Wednesday, 18 August 2010

♥Hyper, Weary and a little ta-dahhhhhhhhhhhh....♥

Can one be both hyper and weary at the same time? Well, I am a bit of both at the moment. Mid-way through the summer hols, and i'm pretty much zonked.

I hate the thought that I am willing Sept on. I would love to enjoy the holidays more with the Bears, but truth be told, they are driving me round the bend. They can just about stand to be around each other in term time, when they are together less. This summer hols seems particularly bad. The two eldest bears have an immense amount of rivalry. Being so close in age and both being male, it is a bad combination. There is fourteen month between them, but, they are actually more like twins. Big bear stopped growing in the womb at 28 weeks and was whipped out at 30 weighing just 2 1/2 lbs. Fourteen months later middle bear was born full term weighing 9lbs. So they have grown the same really. What makes it worse this summer is baby bear. He is at an age where he wants to play with them, and pretty much everything they have too....yet, he is too young to know how anything works and his attention span is, well, that of a 3 yr old. He annoys them, they yell, he yells seems constant. To solve this, I have to make sure that I am constantly with them to keep the peace, keep them occupied. This means the house gets neglected and I feel totally brain drained! Even taking them out to the parks to run and let off steam, they bicker over who gets to a tree first, who gets 30 seconds more turns on a swing.....and so it goes on.

Coupled with all this, toilet training baby bear who is up and down the stairs every 5 minutes (and the washing machine going all day...........yesterday I had 30 pairs of little boy pants on the washing line, that's not including everyone elses! That's a whole loada pants!).

The evenings are leaving me pretty much pooped. I am willing September on so as I can recharge my batteries I think.

But, for the time being, my little pleasures come from the bunches of fresh flowers I have in my jugs, coffee and what little time I have to do a spot of hooky business.

I was a coffee loather for many many years. I loved the smell of it, but hated the taste of anything. Then one day when I was 30 I woke up one morning and just fancied one. Mr H and his family are BIG coffee drinkers, they always have been. When I met Mr H and his family, they had not long returned back to the UK from spending many years living in the States. In that day it was But, they were having none of this rubbish granual coffee, white sugar and watery milk that us Brits seemed to love so much (remember, these were before the days of the  Starbuck's, Neros and Costas and exciting stuff). It had to be fresh, cream and brown sugar...always. There was always a pot on the go when you went to their house and the lovely smell of wafting coffee.

Anyway, I get sidetracked. Suffice to say, I love coffee now and love to make alsorts. I love to experiment and have different flavours. I have my beloved Francis Francis that makes the perfect Italian coffee. This is not for the thing for someone in a hurry.

Making a coffee in this baby takes time, it's relaxing, therapeutic. I have a Tassimo which makes a nice cup too. Carnation evapourated milk is great in coffee. It adds a different dimention which I like. 

So, to get back to the title for this post. I am weary from being a mummy this hols, but I am hyper because of my flowers,

and my little finished scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Yeap, I worked through the pooped-outness yesterday as I was desperate to finish it. The sewing in of the ends seemed to take forever and a day, definitely the worst part to any crochet project.

Now, I would show you the finished article wrapped around me as it should be...but a) to achieve maximum scarf effect I would really have to don a coat and I really couldn't face that and b) I might have to show my face, and as many of you know, I am a tad camera shy and really wouldn't want to ruin your day! ha ha! So, just some shots of it in all its yummy glory not on me.

I have to say, I am so hyper because of it. I ♥LOVE♥LOVE♥LOVE♥ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished it midday yesterday and have been staring at it ever since. I used some rather lovely, if not rather expensive Debbie Bliss yarn. The amount of colours and the length of it meant this is one hell of an indulgent scarf. One not to be done again! I love the colours, the style, the length, the snuggly-ness. Even Mr H, who just tolerates my hooky habit mentioned several times last night how much he loved the scarf. Result! Not that I wish for the Autumn so soon, but I cannot wait to wear it! It is pretty much going to go with everything I own so for me, the love, the use and the satisfaction far outweighs the cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell that I LUUURRRRVVVVVVVVVVVE it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY REALLY DO!

So, I am pooped again now, completely drained, I think I can just about summon up enough energy to go into the kitchen and make another gingerbread latte!

Cheerio for now



Edited to add: The latte will have to I pressed send on this post, a teeny tiny field mouse shot out from under my desk and down the back of the dresser! Yikes, screech, yell, scared the living crap out of me! Best go deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x


  1. I have days like that too with my boys. They are 22 1/2 months apart and some days I feel like I spend every minute pulling them apart. My husband assures me this is normal as he and his younger brother are 1 1/2 years apart. Take a deep breath, September is coming.

