Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Round Up of Yearly Makes.......

I have been looking through my photos of all my makes made this past year.

I think day to day, you don't really realise what you can achieve. Through all my 'wobbles' on whether I was going to stay or go in blogland, blogging once again reminded me of why I love this little space here....to record what I have done.......and to remind myself that I have achieved more than I thought I could.

I've had to think long and hard about what direction I've wanted my blog to go in this past year. For a while I guess I wasn't happy with it, hence distancing myself from it. I felt it was becoming more than I wanted it to be. I'm not in it for followers, or to promote myself, lifestyle or any business, and I felt it was sort of going in this direction and I just didn't feel comfortable with that. All in all, I just wanted to record snippets of my life, just for myself......to look back at in years to come....and remember. I'm so much happier making it a little blog just for myself again.

Day to day i'm a mother. Sometimes I feel all I do is rush around being a taxi service, a cook, a washer upper, a laundry maid and anything else I need to be. Sometimes I feel like i've lost myself in the role as 'mum'. Of course, I do LOVE being 'mum', but it's nice to remember what it's like to be 'Vanessa' too at times.

But here......this space.....this post.......it reminds me that I DO actually get to be me. I just sometimes need to come up for air and be shown it.

This last year has been a whirlwind of a year. A lot has happened. I'd really forgotten how much....until I took a few minutes out....and just went through my months of this year slowly in my head. I knew that I had had a crochet hook in my hand for much of the year, but you soon forget what it is you've made.

It's been lovely to have a post where I can just capture it all.....and give myself a little pat on the back. I love to craft. I never really wanted to craft to sell, or make patterns......I just wanted to make some things for myself and my house and be pleased that I could actually do it.

Nothing more.

To record it here in my own little space was just a little something for me......but it's lovely that so many like minded souls want to read what I write and see what I photograph. Thank you so much for having taken the time to visit here and comment. Four years on, and I still feel quite amazed that anyone really wants to pop on over to my little space. I'm scatty and disorganised, shy and always the one standing by the side, but it's always a nice place here to just be me and put down my thoughts and make note of my crafty accomplishments.

I wish my repertoire of crafting skills were more varied. Time simply does not allow. I have yet to feel that crochet can take a back seat in favour of learning and perfecting a new crafty skill. Hopefully one day soon it will.

But for now.....I am happy.....happy to know that this year I have been creative and have introduced some happy pieces into my life and the lives of others......

My quickly whipped up Granny Scarf

My patchwork motif scarf

 I adored making this scarf. The yarn was just the most beautiful yarn ever.

A doily for a blogging chum

A Pot holder for a blogging  chum

And a half finished doily for me!

I learnt to knit and made a simple cabled scarf. I really enjoyed making this, although i'm still a terrible knitter!

The pink was just the perfect pink for me and I was so pleased with how it turned out.

To try and carry on with my knitting skills I made some wrist warmers. I ADORED the Rowan Yarn, just a shame it was discontinued. I would have made a whole lot more in it if I could have.

I put my non existant embroidery skills to the test. I had wanted to make this for SOOOOOO long with Alicia Paulson's Alphabet design. I COULD NOT put this down. It was totally addictive and I have plans for quite a few more!

This brooch made me smile and graces a nice jacket to keep me cheerful.

I loved making this wrap. So simple and I loved the colour.

Again, another make for a friend. I loved making this, although the stitching on it was a bum to do! I'd love to make a few for myself for the prettier garments I have.

This was the possible start of a blanket but I much preferred it as a granny scarf!

My cupboard make over. I loved this design I had on a tea towel, so it was transferred to my pink cabinet. After a bit of bashing about, it looks lived in now!

 My Apple Blossom tea cosy. Made on a whim with no pattern, I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

 A blanket that seemed to take FOREVER to make. It's HUGE, but i'm pleased with it.

I love doilies and these were addictive. They make great placemats.

 This blanket took a while. I struggled with my choice of colours. One minute I liked it, the next not so much. I persevered, and only when I had finished it and put on the pom pom edging I stood back and realised I loved it.

It really is a spirit lifter. Definitely a kaleidoscope of colours.

A blanket made for a Nephew. I loved making this and really loved the palette of colours.

