Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Trip.....

In August we had some time away.

It was a really nice getaway.

Lots of lovely sights.

Nature's beauty.

Looks exotic.

It was Cornwall.

This was at the Eden Project. 

The humid and arid biomes.

Just beautiful.

A lovely place to visit. I do love to see all the tropical plants and the beautiful grounds, but if you don't go really early in the summer, then it's not worth going at all.

There were 19 family members together on this holiday. It was a huge amount of fun. The Bears LOVED IT. 

The house that we stayed in was right opposite a pretty village church......with bells! There were two weddings one day, so many of us sat outside with drinks in hand, prime view, watching people arrive and seeing the excitement of the day unfold for them. The bells rang for what seemed like most of the day. OH MY WORD, I just LOVED IT. I did not want to go anywhere, just sit and listen to the bells ringing.

I think I have said before just how much I love the sound of Church Bells.

I think the whole village had turned out to watch each brides arrival. I absolutely loved the Vicar, about half an hour before the first guests started to arrive.......standing outside with his take away coffee and shorts with his dog collar on....just chillin'. It tickled me.

Pretty flowers, heavenly church bells, pretty cars, and gorgeous dresses. It was lovely to sit and soak up the happy vibe.

The second bride.....I ADORED her dress. She looked utterly gorgeous.

Isn't it just so pretty? Just simple and oh so elegant. The Vicar still had his shorts and sandals underneath, he gave the gathering audience a quick flash!


We managed to fit in beach time

It's always pyramids that are built, never old school sandcastles for some reason.

The sea was awesome....but choppy

I love this pic of my S-I-L

And I love this one of stripey boys admiring their handiwork!

Clear blue skies in amongst brief squalls.

Sights to make you smile.

And buildings to make your heart sing.

I loved this little building so much. It had the prettiest lace in the windows....and I loved the grey blue of the paint. Picture perfect for me.

And in the evenings this was the sight from our window, which I just ADORED. A perfect golden glow.

To me, just the most wonderful sight.

So a fab time was had. 



  1. Memories are made of this! What a super holiday. Hope you're back feeling suitably rested and restored. Hugs x

  2. What a lovely holiday as such beautiful pictures. I agree that the bride's dress is simply stunning! I'm impressed with your boys' pyramids - a great alternative to castles! Your final photo is pretty much our daily view from the front of our house - we live opposite the church in our village and it is floodlit at night - I never tire of the view :)

  3. Hello! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos! I always wanted to go to see the Eden Project, but so far have not managed it (now I live in Belgium). Hopefully I will get there one day, it looks amazing! :)
    Enjoy your week ahead!
    Ingrid xx

  4. Gorgeous photos. It sounds as though you had a fantastic time; must try a pyramidal sand castle next time we're at the beach! Church bells are one of my favourite sounds too. x

  5. Love the ring bells. And your photos, as always... looooooove!
    It was a loooovely place!
    thanks for sharring!

  6. I was just talking to my other half about how much I love church bells last night, while we watched a programme about John Betjeman, who also loved church bells. How wonderful to live (or stay) by a church. You're right about that dress, it's perfection. CJ xx

  7. That all sounds absolutely perfect.

  8. I recognised the photos of the Eden Project - we visited a few years ago. it's a great place to go to. I'm sure you enjoyed those weddings! A bit of people watching, plenty to see and enjoy. The vicar is a hoot! Imagine wearing his shorts for the wedding!

  9. … just beautiful!!!!
    thank you, xxxxxxx ale

  10. What a great break away, such amazing photographs, you have captured the essence of bliss.

  11. Indeed, instant happiness to see these pretty colors.. and captured so well. thanx!

  12. Beautiful photo's I love Cornwall. I was there myself in August staying in our lovely vintage caravan Bertie we have just transformed. It is indeed a beautiful and tranquil part of the country and I love it. dee x

  13. Oh it all looks so lovely, there's nothing better than a little bit of people watching is there ?
    Kate x

  14. How gorgeous! I appreciate Cornwall more and more the longer I am away. Eleanor xx

  15. just soooo LOVELY... especially your 3 bears in stripes on the beach~ adorable xxxx love eden x

  16. Ahhhh. Thank you for sharing that wonderful trip with us. The Eden project would have been awesome on it's own. Then, there's the beautiful beach, the village of Cornwall, the lovely weddings with the Vicar-in-shorts, and the beautiful old buildings to gaze at. How did you know my husband and I dream of visiting there someday? ;)

  17. Oh this post was so much fun to look through and read! Just wonderful. I'm never disappointed here. Glad you had some time away. Looks like a wonderful trip!

  18. We really are blessed with the places we have to holiday in this country. I loved Cornwall, more than I thought I would which is even better. I'm so pleased you all had such a great time x x x x

  19. It sounds like a beautiful place to spend some time away with your family.

  20. Lovely, summery photographs! And the Eden project pics are beautiful... we visited in 2001 - on our honeymoon - and I think it may have only recently opened as whilst impressive the planting looked like it needed to spread a little! We keep thinking we must go again!

  21. You really did have a great time didn't you. I love the sand pyramids, far more interesting than the usual upturned bucket sandcastles!! xx

  22. hello beautiful, ahhh love your photos, you are so talented, so in awe of you my friend, only photo I like of myself! heheeh, thats because you can't see my face! :) loved the holiday, loved Cornwall, can't wait to go again with you, xxx

  23. We are lucky enough to have a ringing, dinging church in our village, I LOVE it when they practice bell ringing on Friday nights ..... the sound of it is so calming for some reason. Looks like you had a fab time, I really want to visit cornwall one day x

  24. Glad you've had a super summer. We've escaped to Cornwall this week, on a whim and a last minute deal. It's bliss. I love church bells too, especially the Cathedral bells in Winchester. Looks like the Eden project is worth a visit - we went years ago when it was quite newly set up. Not this week though - this week is for serious chilling, and some patchwork on the sunny patio! Enjoy the start of term.

  25. aww.... As soon as I saw the first few photos of your post I relived the moment we visited the Eden Project this past July, what a great place and initiative, isn't it? We spent a week in Cornwall and absolutely loved it... It was the first time for us and a truly special one. the Barbara Hepworth gallery was another of my highlights!! Thanks for posting such lovely images.... Enjoy the week....it's good to get back to the routine, isn't it? Pati x

  26. Cornwall's fab isn't it... I was at uni in Falmouth when they were building the Eden project, and we had a class trip there when only one structure was up, just a frame of a biome. We had hard hats and hi vis vests to go down there. It was just a big muddy hole! That was in 2000, and I love returning there to see how it's grown and changed.

  27. Lovely photo's of your bears and the beautiful Cornish coast and countryside. Happy to hear you had a good time!

    Madelief x

  28. What a nice trip and what a mix of flowers.
    The white and the blue in flowers.. so beautiful.
    A really beautiful place to go.

  29. Hello,
    pictures perfect!
    in love,


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