Thursday, 3 April 2014

Like Buses....

When I like something in crochet, I tend to make it to death. If I make a pretty doily or egg cosy, i'll go on to make another ten. I guess whilst the pattern is fresh in my head and my enthusiasm is right on up there, then it stands to reason to make more and not just leave it at one.

So, I present my third Rosa Silk Cowl Sweater.

I had a couple of balls of the MOST PERFECT YARN........EVER. 

It was Sierra Andina by Adriafil (shade 13 if you're interested). This yarn is luxurious to say the least. 100% extra fine alpaca in the most glorious shade of of my most favourite shades.

With two 50g balls in November, I thought long and hard what to make with them. I ended up making the most gorgeous pair of wrist warmers here . Wow, they were the loveliest pair of wrist warmers I think I have EVER made. Their softness and warmth was second to none. With the leftovers I added a turquoise trim to a scarf and hat and I revelled in just how wonderful that yarn really was.

My mother-in-law, being a yarn lover also, and the one to have tracked down this yarn, in this wonderful shade in the first place, very kindly gave me some more for christmas.

Again, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to make with it. It was far too lovely to make anything hastily. I had in mind a shawl. Not just any shawl. A super, spectacular, opulent shawl. It was what this yarn deserved. So, decision made, as soon as I had the time, that is what I would make with it.


...falling completely in love with the two Rosa Silk Cowl Sweaters that I made, I knew that this yarn would make a seriously dreamy one too.

I had enough yarn, so I set about making my third. This yarn was beautiful to the touch, although, I must admit, it was soooooo soft and sooooooo fine, that I tended to grip my fingers harder on the yarn tail as I just couldn't feel it that was THAT soft to the touch. That aside, my excitement levels were hitting the roof as I was making it. 

All three sweaters are different. Different yarns have made them completely different...and I love that.

For this one, I added a couple of extra side repeats to keep it wide and loose. I wanted boxy and swingy (almost poncho-y) rather than fitted and close. I used a 4mm hook and used 11 50g balls in total.

It's amazing to wear. Soft and luxurious to the touch. Also, for something so 'holey', it's warm to wear, and i've had several compliments on it, so it can't be that bad.

I'm chuffed and not disappointed that the yarn didn't make it to being a shawl. I think it will get more use this way.

It looks great with jeans and wellies for field walks, it gives just the right amount of warmth for a mild evening. I also teamed it with a pale pink skirt which worked well too, so i'm happy it's a wardrobe hopper.

I think I am done now though with that pattern. I feel satisfied and ready to move on to something else.

It's here if any one is interested.

So....what next?.......



  1. It is lovely! The design is so pretty and the colour is beautiful, so perfect for spring, and it does indeed look as though it will be nicely swingey when you wear it. I wonder if you will make another one or if you will ever make a shawl with this yarn!! xx

  2. It's beautiful Vanessa, so many teeny, tiny intricate little loops and stitches.
    I think I'm a bit the same that if I find a pattern or a design I like I tend to go a bit bonkers with it. But hey, nothing wrong with that.
    I'm sure in no time at all your head will be full to bursting with the next project.
    I have started WIP No 3 this morning .... just couldn't resist . One little colour inspiration got everything going and it had to be started straight away !
    Have a lovely day,
    Kate x

  3. Gorgeous work Vanessa, what a beautiful colour, one of my favourite too. I wonder what you will make next? Have a lovely day, Julie xx

  4. that's just so lovely and I'm with you on the colour. Amanda x

  5. Beautiful work and the color! Oh!
    Have a nice spring days

  6. Beautiful... I love this color:)


  7. I cannot get over how amazingly talented you are. I have never met anyone who manages to not only start but finish so many projects in such quick succession but with such fantastic results. You have shown me what I thought as a boring old-fashioned hobby as an actually versatile, contemporary and very wearable technique for using beautiful yarns. Thank you for removing my blinkers. Philippa xx

  8. Love your blog! Could drool over your pics til the cows come home! xxx

  9. Gosh, that's so pretty! I always love everything you make and always enjoy seeing it. That yarn does look lovely.

  10. Absolutely lovely Vanessa!! That is one of my favourite colours of all time!! Enjoy it!!
    I'm working on my celadon-coloured Nordic shawl at the moment... I did struggle to find the right colours for the accent lines but
    I hope it will be good in the end.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Pati x

  11. I love the color so much and it looks so soft as well. I think you will get tons more use out of this than a shawl...and it's gorgeous!

