Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Just Wanted To Say........

Thank You

A posy of Roses

For you.

I have been incredibly touched by all your responses to my last post. Quite blown away in fact, and a little teary if i'm being totally honest. I sit at a desk and type away...thoughts......makes......then I press 'publish', and probably walk away to go make supper and not think about it again. I don't think about how it pops up in someones feed, or email......or that someone might just stumble across it and go through a years worth of postings. I guess I think of it as closing my diary and putting it back in a drawer until it's time to write in it again. I forget that it's a book that many can pick up and keep dipping back into whenever they please.

Although, I have not replied to any comments (would sort have defeated the whole object of getting away from it all for a bit!), I did read, each and every single word, both from your comments below and your private emails.

I felt comforted by the fact that so many of you got me......that so many of you felt the same or had felt it at some point. Yes, it was hugely comforting.

It was lovely to have a very simple summer. I needed it. Boy, it made me realise just HOW much I needed it.

I had a lot of 'quiet' time. It was fab. Just thinking about what I love, what I want more of, what I want less off. 

I guess it's all been culminating over the past couple of years if I really think about it. Starting a new decade soon, I wanted to make sure that I started it the way I wanted it to carry on. I wanted to enter it with a clear vision of what path I was wanting to head down. So this summer has been good. I hit the crossroads, I took a step back from all the distractions to really think about what was good for me and I now have a clear head.

I also had time to think about my little space here. I really did think long and hard as to whether Coco Rose had anything else left to give?

I have come to the conclusion that I don't think that I am done yet.......but I just have to decide what part it is going to play in my life. I think i'm just going to have to be a bit more relaxed about it though.

So once again

Thank You



  1. So glad you're back Coco Rose xxx

  2. Lovely to see your post pop into my inbox.Glad you enjoyed a simple summer .Have always loved your beautiful blog....a post now and again would be such a treat ( no pressure though ) .
    Have a lovely day ...pretty roses and love your ring btw x

  3. Just pick it up and put it down as you please. There's so much here in your blog that if anyone wants a Coco Rose fix they can just swim through your archives (*whispers* I do!). Live your life for yourself and your loved ones.

    I've just cleaned 2 sofa's and three arm chairs. My hands hurt so much. I can't type properly. So I'm going to go and have an early lunch.

    love love love


  4. Lovely to see you again.
    Pease enjoy what you do - for you - not us!

  5. I have just read your last post and I could so relate to it, its how I have felt to and about the changes in my life since I first started my blog. I started writing 6 years ago when I had a need in my life and like you its been a saviour at times. Earlier this year I had to delete my blog deedee's vintage retro delights after having problems with someone in my partners past. It made me look at myself and what I wrote and how honest I was and how much I shared it made me very weary and scared and I stayed away from blogland for a few months deciding to hide away from the internet and the outside world. During that time away I gained strength in my home life and my little retreat called family and home. I started up another blog but my heart wasn't in it and to be honest I don't think it ever will be its made me cautious and I don't feel I can be true to myself and write what I did before. Now I have found a huge love and a passion for Greyhounds and have adopted 2 and now my days and time are filled with helping these wonderful animals. My children may have grown up and become less dependant on me even though they are still at home and I felt lost for a while but I am happy now to just be me. Thank you for writing such a wonderful, and honest post you have made me realise things today when I was starting to flounder a little. Enjoy all the changes in your life. Best wishes, dee x

  6. Welcome back, in what way you may choose!

    Love, Dani

  7. I think we all go through times like this in our lives, whether we have blogs or not. Blogs do require time, and we sometimes wonder if that time is spent as wisely as it could be, by blogging. I turned 55 this year and it's been a bigger change than I thought it would be....I haven't posted about it yet. I probably will...
    I do want you to know that I'm not sure I've ever commented on your blog, but I have read it off and on and I do find it very inspiring and I know you would be missed in the blog world. So post when you can...please....and relax. We'll be here.
    Cindy Bee

  8. As a very wise person just pinned to her board ...

    "And now I will do what's best for me."



  9. I'm so glad you've had the summer you needed. To think, to rest, to slow down, to ponder and be in the moment doing what you needed to do.
    Anne xx

  10. So glad you're back and well!

    I'm happy to hear you had the summer you wanted, hopefully, we hear more from you soon!

  11. Nice to see you again and fine to
    hear you had a lovely summer. Some
    times we have to hide away from things,
    and some times it's very nescessary.

  12. lovely to see you back.
    Do whatever makes you happy!
    Pati x

  13. How lovely to hear from you. I'm glad that you're more focussed on the things that are important in your life. We all have similar everyday things to do but also have different lives and different perspectives on things that make our lives happy and content.

    Live your life your way my dear. If you feel like dipping back here every now and then, do so but don't feel beholden to us. Yes we love reading and seeing snippets of your life but it's just that. YOUR life. You decide how much, and what and when you want to share.

    Ruby xx (moleymakes)

  14. this is the first visit in your blog, i like it, and i have started to follow you, i want you to visit my blog
    see you ,

  15. perfect. Have missed you. And once a year would be fine by me!!!
    fee x

  16. Hello hun
    I've only just returned to blogging myself. I've read your previous post and totally understand. i started my blog for exactly the same reasons about staying positive due to my Fibromyalgia. I'm really pleased to finally come back and say hello to everyone.
    Like you I don't think about the text and how people will react....but have received so many lovely comments I know there are many people out there who feel the same.Sometimes it s just nice to know that you are not alone :)

    Keep smiling hun
    Tilly x

  17. Wow, what a lovely surprise to see your name on my blog list. You have certainly been missed but I am pleased that you have enjoyed your blogging break. It's good to do what YOU want for a change isn't it! Take care xx

  18. I just about squealed when I saw this post pop up in my feed.
    (I too revel in the archives here ;))

    I'm so happy that your summer was peaceful and you are looking into your next decade on your own terms.

