Monday, 27 January 2014


I am trying to fight it hard.

I have come to realise that I am one of those people who simply cannot sew in ends as they go along. I have an idea, I want it finished. Simple as that. I know that if I try to be a good girl and sew in as I go along, I would lose the will to live and no project would ever get finished. I resign myself to the fact that at the end of all the motif making and the putting together, I have a few days (possibly a week if a mega blanket) of sewing in ends. I don't mind this so much. I know it fills many with dread. A few evenings with a project sat on my lap, just methodically sewing in as I half gaze at something on the box. I can do that. Yes, I can totally do that.

I'm not sure why the latest blanket is taking so long. I cannot buckle down. I'm loving it put together, and I know I will love it more when the very last end is sewn in. So why is it so difficult to get it finished. I'm 3/4 there, but I can only seem to manage 15 minutes at a time without needing to get on with something else. I'm dying of boredom this time round. Strange, as I usually am all excited at this stage. And it's not as if i'm not loving it either. I don't know what's got into me.

So, as I could have got it finished and all tickety boo by the end of the weekend, it still stares at me.....and frowns. I just had to escape it and start something else. Something i've had visions of for a while.  Trouble is, i'm bored with that too. I think it'll be okay when it's done....well i'm hoping so. I'm looking forward to the embellisment........but it looks mega boring at the moment...... and i'm mega bored doing it. Actually, it looks even more boring seeing it in the above image. 


I just hope it will transform form an ugly duckling into a half decent swan. I really need sticking power, with both of these projects. 

I'm hoping this phase of boredom will soon pass.



  1. Oh, I recognise your feelings. I often start with a project without finishing it. But I don't think your crochet blanket is boring at all, I think these are sooting colors. Maybe you can crochet a few flowers for some color but even without it's a nice blanket.
    Margriet xx

  2. Part of it may be the time of year. We are coming off a holiday high to be sure. My creative energy comes and goes at this time of year and it usually does not correspond with my schedule. I feel like jumping in when the teacher to do list is long then feel too tired after the have to dos to be creative. Then, there is the weather. :) I actually smiled this morning when I noticed some snow in the forecast next week....hoping for a snow day to curl up by the fire and, well, grade, but also be creative. Weaving in the ends is an ongoing process for me. I like the feeling of accomplishment as I move along through my crochet. It is sort of like what I tell my students - you need to know yourself. Your blog is simply lovely. ~Kelly

  3. :D, same problem with me:). When it's really bad, I just leave it as if I would ever finish it.... Never happened:). Wish you strength, it took so much time, energy and yarn.... I believe in you:)
    It's gonna be fabolous!

  4. Perhaps leave it be for a spell, and approach it with renewed energy when you feel ready! It will turn out beautifully, believe it :)
    Pat ~ sunshine and a sewing basket ~ South Africa xxx

  5. maybe you can start designing the embellishment you'll add to your blanket when completed! This could be a good kick to your boredom and a good motivation to finish your lovely blanket-to-be!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  6. I always tell my husband to give me some 'weaving in ends gnomes' for my bday. So after I finish a crochet project the ends will magically dissapear overnight. Weaving in ends is enough to send any crafter over the edge!

  7. I have said more than once, "They can put a man on the moon, but they can't invent a tool to weave in ends!" Priorities, people! No wonder you are bored - that's the worst part of the project! The fact that it's January doesn't you have a completely new and different project on the horizon? Perhaps if you had something new to look forward to, like a new embroidery project, or something with polymer clay, I'm talking something completely new, you'd be recharged enough to work more on this one...barring that, bribery always is an incentive for me, so find yourself something yummy in the new Cath Kidston catalog! Chrissie xxx

  8. I'm with you shen it comes to sewing in the ends. I am always far too busy (and enjoying myself) crocheting, to stop and sen the ends in as I go. I always think it'll be just fine to do it at the end. Usually it is (depending on the size of the whole thing, of course), but at times I have despaired, and wished I had done something about it as I crocheted along. Yet I never do!

    Good luck with the ends. And looking forward to seeing more of your new project.


