Monday, 7 September 2009

Good Morning!

Well this is a monumentus achievement for me! I am such a computer dweeb. I know nothing, but I am now getting a little more freedom in life, my eldest two sons are well and truly embedded in school and my youngest is now at nursery. YAY! So, this is my time to start to do what I want to do, be creative, make goodies and hope to be able to sell them though outlets. I stumbled across blogging sites whilst searching through google for craft bits and pieces and realised that there are many many like minded crafters out there. So, this is my attempt to broaden my horizen and hopefully meet some amazing people to help inspire! 


  1. Hi Vanessa,

    Me again!
    Your blog is looking very pretty :-)
    I have forgotten how many times I have changed mine now lol

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. ps - your egg cosies are gorgeous! You should check out Etsy or Folksy (if you haven't already) fab online shops for selling handmade wares!! I think you would do really well :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. I've read your blog from finish to start and now have that sad pang one gets when the last page of a fantastic book is turned. Oh I have enjoyed you! I'm astonished at how your life parallels mine so frequently. It's a huge comfort to have met you. I think if a friend of mine were to read this they may think you are me except for I'm what they call the class clown. I'm like a puppy, trying to make people laugh, wagging my tail and imploring them to "like me, love me, include me, accept me". I now make a conscious effort tone it down, to be less conspicuous...growing up I guess (finally!)

    X x x

  4. quisiera poder tener la oportunidad de formar parte y compartir.


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