Friday, 25 April 2014

A Break.....

My treat for the day.

It's dark and's wet.....and it's miserable.

I have completed a mountain of chores (all of which won't be recognised or appreciated I might add), so my treat is an espresso, a couple of books and a few minutes with my ripple.

Then.....I'm ready to rock and roll again.....



  1. Spooky. I'm just about to do the same.

    Have a super weekend lovely. xxx

  2. Sounds the perfect pick me up after a morning of chores, but I don't think I would have the self-discipline to get up and get on again after a short while with such temptations as books and crochet......and it is wet and dull......methinks I'd abandon all other chores for an afternoon of playing hooky with my hook!
    Have a good weekend Vanessa!
    Gill xx

  3. Enjoy your sweet moment for and joy to fill your weekend.xox

  4. Well great minds think alike...I'm reading this with yarn in my lap, hot cuppa at my side, having finished the last mountain of laundry from our holiday. Rainy days and crochet hooks are a perfect pair! Enjoy your quiet moments, Chrissie x

  5. Sometimes you just have to tell that mountain of chores that you will climb it later.

    Enjoy your relaxation.

  6. Enjoy that precious moment!
    (I see a glimpse of a gorgeous ripple there, lovely...)
    Have a good weekend, Haafner

  7. Sometimes you just need a little crafty break from the mountain of chores, and a bit of rippling is the perfect way to do it! I always love seeing what you are crocheting, Vanessa! I hope you have a lovely weekend and the sun comes out is pouring with rain here too at the moment.
    Helen xox

  8. Good for you Vanessa, it sounds like a well deserved break. Hope the ripple is coming along nicely and have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  9. You are so right - today was extremely miserable! It never really got light. I'm looking forward to a bit of hooking this evening, once I've closed the curtains and snuggled down on the sofa! Have a fab weekend. Jane x

  10. Looks like a perfect break for a rainy day :)

  11. Me siento totalmente identificada con lo que has escrito.
    te contaré que me siento igual... casi siempre
    lo bueno es que siempre hay un nuevo día...
    un abrazo a la distancia

  12. Wonderful. It is very well deserved. I always think I'll have a sit down for a moment when I've just done one more thing, and of course the moment never happens. Must try harder!

  13. Oh yeah!!!!! ;oD
    happy weekend, xxxxxx Ale

  14. It is during this kind of moments that can truly energize ones spirit :) mari

  15. Hi there, just catching up. Hope that you enjoyed your little break and that your work was noticed and appreciated. Hope that you are having a good weekend and finding some time for yourself. xx

  16. Way to go girl! That sounds like the same tunes I'm playing. Enjoy and slurp your Espresso slooooowly.

  17. I love that blue and white cup! I want a sip of whatever is in this charming piece. Don't you find that sweet breaks are so much more fulfilling when you're using a favorite things? My advice .... take lots and lots of breaks. Life is so short .... as you age you'll remember the pleasure of the breaks and another 20 minutes postponing the laundry or whatever won't matter to anyone. Susie


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