Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Goodness me......still no sign of a finished blanket.....

....and what's this?

....something new?


Hot Honey and Lemon to warm me and a spot of something new. 

Just quick and simple.

My excuse?

Well........ I just happened to be walking past my local yarn shop and they had this yarn staring at me in the window. It had been a colour I had been after for quite a while and it just happened to be half price. It would have been criminal to have walked straight on wouldn't it?! Perfect for the Autumnal months ahead.

I have just one round left to go on my blanket and then to sew in the ends. To be honest I think i'm just putting it off. I had a play about with colours yesterday too. Oh well, maybe it will be finished in time for Christmas! he he!

Rest and Relaxation is in order for the next half an hour anyway, then on with the mundane but the necessary.

On that note, I will just say, thank you for all your messages on my last post. It really struck a chord with you! And thank you also to all the 'shy' readers who felt so compelled to comment! The toilet one was a major one too that you all mentioned. I think it was so big it could have probably warranted a whole blog post to itself.....but i'll save that for another day!

Have a beautiful day all!


Sunday, 9 September 2012


 Wow, time flies.

I feel like I should have so much to show for not being on here as frequently since the beginning of the year.

The truth is......I've slowed down.

I've needed it.

I haven't achieved as much as I would have liked in the 'real world', but, hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I feel like I haven't really achieved that much in the crafty world this year either. Then I think, I've made several blankets, which is quite an amount if I actually DO think about it. Blankets are not just something that you can churn out in a week. So I guess i've done a fair bit. They have been loved and used well, so I cannot really complain. It's the nicest thing to make something and see it becoming part of the family in every day ways.

However, the start of the new school year approached and the panic has started to set in. I seriously have come to dislike this part of the year. I feel sad that I do. I get terribly stressed, I forget stuff and ALWAYS fall short of everything, DESPITE planning and planning and planning. In some areas I am organised. Unfortunately, it's not the important areas, and with those, I can just never seem to get my act together.

I often get comments and emails from people saying my life must be wonderful and pretty.

I often get a little worried that my blog portrays me having the perfect life.

Well, I don't. 

I post pretty because it keeps my happy levels up on days when I seriously feel like jumping under the duvet, and staying there all day. I live with 4 males which can seriously do my head in at times.

I rush too much, I daydream too much, I faff too much, I analyse too much, I don't do enough housework, I worry too much, I eat crappily, I retreat into myself too much, I don't socialise enough, I have hair, body, face, wardrobe malfunctions. I forget too much, I'm too sensitive, too emotional and I need to say 'NO' more. I constantly stare at mountainous washing piles that never seem to disappear, I HATE ironing with a passion. I don't have enough cupboard space and I am sick of constantly being asked to get a dog.

I love my Bears to bits, but, what is it about boys? They JUST DON"T CARE! Not having girls, I cannot comment, and I'm sure that some will tell me theirs are just as bad!

Some of my bug bears. Recognise any of these in your household?

I get sick of........

1. Stepping on lego and trying so hard not to turn the air blue. 

2. Looking at my white wood and realising it's changed to a new paint shade called 'grubby finger grey'. 

3. Saying stuff and it never sinks in. 

4. Toothpaste blobs in the sink and down the side of it. HOW?

5. Drawers pulled open and never shut.

6. Constant dirty bowls and plates dumped by the sink when the dishwasher is empty and ready for dirty dishes.

7. Dirty laundry thrown on the floor when there is a laundry bin two steps away from it.

8. Cushions never on sofas and chairs but on floors.

9. TV remote never where you can find it.

10. My belongings moved or taken and no one ever admits to it.

11. Plates being used for food then being turned upside down so all the crumbs just fall on the floor.

12. More cereal on the counter than in a cereal bowl.

13. Spilt milk never being mopped up. Then when they do try, they use a tea towel after REPEATEDLY being told not to.

14. Towels ALWAYS on the floor in the bathroom.

15. Taking forever to get out of the house to go somewhere because of something lost or not done.

I could go on. I feel exhausted now! Any of those familiar in your house? Any more to add?

Love my Bears to bits, but they can irritate!

My life isn't all roses. In fact, it's only about 10% roses and the rest.......well, it's just daily life and all that comes with it. 

But i've learned to be thankful for what I have. It's not much. Some days it's totally crappy, but I have a roof over my head and a healthy family. And when it all comes down to it, that's all that's needed.

I'm almost finished my 3rd blanket......... however, I got sidetracked.......yet again. I don't know why. I'm almost finished so I don't understand why I cannot stick at it. But that's me. Must be a bit flakey. I'll add that to the list too.

Promise I will get a posting up of it at some point!