Wednesday 11 March 2015

Blissful Stupor......

These past couple of weeks have been rather lovely. I spent the first week walking around in a blissfully dreamy kind of stupor. I had ideas. Lots of them.

The sun has shone a lot too these past couple of weeks.

Oh it has been lovely.

I have mixed mundane, with dreams. When I get weeks like that, all the days just melt into each other, and I seem to 'float' along. Sounds incredibly weird doesn't it. It's hard to describe. I'm full of ideas, and dreams at the moment. I'm so deep in their thought that the days are just skipping past me without me actually engaging fully in them. Okay, let me stop now, before you think I'm totally bonkers. Anyway, suffice to say, it has been a nice couple of weeks. Gentle. Warm. Beautifully pleasant. Wonderfully ordinary.

I have finished my little footstool. I LOVE it. Needless to say, it was finished 30 seconds when Baby Bear put it to use. He thinks it's awesome. Just the right size for him to sit on and draw at the coffee table. His favourite little spot. Glad someone else likes it. It will be a well used little stool.

The sun shines on my bed in the mornings. It has been a nice place to be for a few minutes (whilst waiting for the wash loads to be done). A coffee, a pad and pen and some crochet. The sun on me, a feeling of warmth and what is to come, weatherwise, in the months ahead. Exciting.

I have faffed about trying to organise myself. Labels here and labels there. It's fun.

Middle Bear enjoyed becoming a year older these past couple of weeks too. I must admit, I'm not so enthusiastic. Where does the time go? My babies are growing up. Sigh.

Amongst other things, I have been searching paint colours this week. I want to paint my living room. It's currently a grey/blue. Farrow and Ball's 'Skylight'. I'm ready for a change. I'm ready for a different feel. I thought I knew what I wanted, but this week, it seems all up in the air again. So I have spent a lot of time thinking about what direction I go in and looking at paint samples. The walls will still be a shade of blue. I'm torn between soft or egg.........more green.......or more blue/grey? I'm done with florals......for now I think. I'm torn between 3 fabrics for curtains. Each one would create a totally different look and feel to the room. I cannot decide. I flit back and forth. I also bought shelving, but it's contemporary. I'm not convinced it's right however much I love it. Although Big Bear has his eye on it, so it will be put to good use either way. My dresser needs sanding and re-painting. Years of toy bashing has meant it is in need of some tlc and new knobs. A job for the summer months.......I cannot decide on colour.......ivory or white? Utility china stay or be gone? Sofa cushions to be made, colour choices? Furniture to paint, things to spray. Lots to do. Decisions decisions. But ones I love making. The trouble for me is that I love so much. I don't have a particular style. I often wish I did. I love everything. It all goes in. It looks messy. It looks lived in. It's the window into my head. Chaotic. Overflowing. I'll start with the wall colour I think. That will decide on what curtains to go for, which will then decide what colours I choose to make my sofa cushions in. Ooooh I like it, I have just made a semi sort of plan! woo hoo!

I have got to grips with the new family computer and set it just how I like it. Most importantly I have transferred over my music. For a couple of days it was so silent in the house.....and whilst I LOVE silence.......I NEED music in my life. It's a massive part of my life. I have been able to hoover whilst listening to 'Crash' by the Primitives. I look ridiculous, as I go all stupid when I have the hoover and music like that. But it's funny, and that makes the mundane so much more enjoyable. If the older Bears' are around, they roll their eyes. I have reached the stage to them when I am a total embarrassment. Ahhhhh love 'em! It has to be done.

I have enjoyed copious cups of tea and coffee and I have lovingly pawed over a new stash of cook books.

I have also enjoyed magazine reading........

The GoRgEoUs Ayda always inspires.

So there we go. My head has been in the clouds. Full of ideas. Lots to think about. Lots to make me giddy with excitement. Lots to clutter up my already cluttered head. But it's all good.......and the sun has been shining.