    Welcome back and post whenever the mood strikes,

  19. Yes!!!!!!!
    I'm soooooo happy to read this!!!!
    Take you're time.....we will be waiting;)
    God Bless you!
    Love Theetje

  20. Don't feel any pressure remember you have chosen to write your blog... Keep it that way and blog when you want to. I do love looking at your gorgeous photos x

  21. How lovely to see your post and to know that you've had a relaxing summer!
    A favourite quote of mine that I find very helpful is: "To thine own heart (self) be true".
    One step at a time, and take good care of yourself. I look forward to your posts whenever you feel like like sharing, and thank you!
    Joy x

  22. What joy so great reread your writing!
    I am happy to see that you are happy!
    I'm very glad to welcome them back!
    and if you publish it advisable only when you want,
    if only once a month .... We respected your decision!
    you are completely free to do what you want!
    A big hug! and I'm glad to know that you've spent a good summer!
    kisses, my friend!

  23. Glad that you took time away to take a breather. Glad you think you are not done. We'll all be here to read your posts and enjoy them as and when you do

  24. Welcome back. I am so pleased your time away was valuable. I think it's what we all need to do from time to time. Only post when it is right for you. Posts or not we are all still here thinking of you. Philippa xx

  25. I am glad you had a good summer, just do whatever you think is best for yourself and that will inevitably be the best for all those around you too. If you are happy, they will be also, and just remember you have one of the most beautiful blogs out there (even if you stop blogging) so go ahead, and have fun with whatever you decided to do.

  26. I was delighted to see your blog post but I couldn't say it any better than Mia!

  27. Just laughing to myself as I did am enthusiastic, 'YEEESSS!' when I saw a psot from you.
    I like living overseas but it has been weird at times and your blog really has been a wonderful escape to dip into, a ray of sunshine. It probably sounds odd and a bit much when people say stuff like that. It's not 'real' as such but I think a lovely daydreamy place, in the way that films can be,
    Despite that, I still think do what you want, not what nerds like me want. I think you could do a book, you could do anything. But if stepping away from it all makes you happy, then that's ok. You do have an eye and a talent and you must treasure it and own it. It's a part of you.
    I miss your posts and your instagram if truth be told, but I'm glad you're alright and I hope you have lots of contented days doing what suits you. Must be off not as am aware of sounding stalkerish.
    Toodle pip,

  28. Oh yeah reprises your diary, I like to read every one of its leaves, it's nice to know you think retake! Relax and enjoy life!

  29. Tried not to comment , not to write how much you have added to our lives, so you could back away and not feel any tug toward us out here. But oh so relieved to know you will still put your true simple honest self onto blo, so we can continue to be a part of the world you want to share with us.
    Hope you can see that the very simplicity and uncomplicated-ness of what you share is a succor for many in this incredibly complicated and sometimes scary world.
    Welcome back glad to hear you.

  30. Sounds like a lovely summer... and so happy to see your beautiful photographs and blog will continue to delight!

  31. How lovely to see you here back V! I just thought I'd pop over and here you are again. Write whenever you like as frequent or infrequent. Your summer sounds like it was just right. Missing you over on IG too. xx

  32. So happy to read your post and know you are doing well! Your blog is lovely; so much beauty and inspiration. xoxo

  33. It's lovely to see you back and to read that you're feeling clear headed and relaxed xx

  34. So glad you decided to stay! :)

  35. you know vanessa i really really really really miss you sweet heart x but im glad your doing ok my sweet...thank you for your comment today~ made me smile from ear to ear ;0)xxxxx

  36. Great idea - live life at your own pace. I've just rediscovered mine - having left my teaching job - and I've never felt so happy & contented. I'll look forward to you popping by your blog whenever you're feeling ready to share your makes - you take such lovely photos. I've just been reading back over mine and love looking at my own photos and my thoughts - capturing a particular moment in time. No stress, no worries - just sailing along when the wind blows. Keep safe, keep calm and keep well.

  37. Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine, it's always lovely to hear from you.
    In the past couple of months, I have come off Facebook and Instagram. I can't tell you how happy I am. I truly believe Instagram is an escape from the real world, but it can paint an incredibly fake picture of our lives. I Just felt I wanted to spend more time with my gorgeous family, doing things for me, not feeling I had to post pics and tell re world what I was doing and that a lot of people had become a clone of each other.
    Everyone is making the same thing, buying the same thing, wearing the same thing, eating the same frightened me. Where is originality these days? I am so happy just writing my little blog when I want to, when I feel like it and for me. I know others enjoy reading it, which is lovely, but I also know this is my diary. I am not too private or personal, I am always aware people may read it but it brings me joy.
    Living in the REAL world brings me joy. Off IG and FB has given me more time in my day, peace in my mind.
    You did the right thing!
    x x x

  38. The world not re world. silly iPad x x x

  39. Hello Vanessa, I'm so happy you've had a wonderful summer and I'm so happy you are back. I've missed your beautiful words and pictures. Em xx


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