Another blanket made for a new nephew. I LOVED making this blanket and really want to make an adults version in similar colours. 

I fell in love with this shade. A shawl it was to become.

Having an addiction for shawls, this was made. In the softest yarn, it's completely beautiful to snuggle up in. I love this, and OH......MY.......WORD has this been put into GREAT use in the cold weather. The minute you wrap it round you, you feel its warmth and snugness. I've even caught Baby Bear sat on the sofa with it around him (looking very pleased with himself I might add!). I am ever so glad I made this. 

 I loved the 'Portobello' wavy blanket I made for my nephew so much, that I made a start on an adult one for the autumn. It's really lovely to work on. A slow project that I can pick up and work on whilst other whims of projects take my fancy. Hopefully it will be complete for NEXT Autumn!

Another blanket. Using some left over yarn from my ochre shawl I made this based on a design blanket of Dottie Angels.

I enjoyed playing around with this piece. I loved the flower row.

 My Ochre Shawl. Big and beautiful to wrap yourself into. Great for nippy Autumnal walks.

My contribution to Innocent Smoothie Big Knits campaign.

 More Pot Holders. Love making these little gems.

 A really rather rubbish picture but I finally made something with the turquoise yarn. After a HUGE amount of faffing about with what kind of pattern I should use, I actually settled for something completely and utterly simple. A straight forward basic knitted scarf. It occurred to me that perhaps I was actually over thinking it all. Something simple and long to wrap around my neck on a cold day. The colour was so bright and cheery that I didn't want to take away from it. Now I know that I may have made something so much better, but I am really happy and it's completely toasty.

A Scarf in the Making. This was fun, although you can hardly call it a scarf!

My Tam o' Shanter and wrist warmer set. I had a lot of fun making this set and it gets a lot of wear.

I do so love red and pink together.

My pin cushion teacup put a big smile on my face.

I fell head over heels in love with this sparkly yarn for the festive season.

My spur of the moment blanket. I was so happy with my colour choices. I have been working on this during the Christmas week. I have really enjoyed spending time on this project. I like the muted tones. It's soft and inviting. As much as I love vibrance and colour, I do love soft and muted. My family laugh at me as I tend to put anything in life into two categories, hard and scratchy and soft and round. This blanket is soft and round and it pleases me. I hope for it all to be finished by the start of the New Year.

Yvonne's stocking tutorial came at the best time as I was doubting my decision to go with a pink Christmas tree. I thought it would look out of place but these stockings tied it all in perfectly.

I really do love pastels.

I loved this colour SOOOOOOOO much 

...and I loved the pink pom pom SOOOOOOOOO much!

I actually REALLY loved this set, and have been making a lot of use out of it and my 'herb' hat trio.In fact, I loved it so much, that I made myself a scarf and a pair of gloves too. Ooooooooh I cannot tell you how much I love these!

Wow, I really have achieved a fair amount make wise. It feels good. There are still makes started and on the go that haven't been recorded here, so I'm starting the New Year off well! My 'To Do' list is still as long as ever. As I tick one off, another 3 have been added, but it's fun. I like the challenge of something new. Maybe less blanket making in 2014 and a few smaller projects to be tackled. We shall see.....but you know me, always starting on a whim. Plans never go the way I write them down!

I feel happy....and content.

I like what I have made. It makes the corners of my mouth curl up. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. To have made little bits and pieces that I can wear, snuggle up in, and that can be of practical use in my house...what more could I ask for?

 I like that they are not perfect, that each have had a story whilst being made. That I will always remember those stories. Isn't that what hand makes are all about? I like that my Bears will have memories of mum's home made stuff and snuggles under blankets with all the family. I am hoping their memories of childhood will be filled with warmth and colour.

That feeling is priceless. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Yes.......I feel happy.

Standing back and reflecting, I reckon I have done an okay job this year. Plenty more to do, as always......but i'm kinda happy......yes......i'm doing okay.


Let's hope 2014 is a good one with many more crafting projects to come!



  1. Wow, such much creativity and colour!

    Wishing you and yours all the very best for the New Year.