Have a super rest of a week all



  1. As ever, a delightfully beautiful post.
    I love your new stool ~ so cute!
    I don't think I'll ever be done
    with floral, but I understand
    the need for something
    new. <3 Michelle

  2. :) Sounds great. I love the look of your home - the bits you show anyway! I love the mix of colours. x

  3. Great post as ever and what a gorgeous stool. I can understand why Baby Bear loves it. Like you I have "head in the clouds" moments but unlike you nothing substantial results. I only wish it did. Can't wait to see what colour you choose. Philippa x

  4. Have fun with your redecorating. I hope you'll share when you decide what to do.

  5. It's the sunshine, I reckon - makes us all go a bit loopy lou ... I'm flat out with my 2 (very big) bears in the garden. They're totally awesome and SOooo strong. I feed them and they do a load of manual work then eat absolutely everything in the house! They're really bringing my ideas to reality though and I sort of long for a day of hot summer sunshine when I can sit out there and just relax. They grow up so quickly - all 3 of my kids are in their 20's now but they're so much fun and wonderful company. Enjoy your day dreaming - love hearing about your plans.

  6. Lots of wonderful things to do and decide upon for your beautiful home. Looking forward to seeing what you decide upon.

  7. I identified with so much that you say. I like everything too and I always struggle to make decisions and decide how I'd like things to be. I am officially the worst decision maker ever. And I know exactly what you mean about that dreamy feeling of lots of plans. It's exciting and energising. I shall look forward to seeing some of your plans take shape. I'm not surprised your baby bear likes the stool, it's lovely and very cosy looking. It's nice that he's still small enough to be happy with a little seat of his own at the coffee table. As you say, they grow so fast. CJ xx

  8. Lots of lovely things going on. I hope that you enjoy your new redecorating projects, it is fun doing things to change your home isn't it. xx

  9. I really love your kitchen, the colors, flowers and crochet. Gives me peace to look at it.
    Please share some of it at my two day link up party :)

  10. Your mind sounds like mine, my Little Lady says to me that when she watches The Lego Movie, the scene where they enter Cloud Cuckoo Land? Well she says No Offense Mum, but Cloud CUckoo Land makes me think that's what it's like inside your head!!!! I laughed so loud I nearly choked and thought by-jove she's right! If I ever wrote a different blog, I would so name it Cloud Cuckoo Land. I think maybe a touch of the rainbow fluffies mixed up with chaos and anarchy is in your head too!!!!!! Wishing you many more happy, dreamy days to come xxxxxxxx

  11. Your finished footstool is lovely, I can see why your Baby Bear loves it. Have fun with your decorating, I have to confess I'm the world's worst at making a decision on paint colours - so much choice! Have another blissful week! Jane xx

  12. Oh, exciting plans and ideas! And such a gorgeous footstool...

  13. I have thought about ordering the book by Ella. Do you recommend it? Do you follow her way of eating? Would love you thoughts.

    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane,

      I have sat down and read this book. I'd love to think that I could adopt Ella's way of food living completely, but sadly, I'm not sure that I could. I think it's a way of life you could start on and totally revert to if you were single. I think trying to adopt a way of life like this with a busy family would totally be a no go for me! However, I do love the thought of changing certain parts of my diet and bringing in some healthier options into my daily eating patterns. There are several things I want to try, and if quick, tasty and successful, I'll make it a family thing. I think I'd really love to have a half and half balance. I crave sweet things and would love to curb that a bit!!!!!!!

  14. Oh don't you love a pretty cook book?!
    Your pictures are like a vacation for my eyes. :) Love visiting you.

  15. Stunning photographs. Simply gorgeous.

  16. Gorgeous pics, I just love the first one. The stool is amazing, but I love your poncho/cape too. Your home looks anything but chaotic and there is so much style.

  17. You are not bonkers! Nope not one bit. I adore your photos. I vote for duck egg blue. I so adore that color. There is just something about it that makes my heart sing. I love taking a walk through your house. Your style is splendid. Oh yeah love the footstool!! :)

  18. It does sound like a lovely time you've been having. I'm currently bogged down In indecision because my taste also tends to be a bit all over the place and I'm also trying to simplify so sometimes those two things don't go together. I always love what you do though!

  19. I'm new to your blog and loving what I see! I'll be back.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  20. I saw my name on one of your coffee mugs, gr Audrey


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