Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday Brights

Morning all!

I hope that your weekend was a good one? Again for us, quite a leisurely one, in between trying to get organised.

We go away at the end of the week for a bit of R&R in Cornwall. I dream of one day living in Cornwall. I love it there and always feel a bit like I have 'come home'. Whilst I am really looking forward to going, I know that coming back is going to be such a comedown. Also, taking a trip at the beginning of the school holidays means that I don't have anything to look forward too (except the term time starting!) when we get back. I do hope that the blues will be short lived.......anyway, I am putting those thoughts away and concentrating on having a nice time away.

So, with the trip away in mind, I have to be uber organised this week. YES, SHOCK HORROR!!! That means, no excessive daydreaming this week! Maybe just a 5 minute allocation for every half an hour! he he!

So, to kick start me for the week, some Monday morning brights!

As you can see, I like bright kitchen bits and pieces! They brighten up even the dullest, greyest days in the morning, and I don't think I could live without them in my kitchen.

My three little blanket projects completed! HOORAY! The middle one, my latest, I havn't yet really shown. I will do when I get back from my little trip away. It's amazing how something can make you feel. When I snuggle it around me it's like someone has sprinkled some kind of fairy dust over me filling me with allsorts of happy feelings and memories. I know that you will all think I am a complete loon, but    it makes me hugely happy! That blanket is why I learnt to crochet! I didn't want to learn anything else, I just wanted to make a CK style granny blanket for myself. So, now it's done, I will hang up the old hook......

.......nah, just kidding! You didn't think I was serious?!!!!!! This little hooky malarky has taken its hold on me sure and fast and won't and wont be releasing anytime soon. Most importantly, I will have to decide what yarn to take with me on my trip!!!!! I am currently making some crochet bunting for my Brother-in-laws wife. She is still having her chemotherapy and is quite ill form the effects. She, like me, likes bright colours and the qwirky, so some bunting is soon to be coming her way to help keep her spirits up.

Right, my lovelies. I have a HUGE amount to be doing. Apologies if it seems I have been a bit slack with messages on your blog posts. Like most of you, this time of year has been a hectic one, also, I don't think my blogger works all that well, I seem to miss a lot of posts. Not sure what's going on there. 

Anyway, Cheerio for now!

Vanessa xxx


  1. woweee u comming to Cornwall? when, where??
    ooooooh excited missy vanessa can u tell ;0)xx
    i bet you are too- its very pretty down there ;0)
    love your bright and beautifuls goodies they cheer me up too ;0)
    i think my blogger isnt working so well either it does miss out some peps postings too.
    but i have been a bad blogger- trying to message peps more often ;0)
    best wishes lovelies xxxxxxx

  2. Love your blankets :) Crochet is addictive! I am currently making a CK style granny square blanket too :) Are you on Ravelry? If not you should join, it is a fab site for crochet :) xxx

  3. all those bright colors!! exactly what we need on a monday morning :)

    your blankets are gorgeous. and, yes... the crochet habit is much too addictive to just let go. i'm definitely in the "zen-zone" whenever i'm playing with hooks and yarn. it's my own personal form of meditation, i think!

    good luck with all your holiday prep! :)


  4. Love your blankets !!
    Have a great trip .I'm having a little bit of trouble with blogger too,I have to re enter my details for every comment -drives me mad !
    Jacquie x

  5. I am so jealous. I love Cornwall and haven't been for a couple of years. have a great time and say hello from me.

  6. Give us a wave as you zoom past Ivybridge !
    have a great time and I love your blankets x

  7. have a great trip and bring us back some lovely crochet and pictures of cornwall to look at x

  8. Loving the colours and loving the blankets!!Clever you!!xxx

  9. Such wonderful 'bright and beautiful' goodies - I'm just the same with Devon.....we went for the second time (properly) this year no tourist traps and instantly fell in love 'oh' how I drean of moving across to Devon - maybe one day.

    Cornwall will be fabulous and make sure you take lots of pictures to remember when you come back - mine are stuck to the fridge and are looked at several times a day - I just close my eyes and 'aahhhhh'

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  10. Beautiful pics, I needed a good dose of colour. The blankets are adorable!
    I too dream of living in Cornwall, such a beautiful part of the world.x

  11. ARGHHHHHHH! They are just too pretty. Makes my kitchen seem even duller :(
    I LOVE your blankets especially your CK one. I have been admiring these blankets for a while now and would love to have the time to make myself one...when I have finished everyone elses.
    I too am in love with Cornwall. I lived in Looe Bay for a while some years ago and I would love to move there it is simply gorgeous x

  12. Vanessa your blankets made me OOOO and AAAhhh out loud! So gorgeous! If you lived nearer to me we could have a post holiday blues cheer ourselves up get together! Have a lovely time in Cornwall! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  13. Lovely pictures, Vanessa. Have a great time in Cornwall. I love it too. Lynda xxx

  14. I do like Monday brights :), we love it in Devon and feel the same about there too, we would love to live there someday.
    As always your crochet looks beautiful and colourful.

    I think blogger has been playing up too, I have been leaving comments and they're not showing up.

    Have a lovely time in Cornwall, I hope the weather stays fine for you xx

  15. Such prettiness!!! Have a great time in Cornwall....We all dream of living there one day to!! ( especially Aidy)
    Well done on those blankets they look amazing!!
    Try and pop over for the giveaway before you go if you can hun xxx
    Big hugs
    Annie x

  16. Your blog always makes me SMILE!!!

  17. Hooray brights and Cornwall are the way forward!
    We just got back last week- have a brilliant time wont you?

    Sarah x

  18. Hello Vanessa!

    There's a bit of a drool fest going on here with regard to your completed blankets...Im very impressed you have 3 of them all stacked up there in a very eye catching fashion, and no, I don't think for one minute you are even slightly loopy because the same things happen to me when I snuggle into my big Summer Granny blanket!

    Love your colourful kitchen bits and bobs, and I wish you a very happy time of it in Cornwall - if you can, try not to look at the end of the holiday before you have actually got there (I have done this myself and totally spoilt it by counting down the days to going home) - try and be in the moment and enjoy every possible minute you can!

    Looking forward to the photos!

    Lots of love!
    Julia x x x

  19. You lucky thing you, have a fab fab time with some relaxation if that is possible with kiddies with you :-) Love all your bright bright things.


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