  9. I think it's just how it is...sometimes we get bored with it all. Here's boredom for ya. I'm living in one room (I'm calling it a studio!) with my Shug (Husband) and my dog (boy dog with a girl name!). 600 Square feet. We are building our own home...above us. It's crazy. And we've had snow, Snow, SNOW! My cousin works at a school and she has only worked 8 days since DEC 20 because of weather! I made a decision to choose to be happy. I hope I can do it! You should try it. I got a little tinge of excitement inside my heart when I decided to do it. You post a picture a day of something that makes you happy. 100 days of happy! (it's on my blog) It's gonna be fun. You could always weave one end in a day. Then maybe in 100 days, you'll be done! And it'll be a happy day!

    Cindy Bee

  10. Hello Vanessa
    That is so funny because that is exactly where I am with my blanket at the moment, and I am resolutely trying not to get distracted on to anything else until I am done with all the ends ! Like you, I just want it done.
    Keep going, it'll be worth it on the end.
    Kate x

  11. Oh dear .... Oh dear...poor you.....!
    I was dreadfully bored until I was forced to put down my hook due to elbow pain from crocheting can you believe it?
    Now I am of course dying of boredom AND frustration at not being able to hook when I want to...blah blah blah..
    hope it goes away soon for you...bestest Daisy

  12. Vanessa, your blog motivated me to try crocheting again after 30 years. I love it! I could not stand the thought of weaving in all those ends for my granny square afghan so I learned how to crochet them in as I go. It's nice when you have 8 ends per granny square. Here's a tutorial I found that tells you how:

  13. I completely relate making granny squares earlier I was thinking I really must sew the end in, if I do it at the end of each week it won't be so bad, but I probably won't it be left till the end, good luck with you're blanket your nearly there.
    Clare x

  14. Oh no V, now that's where you're wrong - you see, I think your blanket looks absolutely gorgeous. Just my cup of tea. I remain an advocate for sewing in ends as I go along, I really couldn't cope with having to do it afterwards, I honestly think I'd go bonkers. If you're three quarters through, grit your teeth girl, you're so nearly finished.


  15. I know the feeling, my granny squares are on the bottom of my yarn basket, my goal was to do one each day, but, no, forget it… good luck and have a magic week!

  16. It's quite refreshing hearing someone else say the same as I feel....i teach crochet all the time in amongst my sewing and love it but when I get home I feel so differently.
    I start eagerly with a smile and then twenty minutes in I feel fed up! I've come to the conclusion that I need to try a different stitch to keep my mind who knows I may get my project finished to?

    Have a lovely time relaxing with your yarn though....enjoy :)
    Tilly x

  17. I'm making a crochet and cross stitch cushion and it's driving me bananas. It's not growing! I just want it done now. Especially as I can't quite envisage how I'm going to actually turn it in to a cushion.

  18. Hi Vanessa, I do a little crochet and knitting, but mostly quilting, and I find that for me sewing/hooky/creativity comes in cycles - for a couple of months or so I really get into it all and love it, and then for several weeks or so, I either find it something I have to push myself to do, am completely bored by it, or just lose interest for awhile entirely. I used to really fight it, but have now accepted that this is a cycle that just naturally occurs for me. And in accepting it, I find I get my 'mojo' back a lot quicker than when I did fight it. Sometimes maybe we all just need to do something else for awhile, and sooner, rather than later, we are ready to go on with it. Anyway, hope your 'mojo' returns very soon! x

  19. I always have several projects on the go, for just this reason. x

  20. Hi Vanessa, like Tania I also find creativity is cyclic and I use to fight it and feel guilty if I lost interest in something. I'm a knitter mostly (at the moment!)... at other times it might be drawing, spinning, gardening, preserving... As long as I am being creative in some way I am mostly happy. I find it helps if I have one or two small projects on the go alongside a larger project. I confess that I do have a shelf of unfinished projects and most of them are from a long time ago - er hum, about 20 to 30 years!
    Your blanket is lovely :-) xx

  21. This weather.....who can get into anything, I ask you. Lovely colors. I await its finish.

  22. I'm sure it will pass, infact I can say from experience that it ought to! I have definitely been there, not being particularly motivated or excited by a project. Unless you have a deadline I'd say stop & do something completely different for a bit


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