Friday, 18 October 2013

This Week.....

In Pictures

The weather has been a mixed bag. Dark, grey, cold, wet mixed with very brief bursts of warmth and sunshine. The mornings are suddenly so dark.

Comforting soup and poached eggs have been my staple this week.

The days have been spent with a candle and a little lamp on.....and my trusty hot water bottle on my lap as I craft away.

I even sported a neck wrap on several occasions I was THAT cold.

I have been a busy bee trying to get my little hats made for the Innocent smoothie Big Knit campaign. I just have to sew on some pom pom bobbles and then they will be posted off. I wonder where they will end up?

It has left me little time for anything else this week, aside form the daily washing and cleaning duties. But, I have taken a few minutes out each day to just capture moments. I love to remember. I love to remind myself what made me smile in a day.

I have loved the lamps, the candles, the hot water bottles, the subdued and cosy lighting and the permanent aroma of coffee on the go all this week.. I have loved being snug and feeling that this week has been a good week.



  1. Ah, my favorite Rice candles, so beautiful. Lovely photo's!! Enjoy your weekend, groetjes, Gerda

  2. Sooooo cosy! I adore the top photo, is that a ranunculus?
    Oooh it has been cold, I have been wearing three cardigans for most of the week, I think it takes a few weeks to get used to the temperature change, keep topping up that hot water bottle and stay cosy.

    wishing you a wonderful weekend
    love jooles

    P.S Nice photos ;o)

  3. Sounds so cosy and snug....good for you!
    bestest daisy j x

  4. Lovely pictures as usual, I love your candle holders! Aahh and the roses, my favourite flower Pat x

  5. Gorgeous pictures and I love the rows of little Innocent hats, you have been busy !

  6. So glad you've had a nice week. It is lovely to feel cosy at home when the weather starts to turn into late autumn. Beautiful photos, they convey the snugness very well! Hope you all have a good weekend.

  7. Gorgeous photos, I always love looking and they're always so inspiring!! Wishing you a most lovely weekend!! xo Holly

  8. beautiful, colourful, cheerful really brighten my mood Vanessa xxxxxx

  9. What a pleasure to step into your blog... so colourful! And this, of course reflect your soul!
    Warmest Regards from Italy

  10. I am so so so so so so SOOOOOOOO glad you are bag in Blogland vanessa! Drinking in your photos and colours is such a pleasure, please don't go away again!!!
    Much love, have a cosy, happy weekend :o)

  11. What a gorgeous way to start my day! I have been months without seeing my favourite blogs, so it is filling me with inspiration seeing all your lovely makes from recent posts. I adore all the colour in this post hon. It's so lovely to have see your posts again. I've missed them. Have a fabulous weekend! It's my son's birthday party today so I'm up ridiculously early to put the finishing touches on his smurf cake. The things we do ay ....

    See you again soon.

  12. You have a lovely collection of candle holders.

  13. Some very beautiful moments and amazing images. Love your pretty candle holders too xoxo

  14. Very inspiring post.. Love those candle holders...xx

  15. How I love your photos!
    I congratulate you because you're a great artist, very complete!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  16. Dear Vanessa, your home is so beautiful, and your photos so fantastic. It's interesting to see
    the colours and your fabulous still life decorations. I love it. :)

  17. beautiful pictures! Your home is so dreamy. I really enjoy reading about people getting cozy this time of year.

  18. Gorgeous photos Vanessa, so cheery and homely!
    The little hats are adorable and I love, love, love, the cupboard you painted! x

  19. you are such a positive person!!!! Love to read your posts!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

  20. A good week indeed. Love the photos. J x

  21. what a simply gorgeous tray? with the bluebirds. The candles look lovely, I've just ordered some bright pink ones so I'm looking forward to those! Heather x

  22. I love visiting your colorful and inspiring blog...your photos are lovely! I especially love your charming painted candlestick holders!!

  23. I love snug weeks! Just a shame that meals and cleaning still have to happen... Embracing the Granny feel as my hot water bottle has been replaced with a heated throw. I could sit and knit or crochet all day...

  24. I have looked at you FAQ's - please could you point me in the right direction for the pattern for your lovely blanket called Coco Rose Harlequin blanket - but I think you called it something else . I am very new to all this so any help would be appreciated . regards Jenny Abbey


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