    I would so love to take a tour of your home, I bet it is just stunning, you have such very pretty things, and that scarf. Yum. It is beautiful! Great job! You may have spent quite a bit, but it sounds like you will be wearing it every waking moment, which so makes it worth it.

  2. Your scarf is divine! So pretty - I may just have been inspired for my next project (although I need something cheap after my last project). Can't offer any words of wisdom with your boys I'm afraid - just grit your teeth and you'll get through it. Think of all your pretties when you feel low. Take care. M x

  3. Vanessa, I LOVE your scarf! How gorgeous. I have got a pattern for a similar one (it;s a 70s pattern and in green and red - Hmmm!). I have been trying to decide on colours for it. I haven't yet decided between that or a ripple scarf. I'm so envious of the coffee maker too. I've got a tiny kitchen and it's already bursting at the seams! Hope you get some rest, my lovely. Lynda xxx

  4. No wonder you are hyper and wearing with strong coffee and arguing children. My first 2 are 18 months apart and are also like twins, why they can't just keep away from each other I will never know. Then little sweetpea has learnt to scream at the top of her voice if she is annoyed - wonder who taught her that (not me - I don't think anyway :-)). The older two have even been known to argue over rubbish on the street before - I kid you not. Wishing you a restful, argumentless rest of the hols. Loving the scarf - fab!

  5. I have really enjoyed reading your post, the scarf is just gorgeous. I keep thinking maybe I should teach myself to crochet. I can understand why you are exhausted, I had my three young nephews and niece for a couple of nights last week to give my sister a break. I loved having them but they left me completely worn out and my house totally upside down. I Knew they would be going home and I can't imagine how tiring it would have been to sustain it for the whole of the summer hols ! Love your coffee machine,I have admired them in their lovely colours for years but settled for a cheaper and boring one. I only drink real coffee and love grinding my own beans but as I am the only one of us who drinks coffee I hardly every put my coffee machine to use and usually resort to a cafetiere. Enjoy the last few weeks of the hols, it will be over so quickly.
    Ann x

  6. I wouldn't worry too much about keeping the peace - it seems its an important life lesson! Your scarf is great!

  7. I've only got the one and at the moment she is baking a cake for her 15th birthday party. I can't imagine three little boys, but my aunty had six boys then a girl so maybe she knows a bit about it!

    No wonder you love the scarf, its pure gorgeousness and goes lovely with the red coat, roll on Autumn, seen has summer decided to pass us by

  8. Love the scarf- hope the mouse doesn't find it !!
    Chin up with the boys !
    Sue x

  9. Your scarf is gorgeous, it will make winter that little bit more bearable! Also love the little flower pin on your jacket.

    Oh and I would like to steal your coffee machine...

  10. Squabling children are what pimms o'clock wsa invented for!
    Gorgeous scarf, lovely colours, i dont blame you wishing Autumn on ;)

  11. Well done, the scarf is beautiful. I think all us mummies are looking forward to the start of term, however much we love our little darlings, the constant need to amuse and incessant chattering takes its toll...
    Hen x

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  13. Hi Vanessa,

    I hope you caught the mouse?! It sounds like your days are very busy with your boys. I can remember having the same feeling you describe, when my girls were younger. On the one hand I wanted them to go to school again, on the other hand I wanted the holiday to continue. Nowadays it is much easier, as the girls make their own plans; visit friends, go to the cinema etc.

    Your scarve looks great! I understand why you are so happy with it. I would be too. It looks great on your red jacket!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  14. Vanessa ~ I just sent my two teenage boys back to school this morning and I have to say it was a relief! They have argued and bickered their way through the summer and it is positively draining on a mom. That said, I miss them when their gone! Your scarf is so, so, so pretty. Lovely job!

  15. I absolutely ♥love, love, love♥ your scarf too and am totally inspired - it looks fabulous.

    Wish I could get back into coffee, but ever since the being pregnant with middlest one (five years ago) I just can't go back - love the smell and a teeny tiny taste, bit blimey it doesn't 'alf send me loopy - talk about bouncing around the room like a two year old - that would be two of us then!!

    We've only got a week left of the hols and then I can sigh - not that they haven't got on....too badly, but mummy needs a breather now!

    take care and enjoy you're coffee and scarf.

    Nina xxx

    ps. thanks for the granny bunting info - Nx♥x♥x

  16. Hi Vanessa,
    I know exactly what you mean about the squabbling, it's a right nightmare! There's 16mths between mine, the eldest has down syndrome and knows exactly how to wind her little brother up and he just can't grasp he needs to make some allowances for her. Arrggh!!

    The crochet scarf is very lovely and I do so hope you caught the field mouse!!!!

    Justine xxx

  17. Oh wow your scarf is so nice :) I began learning crochet this week so I'm just learning, hopefully some day I might be able to make something as nice as your scarf.

    All things nice...

