Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Fun Bit.......

I'm sick of grouting. 

I've chosen the worst tiles to grout. Off centre tiling and beveled edges do not make for easy grouting. I have no nails left and my arms hurt. 

I'm whinging I know. 

I've gone form having a kitchen that was, in the nicest terms, falling apart, to a kitchen where I can open all drawers and cupboards. I am grateful, totally grateful....but I flipping LOATHE grouting. 

So, I've taken a break and have started the fun bit......

Putting pretties on a shelf.

Totally useless and a real time waster in the grand scheme of things....

...but it's putting a big happy smile on my face today, and making the stupid grouting worth it.

I decided on brights today. Maybe pastels next week?

Ahhhhh, I think maybe there might be a lot of shelf pics in the making.

That's totally sad I know, but hey, whatever makes me happy.

Have a super week all



  1. awww! what a gorgeous sight for the eyes! Thank you!!!
    Im spending my day painting...painting the bathroom of a house that i do not own...AND moving out of in a few i am loathing with you!!! (but we are moving into a house that we DO own, so thats what keeping me going! )- just keep thinking about the finished product! x

  2. serious shelfie love going on ...hehe....swoooooooning xxxx

  3. listen to "Happy" by Pharrel : it helps, too!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. Grouting maybe horrid (my time has yet to arrive!) but O.M.G ..... your shelf stacking is LUSH!
    Keep up the good work lovely V x
    love Jooles x x x

    P.S My cupboards will be going in next week, we are SERIOUSLY in one BIG mess at the mo!

  5. Love your delicious colours, Vanessa! You are the best shelf arranger! Grouting is not enjoyable, but the end results will be! Enjoy your pretties :)
    Helen xox

  6. Oh the agony of home renovation....ARG! The shelf love comments are cracking me up this morning! Imagine someone just finding your blog, not knowing why we all love you so! I just find it amusing. xo

  7. I saw these bright sunshiny things over on Pinterest & I thought "Ooo a new blog post I reckon!" So delightful! Thanks for sharing. :D

  8. Purty shelves. Sod the grouping shelf love first!;0)

  9. How lovely to see all those bright colours. Thank you for brightening my very grey day. Philippa xx

  10. Oh how I love your pictures - thanks for you blog kid!
    Sandy xx

  11. I do love the fun bits (I tend to leave the 'not-so-fun-bits' to my long suffering hubby ;-) And I do love to see all your pretty bits and bobs. Hope to, one day soon, see the finished result of your new kitchen too...

  12. Grouting is a foul job and I would definitely reward myself with some pretty shelf arranging breaks too. Look at all your gorgeous (Rice?) treasures! From the glimpses, your kitchen is looking dreamy. I'm still waiting for mine and, unfortunately, it involves pretty major building work first. What joys!


  13. I love shelf pics, at least you have gorgeous goodies to display on your shelves! Hmmm grouting is so much fun. Not!!! You have an excuse now to work in a trip to the beauty parlor for some nail, hand and achy shoulders pampering.

  14. The pretties are mega pretty, well deserved what with all that grouting :)
    Karen x

  15. I like the crockery, it makes me feel when i was Young.
    Your pictures are always full of light, it is so beautiful.
    Have a Good Day

  16. Gosh I'm loving all this colour.....can't wait until it's all done and we have the big reveal! :) x

  17. Oh I just love all your petty little things so shelf pics are always adored as far as Im concerned :) I love to do things when im inspired to do them, that seems to happen sometimes when it shouldnt so things get done in different steps than usual. Like for you, grout, pretty the place up, grout....whatever works :)
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    Birgitta x

  18. I love your shelf arrangement! Hope that you get the grouting finished soon, it really is one of those horrible jobs, it has to be done, but it doesn't really look like all the effort that went into it when it is done! At least you took some time out for some fun!! Keep going, you will get there! xx

  19. Thank you for letting us share in your fun :-)
    Tracey xx

  20. Love all you shelfies, hope you get the dreaded grouting finished soon.
    Clare x

  21. Beautiful colours. Sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy. I hope the dreaded grouting is finished soon and you can sit back and enjoy your new kitchen.

  22. I adore your shelves Vanessa!! You have the best collection of gorgeous shelvie things I have ever seen, no wonder they make you happy! I am very happy just looking at your pics, thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to go and rearrange my shelves now and find some pretty things too! xxx Julie

  23. Ooh, it's all so bright and cheery! Love it! I hate grouting, too. I always give up and make my husband do it. But then he is sloppy so I take it back from him. Good luck! ~Angela~

  24. Its all looking beautiful and bright on your kitchen shelves Vanessa! I hope it gives you the motivation to finish off the tedious and boring grouting with all those gorgeous things to look at to spur you on!
    Gill xx

  25. Beautiful colors !

  26. Hey...I loathe grouting too. And drywall mudding and sanding. And hanging insulation when it's 90 degrees outside and 105 under the mask. Yup Hate that too! We are building our own home. Not to be confused with having it built. We. are. building. it. There's a difference. I'm going to forget every single thing I learned about building when I'm done, and just crochet....and decorate shelves with pretty stuff to make me happy!

    Cindy Bee

  27. I had the black brick type tiles and they are hard work. Made even harder as I used glitter grout but well worth the effect.


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