  12. Absolutely beautiful. I didn't think I was a great fan of poncho style things but I could really be tempted by this one. Fantastic colour too. x

  13. Oh My Gosh!
    I am practically having canniption fits over this gorgeous thing and cannot believe you have created 3 of them!
    WELL DONE my friend!
    The yarn is gorgeous and I love the color!!!!!
    So....What next indeed?!!!

  14. So beautiful in every way!
    Marianne x

  15. HA! I am the same way. Whenever I enjoy something in crochet, I tend to go overboard with it too. I love this though. It's such a perfect pattern for something that will work from Spring until Autumn

  16. It sooooooooo lovely
    Clare x

  17. This sweater is fantastically fabulous, and so is the colour! I had it bookmarked already, but now I'm definitely going to give it a go. Thank you so much for the beautiful things you make and the inspiration you give!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I loved your other two....but this is so cheerful and pretty!!
    You clever gal!

  19. My my my! This is a wonderful one! This will brighten any grey day...I'm more and more tempted to try this pattern, I love the idea of it not sliding off my shoulders like a shawl...ok, yes, that's it, I'm off to get it! Pink! I'll make it in a soft soft pink! Chrissie x

  20. It's lovely, you have done justice to that beautiful wool. I imagine it looks wonderful on. I'm a huge fan of shawls etc. as well, they are just perfect.

  21. Oh goodness me, it's STUNNING. The yarn, the colour, the pattern, everything, I want to make one right now. I was just saying to my friend yesterday that knitting is better than crochet when it comes to clothing but I think you may have just proved me wrong. x

  22. Absolutely stunning Vanessa and so beautifully made. I'm completely in love with the colour and the pattern. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  23. Oh dear... You are so funny. But this one is really springy and lovely. I'm tempted to try this pattern. I love the style and as it is in plain color it seems to be the perfect TV watching (listening) make. Maybe while we watch the final of The Voice. Lets see what type of yarn I got hidden in my closet...
    Happy weekend
    My Rose Valley

  24. I love this,so pretty, would dearly love to try this
    Bet it looks great on too
    Karen x

  25. This is the loveliest cowl sweater I have ever seen! Gorgeous!

  26. So so gorgeous and so lovely to hear you revelling in the yarn's yummyness.
    Tracey xx

  27. Beautiful! And the color.......! I do the same thing with a good pattern, make it to death! Thanks for sharing.

  28. It is beautiful, and the colour is toooo divine for words!
    Pat :) Sunshine and a Sewing Basket

  29. I love the colour of this one too, and it looks so nice and soft too. It sounds like we are complete opposites on that front though, I generally can't bear the idea of making something more than once! But I have to say, you've got 3 very different and gorgeous looks from this same pattern. :)

    S x

  30. Its beautiful Vanessa! Both the style, the crochet stitch pattern, and of course the colour - simply gorgeous!
    Gill xx

  31. It's really wonderfull
    I try to make one, Thanks !!!!!

  32. Move in and make me things?


  33. The pattern says to use two strands held together. Is that what you did? It's so beautiful in that colour and yarn I might have a go at it myself! Gorgeous work!

  34. this is absolutely drool worthy! It looks so sweet and feminine! How lovely! Xox

  35. Oh yes, the pattern and yarn is absolutely to die for! Looking forward to seeing the 4th one too ;-)

  36. This is absolutely gorgeous....and so are your photos!
    Helen xox

  37. Hahaha
    I'm knitting my 21st moss stitch beanie in 3 months. I've made one for every friend & neighbour. And then some for me too.
    I know how it is when you like a pattern. I know it by heart now.

  38. Hi Vanessa! Um...a bit too much tea perhaps? I thought I was a tea drinker but you beat me hollow! But your is just sooooo ...beautiful is not enough......awesomely awesome. Everytime I visit your blog I find something gorgeous. I hope and pray that one day I can do lovely lovely work such as your cowl necked poncho. Sighhh!

  39. That is absolutely stunning! It's my favourite colour too, so it has extra stun-factor for me!! I think I will need to pluck up the courage to get some really nice yarn and give that a go...

  40. I've just discovered your blog, and I'm really happy I have - this sweater is seriously beautiful!!

    Sarah x

  41. Hello!! I've just come across this and it's exactly what I've been looking for!! The problem is I don't know how to read a pattern you have this written out somewhere somehow?? Any help would be appreciate!d!! Thank you - Lorraine

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      I'm afraid I don't have any written patterns for this sweater. I really struggle with written patterns, which was why I loved this pattern so much as it was easy for me to read and make! Lots of Japanese patterns have diagrams (which is the only way I can make them!). I haven't come across any written instructions for it either. I'm so sorry I could be of more help to you. : )


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