  2. You ve achieved SO much Vanessa and always inspirational. Wishing you a happy new year and i m looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful crochet makes.xxx

  3. Wow, you have made A LOT!! And I like it all!
    Wishing you all the best for 2014!

    Margriet xx

  4. Wow! I am in awe of what you have achieved! I've done more knitting this year than I have for a long time but nothing, nothing on that scale. I have been pleased with what I have made though and that's the main thing isn't it? Happy New Year, Jane x

  5. What a beautiful collection you have made in one year. Simply gorgeous. I am glad you have continued blogging...I always enjoying seeing what you have made.

  6. Oh wow.....such beautiful work ! Your have such an eye for colour and I absolutely love those muted hexies you've been working on- really look forward to seeing the finished blanket.
    You are always such an inspiration to me ....thankyou for such a lovely blog.
    All good wishes for 2014,
    Carole x

  7. I have just started blogging and I hope that at the end of 2014 I have made a lot of beautiful pieces like u! Keep on blogging because you inspire us all! Best wishes and have a happy New Year!

  8. How i love your story and all the pictures.

  9. You are so clever. I particularly loved the tea cup pin cushion and the cloud brooch.
    Absolutely gorgeous.
    On my bucket list....learn to crochet!

  10. So pretty all of the things you make. It does bring a smile to my face to see all of your pretty photos. Happy New Year.

  11. Its amazing is it not to look back and see how it all adds up?....and wow your projects are soooo beautiful....you deserve to be proud of them..very big congrats to you...
    Wishing you more of the same and a fulfilling and contented 2014 to you and yours
    Bestest daisy j xxxx

  12. Your work is exquisite! Everything is eye dropping beautiful - I feel like I am in the middle of a very fancy lady's magazine. I love all the colors you use and your broach? Delightful!!
    Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing more of you!

  13. What a stunning collection of your handmade, hand loved work..you did have one amazing crafty year.
    So glad to see your work.
    Xox happy happy new hear my dear!

  14. Wow you have been busy! I would feel pleased with myself if I'd made just one of these lovely things! You've inspired me to have a go at crochet in the new year! xx

  15. thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding blogging. you do a very fine job of it, and i would personally have been disappointed if you had chosen to not continue. your projects are delightful, and your colours are always just right! your "voice" is pleasant, and a lovely break in the day. may your new year bring you lots of pleasure.

  16. Your beautiful projects this year have been so inspiring Vanessa and I look forward to seeing some more. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2014. Jane x

  17. Oh Vanessa, what a beautiful, beautiful post, and how amazing are you to have made so many beautiful things in the last year.
    I absolutely LOVE your blog, your photo's, your makes and all the gorgeous bursts of colour.
    I think my favourites are the ochre shawl - just totally perfect and the lovely blanket pieces you have been working on over Christmas.
    Many best wishes for the new year - see you in 2014 !
    Kate x

  18. So very lovely and beautiful!!!! Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year!!! xo Holly

  19. When we do and make things to please ourselves, the beauty of it just shines. The love of our craft, our homemaking, our lifestyle and raising our families should never be a competition! I am so glad you are still here. Keep Shining!
    Happiness to you in 2014, penny x

  20. ohhhh♥♥♥♥ so many things, so many very beautiful things!! and you dare starting the embroidery alphabet, i want it for a while also, dare not, but now i read about your enthousiasm, maybe this next year i give myself the things needed for making it!!!

    best wishes, from also a kate bush fan from the netherlands, always glad en happy when i see the moving text in you banner :-), liefsssss, jehanne

  21. Oh wow what a beautiful year you have had surrounded by your special makes. I completely understand your feelings re wanting to blog or not I have had similar wobbles recently with social media in general. So glad you are still blogging though I look forward to your beautiful posts xxx

  22. An extremely impressive list of achievements for the year, and stunningly beautiful photos too. I love the colour combinations that you choose. Wishing you a wonderful 2014.

  23. I loooove all your makes.. and your PRETTY pretty things... I am thankful you are one of those who do blog, even though your intention was only to record for yourself..you have done much more- to inspire others! I love your blog and will continue to read in 2014!

