Monday, 9 December 2013

My Bear........

My Eldest Bear.

My Love

Turns a year older this month

So premature and weighing a mere 2 1/2 than me....

...and making me proud beyond belief.

My heart aches with love.



  1. Happy Birthday to your Bear!!! I absolutely understand your feelings!!!! I still cry with every birthday and they are now 21 & 22 years old!!! Luckily they still live at home with us and I count my blessings every single day!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

    1. Isn't it funny, how, when your children are so little, every one tells you how fast it all goes......and i'm not sure, that anyone at that time really believes it. But suddenly, the teenage years come, and you think, 'Wow, how did that happen?'! It seems I have whooshed form a teeny baby in an incubator to a boy bigger than me in not time at all!

  2. Happy birthday to your biggest bear! Our babies ..... our biggest treasure x
    love jooles xxx

  3. Loving you post! It was comments like this that gave me hope when my wee boy arrived way too early! Thanks for sharing x

  4. Ahh, happy birthday to him. I know exactly what you mean, my tiny 3lb 32week bundle, who was rushed back into hospital just 5 days after we got him home (and was revived twice in the ambulance!!), is now a fit, strapping 6 foot tall 14 year old!

  5. Does he pat you on top of the head? My son does!

    Hope he has a super birthday. xxx

  6. Happy birthday to your bear this week. Hope all his birthday wishes come true.
    Jane x

  7. Happy birthday eldest girls pat me on the head, not so hard being only 4' 11".
    Beautiful photo :)
    Karen x

  8. He'll always be your 'Big' Little Bear, tho! My youngest is still my baby bear despite being 6' 4" tall and 24 years old. We took a photo last Christmas of me between our boys and they're both resting their elbows on my head, with ease! I still feel very much part of what they're up to and if there's ever a crisis, then they act just the same as when they were little, and appreciate some home comfort and love. Daughters - well, that's another whole story!

  9. Happy Birthday to him
    Clare x

  10. Happy birthday to your little/big boy. A beautiful photo.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! and thanks for sharing these best moments on you life...
    I hope you have too a nice day. Kisses from Catalonia!

  12. Happy birthday to your son. Mine had a rough start too (well, both of mine did, unfortunately), so it's wonderful to see yours doing so well and grown up very healthy.

  13. How wonderful - Happy Birthday to your Big Bear - he has grown so tall! Joy x

  14. My big one turned 18....ahhhh where does the time go! Happy Blessed Birthday! Heidi

  15. What an incredible story. Happy Birthday to your little/big one.

  16. Happy Birthday to your dear eldest bear.....such a heartwarming story.
    Helen xx

  17. Oh gosh, I feel a bit teary too! Happy birthday to your big bear xxx

  18. I so know what you mean ..... I am finding the Sweetpeas growing up rather hard, I really don't want them to but am so proud at how they are growing into lovely people with minds of their own. I so wish I could halt time, just for a few years :-)

  19. Oh my... Our little one seemed a teeny three pounds when he was born - I can only imagine how small your baby must have been. And now oh so tall! Do hope you all had a special birthday...


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