atmosphere but at home it was cringe making! I felt just about the same for the opening ceremony too - just didn't get it! However I always love fireworks!

  8. Beautiful pictures as always, your new purchases are wonderful my favourite are the little spoons. I wasn't sure about the closing ceremony either, but I admire the organisation for such a big event and I did like the lighting and fireworks, but who doesn't like fireworks!

  9. What a lovely week you had. I'm so very envious as we're in the midst of moving so my stress levels are sky high (in fact I've had two slices of chocolate cake already this morning to keep me going).
    I'm totally with you re: the Olympics closing ceremony: a cringeworthy mish-mash was the verdict in our house anyway!
    Those spoons are adorable x

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely time, so nice waking up without an alarm! We have been glued to the olympics for the last couple of weeks and agree completely with you about the closing ceremony - we kept thinking we should go to bed (hubby gets up at 5.30 for work!) but stuck with it in the hope it would improve!! I always think the thought of sitting with a pot of tea is lovely, sadly I don't like tea! I really wish I did!! Thanks for a lovely post, look forward to seeing the blanket.

  11. What a pretty post....thank you ......really love the spoons and wanted to say that I too thought the closing ceremony was terrible and so mediocre,muddled and irrelevant....so that's a few of us who will probably have to change our names and go into hiding!!Enjoy the rest of your bear time.Anne x

  12. I HAD to let you know it was not just you. I was disappointed with the closing. It seemed everything that the opening wasn't. It could have been so much better. By the end of it, I just had to laugh at the naffness. They didn't get anyone very cool to organise it, obviously. One of my friends on facebook commented when Take That came on, 'Why didn't they just have a Take That concert?' I actually think that ould have worked better!!!
    All your pics are brill. I want to live by the sea too. I love the pic of you holding the cake on the lovely Pip plate.

  13. Drinking from a pretty cup does make the experience that much richer, doesn't it? We have three tea sets here - one is my great grandmother's, and it is so light weight and feels lovely to use.

  14. Love all your pretty purchases ... I gave a little squeal when I saw your photo of the spoons ... they must be pretty gorgeous in reality ... on the closing ceremony - I'm with you ... it just didn't seem to be a fitting end to such an amazing event ... but I do love fireworks! Bee x

  15. hellooooo lovely one xxxxxx

    I'm sitting hear in a state of collapse looking at your dreamy post. I've just been baby sitting/sleep overs...oh' my im shattered!!!!!. All the girls had fun though and their was plenty of milk shakes, chocolate and girly games!...but keeping more than one entertained was tiring!- they all woke at 6am too ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! hehehehehehehe, was fun though!.
    Need an urgent strong coffee! lol ;)

    I'm glad you had a lovely trip away and the bears were goodies/angels ;0)

    Lovely detail on the spoons and lovely china wears!

    Oh' i'm missing a retail fix!!!!! haha!

    x Kazzy x

    1. two blankets??...you have magic hands my sweet xxxxx

  16. I'm glad you had a great time. I'm loving all that china! Beautiful! Can't wait to see the blanket. You're on fire, lovely! xxxx

  17. Welcome home, sounds bliss. I just love your little finds the spoons are to die for I have a real soft spot for ceramic spoons. x

  18. I feel just the same about visiting the sea! There's nothing like it, is there? Blankets in summer? Didn't you get very hot with them on your knee whilst crocheting? ;) I do look forward to your grand reveal. :)
    Jess x x

  19. Welcom back! Nice to hear that you had such a good time. Great photos & things. Looking so much forward to your new blanket!

  20. Sounds wonderful! And what lovely treasures you have brought back with you! I love a trip to the seaside, happens far too rarely for my taste. Welcome home and can't wait to see that blanket!

  21. Hi darling Vanessa, what a joy is this post! I am very happy you got to enjoy such a perfect time away from home with your family. And the treasures you brought home... Puuurfect!!

    Last but not least: of course I cannot Wait to see the new blanket! I know already I will adore it :)


  22. THOSE SPOONS!!! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I would have wept had I found them!

    Love the little cups and it's almost worth having chipped bowls so you can indulge in more.

    How well those pink (Ikea?) dishes go with the utility china. I have them in cream and they go with everything. So reasonable too.

    Another blanket? Oh my wordyword! One we've not had a glimpse of at all. Man! I am so sad but I am a little over excited about this.

    I absolutly love that blues dress/top and am cockahopop over the white flapper style one. I would kill to be your sister who raids your wardrobe. Kill I tell you!!!!

    I bet that cake sparkled beautifully in the sunlight.


  23. Welcome back Vanessa! It's good to see one of your posts again. This one sounds very happy. Your holiday sounds perfect.

    You look great in the blue floral dress and I love your finds. Those spoons are to die for! So very pretty. The plates are lovely too. I believe I have the same. Mine are by the Johnson Brothers :-) I love to combine them with other blue china. They really stand out on a dining table.

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  24. just found your wonderful blog.I have just got back into crocheting again after a long time of doing other crafts,am loving it.

    I do live 5 mins from the ocean,wouldn't live anywhere else,get withdrawal symptoms if I don't see my ocean almost every day.x

  25. What a beautiful vacation you had!! Love your sweet new treasures, especially those spoons!! Gorgeous they all are!! xo Heather

  26. Such sweet photos...I am going to have a wee little time away as well and I can't wait! Thank you for visiting me the other day....I always love when you come over. xoxox Hugs

  27. Glad you had such a lovely time away! Those spoons are just gorgeous, & the bowls, & the plates....ok the whole post is gorgeous! I agree with the closing ceremony being naff, my fave part was Eric Idle singing & dancing, it was a relief after the previous 'performances' (apart from Take That) Cannot wait to see the blanket, Im sure its going to be amazing! xx

  28. Sounds blissful! There is nothing like getting away and having some relaxing family time! Cx

  29. Phwoar...all that China! Sounds like a dream escape...isn't it so liberating to be beside the seaside? I too thought the closing ceremony was naff...we watched it two days later as we were at the Blur gig at Hyde Park...glad we chose the right tickets!

  30. Well I'm piggy~squealling here in the states at all your loveliness! Bet you can here me all the way over there. So happy you had such a wonderful time with family by the sea. Sounds heavenly! Anxious to see your new blanket.

  31. WOW -so many pretty things in one lovely post. I am also loving the wonderful outfits behind those pretty vintage tea cups that I spy in your photos. What a well dressed bunch you and your friends are!
    It all looks so happy and gorgeous, and I ADORE your new plates.
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

  32. lovely post and finds, I found myself breathing out a big deep breath when I saw your second picture of the sea. Stunning! Heather

  33. Just catching up here. That does sound like the perfect holiday. Looks like it too. That pic of the sea ... wow! Makes me long to plunge in!

  34. Great post, lovely holiday photos and what wonderful finds, those spoons are just perfect.
    Carol xx

  35. A beautiful post, as always... I love your blog so much! "Visiting" you is always a real pleasure. Don't usually
    comment (shy!) but felt compelled to ask you about those wonderful, wonderful spoons. Are they vintage? Am hoping they're available somewhere because they'd be perfect for a dear friend of mine. Would hugely appreciate it if you have time to let me know... Jo x

    1. Hi Jo,

      I hope you read this as you are a no reply blogger so I cannot reply to you directly. I purchased these spoons from a little bookshop whilst I was away in Wales. They didn't come in a box and I have no idea who made them. I don't believe they are vintage but I did search online to see if I could find some more and my search was fruitless i'm afraid. If I do manage to find any stockist I shall pop the info on a post! : )


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