  24. I have no idea when you sleep! Such beautiful creations as always. May 2014 bring much happiness to you and your family xx

  25. Wishing you a beautiful year...I don't comment often but I always wait for your posts and when I see a new one it makes me really happy :) Thank you for all the inspiration you give me day after day! You are very talented and creative and I love to read you too :) Kisses!
    Angie from www.lemondedesucrette.com

  26. I was thrilled to find your lovely blog this year. And I'm in love with that sparkly yarn too. I'm so glad you have decided to stay in blogland and keep recording the beautiful things you make. So much of what you said about being a mum chimed with me. I'm shy and on the sidelines a lot too - but isn't it funny how you can't tell that from a blog? I hope you have a very happy 2014. I'm looking forward to following your creative journey.

  27. Wow - such wonderful, beautiful inspiration! I have been teaching myself (..V..E..R..Y...) slowly how to crochet & knit and have just joined bloglovin - I am so thankful that I have stumbled across your blog - I feel so inspired to learn more and make memories and keepsakes for my children and our family home:-)

    Happy New Year & thank you!

  28. Gosh Vanessa, you SO MUCH! and it's all gorgeous. Thanks for putting it all together in one post for us to enjoy. It's been so inspiring.
    Wishing you and your a happy and healthy 2014
    Jacquie x

  29. Wowee - you made so many gorgeous things. I too love pastel colours.
    Happy New Year

  30. WOWZERS! All absolutely gorgeous, candy for the eyes and the soul
    much love for 2014

  31. I always love the things you make, Vanessa, and your colour choices are always beautiful, both vibrant and muted ones. I so enjoyed this post and your lovely pictures. You have had a very productive year and I am so looking forward to seeing your creative makes in 2014 too :) Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!
    Helen xx

  32. Vanessa, you have created beautiful things this year, Wishing you a wonderful, creative 2014.

  33. Vanessa, you make the most beautiful things and the colors!!!! I have the worst time with colors, eek! So, you are my inspiration :D I didn't even attempt a 2013 retrospective of my finished projects... there weren't very many as I spent a lot of time teaching myself to knit and spin and lots of mixed media classes so not much has been finished. I am working on not being such a perfectionist this new year... I won't even begin to tell you how many projects I ripped out! So here is to an uber creative yarn filled year! :D
    Hugs my friend and Happy New Year,
    Beth P

  34. It was lovely seeing all your makes here together, you have made some truly beautiful items this year. Your blanket in progress is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it when it is complete.

  35. are you kidding me! that's AWESOME!! happy new year xxx

  36. Every last one is beautiful but the best part is how happy it all makes you.

  37. Happy New Year! You've made some gorgeous things, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you decide to do next year. The Rosy Posy blanket, in particular, is just stunning.

  38. Thank you for another wonderful post Vanessa. I'm so glad you do your blog for yourself, I think that it's one of the reasons that makes your blog so appealing to your followers... so genuine and honest.... plus there's the wonderful makes and gorgeous photography, and the lovely way you have with words! A very happy new year to you and your bears :-)

  39. WWWowee that is a very lot of stuff you have made in a year!!! You write a fabulous blog which I very much enjoy reading, I am so pleased you decided to continue. Your gorgeous photographs are an inspiration, and the snippets of family life sound very familiar :0)) Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  40. I am amazed. Simply amazed how much you complete. Beautiful things and such great taste. I don't read many blogs anymore but I keep coming back to this. I have three boys one a baby and work 3/4 days a week but in my tiny amount of free time I get nothing finished. I have so much wool, magazines, books, plans.... but nothing to show for it, I feel so worn down by evening I can't organise myself to do it! I'd love to hear more about your process, I loved your honesty about being a mum of three boys and all that goes with it, it's rare and part of the reason I love your blog! Happy new year x

  41. I look forward to ever new post. Your projects and your photos are just beautiful. Would love to know the patterns to the hanger cover and the two shawls. Please share if possible. You inspire me to slow down, create, and enjoy the simplicity of a latte.

  42. Sei bravissima ti auguro un 2014 pieno di lavori bellissimi come questi! Ciao M.Grazia

  43. Lovely projects, lovely colours....Happy New Year!

  44. Well V, I think it's safe to say that you were reasonably creative in 2013!!! ;-)

    You remain an incredible inspiration and I so look forward to seeing what those magic fingers of yours conjure up in 2014. (No pressure of course!)

    You can't not blog because your incredible gift for photography, colour and crochet needs an outlet. Plus I'd miss you terribly. So there!

