Friday, 3 October 2014

Loving This Week......

My cowl. I seriously love it. Rubbish picture. Sorry. The Bears were not in the mood to take pics, so rubbish selfie alert. Mega love it though.

Why am I so late to the party? Facial oil. Neat at night....a drop mixed in with moisturiser in the mornings. My skin saviour.

Love Garlic. I'm sure no one else appreciates it quite so much in my family, but cooking with garlic is my ultimate cooking JOY.

Dewy cobwebs. LOVE....LOVE.....LOVE.....

Another three staples. I can eat toms' like they are sweets from a jar. Sitting outside in the midday sun. The scent of the vines and being lulled into thinking it's still summer. Heaven. I mean it's OCTOBER! 

There is sUn. 
There is WarMth. 
No coats.
I'm still in flimsy clothes and flip flops.
Thank you sweet Autumn.

A firm favourite here. Waiting for the Bears' to arrive.

Being Inspired.

...Salt.  I'm a sucker for cute and unusual. Blue Persian? Pink Himalayan? Who knew?

That's this week. The blanket is slowly coming together, but it's been a busy week with my attentions focused on other things. I haven't progressed as far as I would have liked. No worries. All in good time.

Have a super weekend all



  1. I love the soft colours of your cowl - and it's name! I work at Winchester Cathedral so know the view you enjoyed well! And I can guess where you bought the wool too - one of my favourite lunchtime haunts!
    When the autumn weather finally starts to cool I'm sure your cowl will be lovely and warm to wear. Thankyou for sharing.
    Kind regards

  2. Ha ha yes Tina, you are right! I can spend a good couple of hours in there!!!!!!! x

  3. Hello lovely V :o)
    Beautiful snuggly looking cowl, it will be so cosy when the weather turns.
    Your cobweb photos are fab and yes 'who knew' about those pretty bottles of salt!
    Wishing you a happy happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  4. Love your soft cowl ! Have a lovely week end too !

  5. Beautiful cowl - I love the colours, the pattern and the edging. I've just finished a ripple blanket and have some yarn left over - I can feel a cowl coming on! x

  6. Hi Vanessa!
    Thanks for the sweet pics with the cowl, it looks lovely on! :)
    Dreamy photos.. <3
    Happy weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  7. What a unique and beautiful cowl! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Oh lovely post, I use Oil every evening. I have been using the Balance Me Rose Otto oil over the top of Estee Lauder's ANR, working wonders for my skin. I have some lovely chunky wool and think I need another cowl in my life but can't find a pattern I like yet, I did pop to the shop earlier and picked up 2 balls of lovely Mutli-coloured wool, thinking long wristies for when the colder spells arrive. I feel the same as you, I'm still so hot during the day, if it wasn't for my age I swear I was going through the menopause lol! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  9. So many wonderful happies, loving the colours and the Cowl, and that patterm from Simply Crochet are going to make it? Still waiting for my tomatos to turn red despite all the sunshine, they are a Italian Plum ones I'm thinking this English sunshine is just not strong enough for them.
    Clare x

  10. Have a wonderful weekend too the cowl is a real delight and such beautiful colours.

  11. Love the cowl, pretty colours

  12. Perfect, your cowl is super! And you!

  13. Love the salts! I couldn't resist the red and black salts as well as the pink one. And the cowl is lovely as well!

  14. I love your spiders web photos, they are stunning! xx

  15. When David Beckam played in Spain Victoria said this country smell like garlic. I don't think so myself, but it could be because I live here. She implied we use garlic everywhere, but I didn't know it wasn't so everywhere else. Why put salt in everything & not garlic? It adds flavour & is great for health, one of the reasons of the mediterranean diet being the best. So, don't find yourself weird for using garlic & try this easy for b-fast or as a snack: toast a slice of bread, rub it with a garlic then with a tomato, and then add olive oil. You'll love it.
    Love the neck warmer (as everithing you make)

  16. Love your photos. I'm loving a bit of refreshing rain here today but keeping everything crossed that it'll be dry for the Retro market in Winchester tomorrow. Not quite cold enough for my new Shetland wool shawl but it looks like it's time for a warm fleece and socks at last! It has, indeed, been a wonderful Autumn so far.

  17. Oh, Vanessa! another wonderful work! Which scarf so beautiful!
    And I was glad to see Lolita Lempika! is my perfume for over 10 years! Hahahahaha!
    Have a nice day! Kisses from Ctalaunya!

