Monday, 23 November 2015

Somebody Stop Me........

......I'm outta control.

Last week it was trying, but failing miserably to resist Christmas decorations in shops. This week it is cake.

Baby Bear's Birthday cake. Oh my word, a seriously chocolate fix going on here (sorry Sandrine, no tank baking expertise only got as far as this!). 

I've only just recovered from my seriously indulgent Birthday Cake....then some seriously indulgent coffee cake (of which was such a favourite here, I noticed the ingredients to make another are back in the cupboard). Now this. It's Big Bear's Birthday in a few weeks, and he declared he wanted one of these too. Middle Bear's Birthday follows not long after, and he's declared this is his dream Birthday Cake (he hates sweets and only likes two types of chocolate......guess which two types?!!!).

This thing is staring at me. It's so rich that only tiny amounts can be eaten at a time.

Oh go on then......just one Malteser with a cup of tea........yeah right.......



  1. Ha, Ha - nobody on the planet can eat just one Malteser! Just give in, enjoy and then eat grapes for a week when all the birthdays are done! Happy Birthday Bears!

  2. I made something similar for my daughter's birthday, but with chocolate m&m's and Cadbury's Fingers, and it was dangerous! Luckily she had a party with ten other kids to demolish it, but a sneaky slice did find its way to my lips... When it's cold I just want cake and carbs but my slimming club thinks that's a bad idea!

  3. Ohhhhhhhh Vanessa, sorry I couldn't stop you.... Baby Bear's cake looks just like my kinda cake.... of course only for "A" tiny slice.... well maybe two, so I say go & enjoy!!
    THANK YOU for your tip on the candles my hubby picked some up for me as I'm in Berlin at the moment. Have a lovely week!
    Anna xx

  4. Oh my.... I think my hips expanded by just looking at that! My girls did one for me awhile ago with the entire thing covered in M&M's with chocolate icing AND chocolate cake under that. We just had a German chocolate birthday cake with coconut pecan icing, now Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and I have chocolate pecan pie and another pie on the menu, not to mention family dinners to attend. I may need bigger pants!

  5. So tempting :)

  6. Not sure I want to stop you... though I certainly would like to join you! Gorgeous looking cake. A rather more grown-up version of P's birthday cake last year, which was piles high on top with sweets. I much prefer this one. Wonder if I could persuade him, he is a year older after all...

  7. That looks wonderful. My mouth is watering!

  8. Looks delicious!! Love Maltesers....... Pati x

  9. Oh my goodness...what a fabulous birthday cake. Now that your family have requested a reprise for their special days, I imagine that your friends and neighbors will be submitting their birthday requests, too.



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