    Here's to a beautiful year my lovely friend.


  45. Hi! I just want to say how much i love your crafts, the things you have done. I love the blankets they are so lovely and beautifully made!! I love the colors of your blog and i come here to enjoy them. Thank you!

  46. So, so many beautiful things, you've achieved so much this year and you've done it so well. I'm amazingly inspired!

    S x

  47. Happy New Year Vanessa

    How have you done so many projects. You have achieved sooooo much. I am speachless.... WOW. Fabulous!! I enjoyed every bit of it. Must have given you so much of happiness.

  48. You made so much in the past year Vanessa.....How do you manage with the bears and a husband to take care off :-)? Wishing you and your family all the best for a Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year!


    Madelief x

  49. Wow! I hardly know what to say - so many beautiful makes, in just one year. I've found this post completely inspiring and am determined to have a more creative 2014. Thank you so much Vanessa!
    Happy New Year!
    Jo x

  50. I have only recently found BLOGLOVIN and stumbled across your blog today, I love your work, where do you find the time to make so many very beautiful things?
    Your children will grow up knowing the value and love that has gone into each and every stitch.
    I will now look out for your blogs.
    Thank you

  51. Dear Vanessa! I have followed your blog since I taught myself to chrochet last winter, and I can not tell you enough how big a source of inspiration you are!! I absolutely LOVE everything you make! When reading your blog, it sometimes scares me how totally "in sync" I am with your thoughts and ponderings...I read, I smile, and I think YES, that's exactly how it is...:-)
    I guess we all have "twin-souls" out there, and here in Blogland I have found so many wonderful, crafty women I can relate to, both on the personal and the creative level. Anyway, I just wanted to leave a comment (for the first time ever - new as I am in Blogland....;-) to thank you for being such an inspiring person and to wish you and your family a wonderful and Happy New Year!! May it be filled with lots of love and colours, and may you continue with you little blog; mostly for yourself, but also for the joy of all us out here who follow you. From the bottom of my heart: thank you for sharing all this beauty :-)

    PS: I also started a little blog of my own this summer, and I have mentioned you as my inspiration on quite a few of my blog posts. I'm still very much an amateur on both blogging, photography (!) and crocheting, but I'm getting there:-)

  52. your crochet is beautiful, you choose the nicest colours. I love your blog and I am so glad you've carried on!

  53. I'm glad that you didn't stop blogging and that you figured out exactly what you wanted from it :) I adore your cloud broach, it's just the most adorable thing! I'm sorely tempted to make one now. I wonder where my felt is?

  54. Your work is adorable and I have missed you so much on IG ... but I am back in blogland for 2014 and I will be popping in regularly to get my hooky fix! Heather xxx

  55. I've only just realised you've recommenced blogging, I am so pleased! Those muted hexagons are utterly gorgeous. Now to read back through the posts I've missed!

  56. I just adore your blog!! <3 LOVE the items you made, the colors make me just so happy. I too love to crochet, am now working on *pimping* an old lampshade and like how it is turning out :) A lot of best wishes for the new year and please keep on blogging and showing us the onderful items you make :)


  57. Mind blowing beauty fullness. Thought that word summed up the visual treats. Loads here I'd love to make especially your wraps, love the golden coloured yarn. As always I find myself yearning for the yarns you use as they look so soft or the colours just right. Love to know what they are you know.
    Happy new year too Vanessa.

  58. Simply beautiful x

  59. Oh my....you have a stunning blog, and it was so refreshing to visit here today, I also shared just the name of your blog and how to get here with my FB friends that are always looking for inspiration....no photos, I respect your wishes....just the address, and I do hope they enjoy your blog as much as I enjoyed my visit here today.....respectfully, Sandy

  60. Wow--love it. Is there a pattern for the dottie angel one?

  61. Hello,
    I am not sure if you will notice late messages to much earlier bloggs. I love your blog, your crafting is so beutiful. I look forward to reading each one, thank you. Love the pot holder for a blogging chum.
    Best wishes

  62. I am not sure if you read late comments to much earlier blogs but I really love reading your blogs, your crafting is beautiful. Particularly like the pot holder for a blogging chum in this posting.
    Best wishes


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