  18. beautiful cobwebs and cowl!....vitamin E is the way to go. I have been using it for about 16 years, after I discovered it for stretch marks! I only use it after a bath or shower, it's lovely on damp skin. I don't use anything else either. X

  19. Your cowl is really beautiful. A very special combination of colours. Wonderful... And funny, I also felt immediately inspired by the jacket pattern in 'simply crochet'. It will be one of my next bigger projects. Have a wonderful weekend, Viola

  20. I'm the same way with tomatoes. We just came home from an outdoor growers' market and we bought two different kinds. I've been gorging on them all morning!

  21. Lovely cowl, I know what you mean about no-one wanting to take photos of you. Mine say they will, and then the lens mysteriously points in a different direction. I've been smelling the tomato vines from the garden this week as well, I love the scent of them and I eat a tomato every day. I use Rio Rosa Mosqueta oil on my face, I wouldn't want to be without it. I have a little pink salt in the cupboard as well, the same one as yours. Don't have the blue one though... CJ xx

  22. I love the cowl. It's just stunning.

  23. Hello Vanessa,

    This is Rosa Cowl related :-) I am going to the knitting and stitching show next weekend and I am looking at buying some yarn for the rosa cowl sweater. I was wondering if you could let me know the yarn you used for the lovely pink version you created recently? Also how many balls and did you use double yarn whilst working as for the pattern with the recommended kid mohair/silk yarn?

    Thank you for a beautiful and inspirational blog. You have made me laugh out loud many times and brightened my day.

    1. Hi there,

      For the pink Rosa cowl, I used Azzurra in shade 003 by Adriafil. I think I used 6 balls (for the main bit)on a 4mm hook and didn't double up as the pattern suggested with the kid silk yarn. I added a border which took another ball, but that was purely for my own benefit! It really was just a 'wing it' project with that yarn, and I wanted something quite fine, as the other ones I had made had been quite chunky. This one was more true to size like the model was wearing on the pattern. I did stretch it out a bit when I blocked it to make it a little more 'drapey' and it was fine. I hope this helps! I'm a bit pants with patterns actually as I never go for the yarn they suggest......and rubbishly, I never pay attention to the tension gauge (shock horror! I'm too blibkin' lazy and impatient!), so I guess it's always a surprise if something turns out okay and fits! x

    2. Thanks Vanessa. I'm not very good with patterns and following tension gauge either :-) Knowing the number of balls of yarn to purchase and the extra working tips is a great help.

  24. I know where you're coming from with the salt, we have a large pink himalayan rock salt from b&m, and i noticed in there the other week there is also a 'flower salt' I didn't pick it up as hubby claimed we had enough salt but i so wish i had!

  25. Beautiful, sweet cowl, looks soft & cozy & the colors are just perfect, Autumns def in over here so a cute cowl will be a must v soon.
    I'm a confessed garlic freak too, use it in almost every dish....except dessert, wonder if there is such a thing!!!!!Karen x

  26. Love your cowl - gorgeous colours. We eat a lot of garlic in our house! I suppose because I put a lot of it in my cooking!!

  27. ~ ♥ ~ I just simply love YOU Vanessa ~ ♥ ~

  28. It is a lovely cowl indeed! So soft and snugly... And it matches extremely well with that adorable brooch. (Oh my, that must the cutest brooch ever...)
    Thumbs up for garlic. And for cobwebs. :-)
    Have a lovely week!

  29. I love the pastel colours of your cowl and I think this is a really nice selfie , too.
    I also use vitamin E for my skin, which I mix with some almond oil and some rose water. The mixture works as a serum.
    Thank you for the lovely pictures.
    Have a nice week.
    Tina xxx

  30. sooo much beauty, loving your new header also lovely V, pastel colours and trinkets and treasures always cheer my soul. One morning on the school run when id forgotten my phone and camera i noticed the most beautiful web hung across two rose bushes still in flower i might add, it was glittering in the early sunlight and magical... Ive set my blog as 'private' for a while just while im taking time out, so much has been happening lately that i hardly have time to think let alone blog. but im sure ill be back, i will always be popping into your blog though for catch ups and to admire all the beauty in your world, hugs my lovely xxxx

  31. It's always such a great inspiration when I come to "visit" you ... Your colors, your taste and even the smaller details always makes me so very happy and inspires me ... Love the cowl ...what a great autumn treat.

  32. Your new cowl is super, super gorgeous!!!!!!!

  33. Every saturday there's a gipsy flea market by my mum's home (200km from mine). I love going there becsuse you can really find bargains like great suit fabric for 2€/m. Yesterday I bought a bunch of old shell buttons for 2€. And I also bought .... garlic for 1€/kg. Can you beat that?

  34. Your baby blanket is a supreme accomplishment! I loved all your images. I'm hopping over from Helen's blog.. isn't she sweet? I am a blogger from Oregon, USA.. nice to meet you!
    Teresa :-)


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