Friday, 15 May 2015

Still Moments.......

.........from this week.....

This week has been a mixed bag weather wise. We've had beautiful sunny days, mixed with wet weather days. I have LOVED the warm weather days. Sunshine, warm breezes, open windows and doors. Yet, the cooler, wetter days have been quite nice. It's still been mild. I have walked to school and loved the big trees against the blue skies, and I have loved the walk to school with the pitter patter of rain and the smell of wet, warm pavements.

It has been a relaxing week, yet a productive week. Things made, things put up on walls, paint colours decided upon(!), Spring cleaning done, lots of walks, and good healthy food eaten. It's a start. I will have walked 28 miles (by the end of today) for this week, so not bad.

I have been listening to the soundtrack of 'The Lakehouse' all week. Oh, I ♥︎ that film. The score is lovely and it's just been perfect to listen to on a beautiful sunny morning whilst I potter about. Somehow the daily chores don't seem to have been so 'chore-ish' this week.

I've tidied up more nerf darts than I care to count. 

I've loved how a bunch of 80p tulips have radiated all week and given me so much pleasure.

I've loved seeing new growth and buds in the garden. It's pleasing to see that I'm not a total gardening loser.

I've snuggled under blankets and eiderdowns and loved every minute of crocheting.

I've squeeled (ever so slightly under my breath) at finding the peachiest pink pots with lovely grapefruit scented wax candles in.

I've loved a coffee treat, savouring it's aroma and loving every sip of it. It's been a little piece of heaven.

I've baked fudge brownie muffins.....the Bear's favourite. The aroma is gorgeous and I have had to summon up willpower not to taste one, as you do, but I have amazed myself at how mega good I am being! I even said 'no' to dipping into a big box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts that were cheekily wafted in front of me to see if I caved. Oh so tempting, as I just love those naughty, I've SERIOUSLY been a good girl.

I have also seen a few of my favourite films this week. Happy, feel good films. 'It's Complicated' has just finished playing. I had it on in the background whilst I caught up on a few things. I think it's so funny. I love Meryl Streep in it......and her house........sigh.......

I've had company all week from a furry friend. A neighbour's cat seems to have suddenly decided that he likes our little abode. Being an outdoor cat, and never really bothering with us for 10 years, he has suddenly decided that he likes it here. I am not so much a cat person, but I have taken pity on him. He is an old chap of 21. He has bad arthritis in his hips and he seems to want more attention. In the mornings he is at our door meowing to come in, and when I come back from the school walk he is there ready and waiting to be let in for attention and a snuggle. The Bear's are fairly happy with this little arrangement.

So....little moments.

Happy moments. 

Have a beautiful weekend all.



  1. That week of yours was pretty much perfect in every way...hoping the weekend continues! Your color palette is so colours beautiful. Have you seen the 100-foot journey? Another feel-good flick! :) (It's Complicated is one of my FAVORITES.....for the house!)

  2. Sounds idyllic. Some beautiful photos that really charm. Have a great weekend.

  3. i walked through the park and the rain fell so heavily but under a tree i looked across and admired the scene it was beautiful and peaceful and i noticed for that moment the park was totally empty and all you could hear was the rain falling onto the big, its sunny!!!! and bright blue skies, sometimes its lovely having a mix bag of weather...though often its hard organising an outfit to wear!...usually i wear floaty dresses on breezy days and big hot boots on sunny days hehe. i love the colours in your home...looks so beautiful xxxx

  4. Beautiful photography ~ Thank you for sharing little snippets of your life.

  5. You are just a master in capturing these precious little moments. Thank you for letting us enjoy them with you. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Good on your for taking in your neighbor's old cat for a cuddle, hope mine makes it to 21. As for the Krispy Kremes, I could always resist them - don't know what it is but I always thought they were over rated.

  7. What gorgeous photos, it sounds like a lovely week. Grapefruit scented candles sound blissful. I find it easier to be good about sweet treats if I've given them up for a while. I get in the habit of not having them somehow. My littlest boy has asked for three Nerf guns for his birthday. One each for him and his brothers. Oh I've a feeling I'll live to regret it. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  8. such beautiful images : a good visual start for the weekend!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend, too !!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  9. Beautiful still moments here, your neighbours cat obviously feels very safe with you, think he needs a bit of TLC...have a lovely weekend :) xxx

  10. A bunch of beautiful moments indeed. And so efficient. You are on a "doer" peek for sure. Getting all that done plus the 28 miles of walking. And saying NO to baked treats. Man, you have strong will power. Good for you. And I know the movie and love it just as much. For the same reasons. Another favorite is The holiday. All the knitted beauties in there and cottage interior... Have a lovely weekend!

  11. The simple pleasures are always the best and you have some lovely pictures to accompany them.

  12. Nerf darts! They are such a pain aren't they? They turn up everywhere. I even found one in my mixer the other day and it is kept in a press. The other thing that drives me bonkers is lego. My hoover is full hundreds of tiny bits of lego.

  13. Wow ... That is womderful. You do have lots of willpower and that must feel so good. To be such a "good girl". I'm glad you enjoyed your week and got lots accomplished.

  14. I so enjoyed all the still moments here, such very beautiful pictures to enjoy! Well done on avoiding the cake temptations! I hope you are having a lovely weekend, Vanessa, and wish you a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  15. Dearest Vanessa,
    You have no idea the joy that your blog has brought to me today. I have spent what seemed like hours, absorbing your words and your beautiful photographs...lost myself in raptures of crochet and coffee cups. After a week or two of feeling mightily overwhelmed, your calm, colourful and bright little world has been a tonic.

    Much love, Julia xxx

  16. Truly inspiring, as always. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Oh I love those candles - perfect for my new room scheme - have trawled www - where are they from please? My week is complete when I soak up coco rose world - thank you

    1. Hello! The pink pot candles are from Waitrose. I hope this is of some help! They do do a couple of other shades too but the peachy pink was just too hard to resist. I thought they'd be good useful pots too after the candles had burned! : )

    2. many thanks! off to waitrose for coffee and pastel pleasures ;o)

  18. Your moments sound to me like the loveliest sort. I hope you have many more in the coming week! I enjoy seeing the glimpses into your days!

  19. What beautiful photos to highlight your peaceful moments. Lovely. And that blanket - wow, very gorgeous. xx

  20. Amazing photography.... Those blankets and cups are really so colorful..
    Jaslynn, Bizbilla B2B portal


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