Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In Amongst The Chaos......

The sun is shining briefly after a shaky start.

I have a playlist on to keep my spirits up. It was a choice of calming and soothing or upbeat and jump about crazily. I surprised myself and went for upbeat. Jumping about in amongst crockery stacks to sort my washing......looking like a right old idiot. Paint on my hands, paint flecks on my face and hair....and no matter how hard I try.....polly filler blobs on counter tops.

The chaos of my life at the moment should call for soothing music and calm moments (remember those New Age whale tapes you used to get? I should be playing those), but, the sun is out, and when that baby shines, it makes me feel productive. Grey clouds and rain make me want to hibernate. I always feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon when the sun dares to grace us with its presence.

My house is a T....I....P

It's laughable. I have to laugh or i'll cry! Just another couple of weeks and I should begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So just.........B-R-E-A-T-H-E

Not known for my organisational skills, I haven't planned well. Cups, plate stacks, pots and pans are scattered here, there and everywhere.

The Bears are fed up. Fed up with trying to find things to put their food on. I keep moving it all too, just to make it all the more annoying for them.

Painting, sanding, and coming up against hurdle after hurdle. It should have been so simple for a teeny tiny kitchen. Huh, who was I kidding!

Oh well.......

To keep calm I have been working on the above bit of knitting. Having a slightly unhealthy love affair with moss stitch, and seeing a rather gorgeously inspiring piccy on Pinterest, the above was born. 

Once again, being bored to death with it. I thought it was a good bit of plain practice. My speed is getting up there and my tension is better and more consistent......but it feels like i'm getting NOWHERE! Grrrrrrrr, boy, do I LOVE the speed of crochet. I fear this may be a MAJOR drawback in the whole getting to grips with knitting thing. Really not known for my patience, i'm going to really have to push through this boredom factor.

However.......I will be in love with the above project when it is finished.......I JUST KNOW IT. I've already got my threads picked out and some fabric in mind too to finish it off. It might just be finished next year though.

So.....in the meantime......

Flowers.....well....because i'm feeling stressed. 

A great stress reliever for sure.

Colour.....because I need it.

The glow of some early morning sun. It fills me with immense joy.

Apricot and aqua. A combination I LOVE

And Hyacinths, because I simply cannot get enough of them.

Right......I hear the spin of the washing machine end.......cue more stupid dancing....



  1. Oh poor you Vanessa, I'm sure it'll all be back to as it should be soon. I actually think that the kitchen is the one room that causes most upheaval when it is out of the action, but also the best room in the whole house too when all is going smoothly !
    Keep on knitting and dancing and all will be well ♥
    Kate x

  2. keep the blinkers on, eyes firmly fixed on crochet or knitting and smell the hyacinths! And by the time we get real Spring your kitchen will be peachy and perfect.

  3. Keep dancing ..... keep thinking happy thoughts ..... keep sniffing those pretty hyacinths ..... keep knitting moss stitch ..... and one day very VERY soon you will have a shiny new kitchen to pretty up!
    My plans just feel like they are NEVER going to move forward at the moment ..... still ..... one day!
    love Jooles x x x

  4. It's hard to focus when there's upheaval, but hang on in there Vanessa, all will be well and you'll be smiling from ear to ear when your kitchen is finished and everything's in its place. I love moss stitch and yours looks lovely, but I agree it is a bit fiddly and time-consuming with all that purl/plain/purl/plain business! Have a good week.
    Jane x

  5. The chaos in between always makes me crazy but the satisfaction I get when every thing is clean and in its new home makes up for it.

  6. Fabulous pictures, I too can't get enough of hyacinths, have been buying them instead of flowers. Kitchens are awful rooms to do I am lost if I can't get in mine, but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. I feel the same about moss stitch, It's lovely, such wonderful texture, but really hard to get it to grow quickly. I hope your kitchen work is all done soon and you can get organised. In the meantime, keep dancing.

  8. Oooo, moss stitch, I love it, too, if only there was a way to do a Crazy Happy Dance while knitting...hang in there with the chaos, at least your piles are *pretty*! Chrissie x

  9. Moss stitch is my favourite to, one foot in foot of the other you'll get there just keep dancing Clare x

  10. Do you know how much I love your blog, every photo, every item you make, every piece of china, they are all beautiful. You make my day happy when it starts with a post from you.
    Thank you,

  11. Enjoyed your post-especially the extreme closeups of flowers-simply dazzling.

    XX Veenita Dar

  12. I can so relate to the never-ending chores and also the frustration that knitting is slower than crocheting. I love the speed of crochet. I am more comfortable knitting garments than crocheting, though. Thank you for your lovely pictures. They brightened my day. :)

  13. Beautiful photos, I have tried to knit as my mum is very good,well its nasty stuff... can't get past the first row before I have had enough. Give me crocheting any day.

  14. I admire than you can survive in the chaos and still be upbeat. I crave organization, it sweeps the cobwebs from my mind, but when I get lazy, I have that cross to bear.

    Good luck with your pretty knitted piece and your kitchen project.


  15. I feel your pain, its hard to feel upbeat with a mess about you....I'm afraid I like tidyness, but find it a daily struggle to be better organised, some parts of my house are a mess of flaking paint and falling plaster and I have to just try and avert my eyes and scoot through with a brush on a regular basis, oh and not look up at the bits that are going to fall down as I walk out the door!

    I started out as a crocheter and I love the speed and the safeness of crochet, no discovering a dropped stitch five rows down and having that sinking feeling. But I love the fabric that knitting makes, so I am always drawn to it, possibly now more than crochet, which I thought I would never say! One thing that revolutionised my knitting was teaching my self to knit continental style which wasn't difficult as it felt more natural in my crocheting hands. It certainly makes moss stitch easier (isn't it lovely) as you're not constantly throwing the yarn. Looking forward to seeing what you're doing!

  16. Oooo, pretty moss stitch to see you through this chaotic time. I was so inclined to sort and sort and clean while the sun shone. But today is grey again and all I want to do is curl up and knit...

  17. Aww, if it helps since we moved into our house in December we've been upto out eyeballs in DIY every spare minute, but we're nearly done! It was the dust that got to me, just everywhere! If you can get organised you'll feel loads better, but just keep thinking about the finished thing and how lovely it will be - you *will* get there :-D

  18. I have just discovered your beautiful blog Vanessa. I am in love with your colours and your posts, and most of all your gorgeous crochet projects. The 2013 round up of your makes for the year in inspiring. I have crocheted off and on all my life, I picked up my hook again in November last year to make a hat for a friend going through chemo, and have been unstoppable. I have given away everything I have made since... hats, scarves, little sketching gloves, headbands for the girls, and now I think it is time to make something for me :) Thanks so very much for the inspiration, I can't wait to go shopping for more yarn/wool (because there is not quite the right kind in my stash, don't you always need more yarn??) :) p.s. good luck with your kitchen - it will all be over soon, and the calm of crochet can return to your life.


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