Monday, 13 May 2013

An 'In-betweener'........

I made it my mission to get a post in this morning. The above picture is a snippet from my Instagram feed. It's of life, day to day, when I am not able to get the time to sit and do a detailed blog post.

My current wip blanket is taking FOREVER

I'm not convinced of my colour choices either. I'm hoping that when it is finished and I can look at it in all its glory, I might feel differently. I'm hoping so. 700 squares done and 452 left to do plus a border. It certainly is bigger than planned.....we shall see. I'm looking at it with the view to it being a car blanket, although, it's been really rather snuggly working on it in the evenings when it's a little bit chilly. But if it's intended just for car use, then I don't think i'll be that precious about it not turning out exactly as I would have hoped.

So........ an 'in-betweener' was made. Just to keep the old crochet happiness levels high.

And, as if I needed another shawl, I make another one

It was quick to whip up, and as well as a shawl style you could wear it as a wrap around scarf also. Boy, I like versatile!


My Bears were less impressed with it, but, ahem, let's skip over that! (They are at the age where I am an embarrassment to them!)

I adore the colour. It is Sirdar Country Style in shade 0389. It's sort of a seafoam colour. It took 4 50g balls, although the pattern I'm sure said I needed 5. The pattern was from Nicki Trench's New crochet book 'Crochet Living'.

And, if you've been reading this blog long enough, you know that if I like something, I go overboard and make a load! I'm thinking an ivory one would be nice.......a biscuit shade would be useful.....raspberry, deep rouge, slate grey..........ohhhhhh the possibilites!

I'll maybe leave it at just one for now and get back to the forever blanket!

It has been mega busy here in the land of Coco Rose. My postings have been few and far between. Eeeeek. I really need to rectify that. I need to juggle better! ha ha!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to pop on over to my little space and have a read. I know all too well how precious time is.

Cheerio for now lovely people