  18. Thought at first you were having a really pants time.... Oops sorry. Sounds just like our place and mine are 16 and 13 sorry maybe shouldn't have said that. Love the scarf and the whole coffee thing. Your syrup selection looks just the thing to get you through the holidays. Go on have a treat, or make baby chinos for the boys, might make them appreciate life...
    Take care o nay a few weeks to go and the schools will be back

  19. Love the scarf, it's gorgeous!
    As for the children, I know exactly what you mean. I have an 11 year old and a 4 year old and they argue from the minute that they get up! It is very draining. I hope you get some peace soon, take care x

  20. Your scarf is scrumptious and it looks great with the jacket. Well done!

  21. Your scarf is amamzing, so much work and such lovely colours. It will brighten the winter days for you!
    My oldest two are bickering and squabbling every day, different sexes and 4 years apart, it drives me mad and sometimes I just tune it out and leave them to it.

  22. Love your charming blog. I shall be back! Love the scarf too!

  23. How funny you had a mouse!!! You will never guess what my pair have been up to today... MOUSING!!! We were clearing out the shed and came across lots of the critters! So both boy1 and boy2, +1 dog, +1 cat they sorted the problem out...together!!! I'm very proud of them all, what a team! need to get the grumbling bears on the case! X
    P.S. Gingerbread coffee...I think I neeeeeed some! xxx

  24. ...Oops! Forgot to say also...

    I NEEEEEEEED your scarf too!!! Love it Hun. x

  25. Well done for completing the scarf after being so pooped out. 30 pairs of pants is a lot of washing I'm planning on doing this next year with my twin boys! So I had better get in double the amount of underwear!!!

  26. Wow beautiful scarf. Oh and believe me you are not alone with the arguing kids - my 2 (7 year old boy and 4 1/2 year old girl)are at it from the minute they wake up!

  27. Oooh such a lovely scarf, I love the colours Well done! x x x x
    and I know just what you mean about boys/bickering/school hols... you aren't alone xxxx

  28. I do toatlly love your scarf! I can't even imagine all the work that went into that!!! It is gorgoeus though! :)

    Oh my boys are wearing me out & they aren't really old enough to fight yet! Good thing they are cute or I would have to give them to the neighbors :)

  29. Your so darn cute I'm out of words...Adorable!

  30. hellooooooo♥ooo lovely vanessa! ♥
    oh my days your blog lifts my spirits high into cloud nine!...i woke up feeling tired! haha!...think i could do with a scrummy coffee syrup from whittards- i worked for them many moons ago!...i do admitt with the weather it feels like winter anyway!- i mean we have had 3 days of grey and rain this week! so depressing!...And to be truthful sweetpea being an only child she feels bored without her pre school chums to play with...and i feel im loosing my rag with her all the time cos she's constantly hanging off my legs if i try and do house work.
    Also not being able to get to the park so much cos of the down pours -think we're both fed up!
    sooo roll on sept i say!!!!
    love n hugs missy kazzy xxxxxxxxx

  31. When it comes to the teenage years you'll be glad you have boys! Boys make much better teenagers than girls. Although I know that's not much consolation at the minute!
    Well done on the scarf, it's gorgeous! :)
    Vivienne x

  32. That scarf is GORGEOUS!..and looks fab with that red jacket.I hate the sewing up bit too,infact I've abandoned my crochet(for now) and started on painting projects just to have a break from it! Sounds like you are being worn ragged with the kids.I don't have any myself but I remember my sister nearly tearing her hair out at the time when she had three under three's!

    Bellaboo :o)

  33. I'm loving the scarf! I've not long learnt to crochet but love it, and may well be making that scarf very soon. I often look at your blog for a bit of inspiration. Its truly warming that there are others that are dealing with similar things to yourself, I cant wait for September our little kidders are driving me crackers!! Much Love xx

  34. Love the scarf, I'd love to have the patience to do one for myself.

    The holidays have been kind to me this year and we are surviving pretty well, H is on holiday with her friend and family until Sunday so that has helped!

    I know what you mean re little bear, L will be 3 at the end of November and his attention span is very frustrating, though not as frustrating as his new saying 'not now' to everything I say!

    Not long now till school starts :) x

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  36. Just found your blog...beautiful. I love your pictures, your cath kidston cowbow mug, scarf, flowers etc. etc! Thank you for sharing! xx

  37. Wow ,I love your Ta Dahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!
    Your scarf is absolutely stunning !!
    Love that you share the lows too.My three boys are so loud and some days they fall out all the time ,does wear you out .
    Not long till September :0)
    Jacquie x

  38. Your scarf is truly beautiful. I have very serious scarf envy.

    I am struggling with the squabbles too this holiday, but then eldest will be going to school for the first time so when they separate it will be bittersweet.


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