Friday, 10 December 2010

Feeling Festive....

My love of Stripes. So, anyone who reads this blog regularly, knows, well, I really can't get enough!

I saw these.....

From The White Company and fell in love with them. Very me....but the price wasn't. £10 for a set of 3 mini striped stockings. Although I see now they have been reduced to £7.50 and have sold out.

Imagine my delight when in Sainsburys I see almost the exact same thing. £1 each and filled with snowmen chocolates! I love a bargain!

Also available in light green stripes. They will go nicely with my big stockings...

I also paid a visit to a Garden centre to check out their decorations this year, and came back with a few....

I don't know about you, but even if you have enough Christmas decorations to completely fill your house, somehow, it's not 'Christmas' if you don't get a few new ones each year. My tastes have always been quite plain when it comes to christmas decorations, but this year, I have found myself very drawn to the sprayed glass ornaments. I saw some beautiful ones in Heals with london Taxis etc but the price was way too I settled with these little ones...

Hats and mittens and all little wonderful delights...

Some glass candle clip decorations for the tree...

Can you believe the size of this glass heart? It is HUGE! Mr H will roll his eyes when he sees it, giving me that look of 'why? why? why?' But it just had to be. They had HUGE glass acorns which were also rather beautiful, but I thought I could probably just about get away with the heart, but that would be it! The little glass Santas stole my heart, such cheery, jolly little fellas.

I just have to get a tree now, so these little beauties are hanging around, waiting to be put up and shown in all their glory. So, I sit, and look at them....and smile...and feel really rather festive...sipping a nice hot latte from my cups which eventually arrived after a very long wait. so I smile and feel rosy today.

Perhaps a potter or two. A few more makes to be made and a poorly Baby Bear to snuggle up with.



  1. Red white and silver has always been my Christmas motto plus when the odd decoration or few (tut, tut)are added each year then I am only the one that notices - sneaky, but effective.

    I love your Christmas red goodness going on and mini stripy stockings - let me at Sainsburys!!

    Jolly days,

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina xxx

  2. I know what you mean, I always seem to buy more and more every year! I have a poorly bear too, hope your baby bear gets better soon xx

  3. Very festive indeed! I love all of your pretty decorations, especially the heart. I can just imagine my hubby rolling his eyes as well, oh well :) That is a beautiful cup, just gorgeous. Hope your little one feels better soon.

  4. Beautiful decorations and sweet post:)
    I wish you a nice and pleasant weekend.
    Zondra Art

  5. Oooh, now I will be forced to make a trip to Sainsbeans in search of teeny tiny stockings! I've been bringing our decorations down from the loft ready for tomorrow when we choose our tree. This year, I found some beautiful snowflakes made by a local potter for £1.60 each at a Christmas fair. Quel bargain! I love your beautiful pictures. Laura x

  6. Oh what gorgeous decorations. I actually haven't bought any new decorations this year yet although there are many beauties out there. Those little glass ornaments and those stockings LUSH!!!
    Hope your little one gets better soon xxx

  7. Tell hubby you've saved money, the heart can be used all year round.....

  8. Love the Santa's! What could be better stripes and chocolate, a winning combination for sure. :) xx

  9. Bargain! love those little stripey stockings.

  10. A lovely post, pretty christmas goodies, and bargains at Sainsburys too...l

    Hope your little bear feels better soon.


  11. When I read the start of your post, I thought 'oooh sainsbugger have those for not many spendy buttons!' Glad to know you got some red and white at a great price.

    I hope your little one feels better soon.x

  12. What absolutely amazing stuff and the one with the taxis must have been superb!

  13. what a great post all cheerful and bright

  14. lov'in the stripes! The wee ornaments are so neat!

  15. Soooooo many lovely things! I especially love the heart. Unfortunately we can't have glass ornaments because of the cats.
    I hope you little one is much better soon.

  16. You can never have enough Christmas decorations in my opinion! The more the merrier I find!! Dev x

  17. I love those stripy socks and your ornaments are so adorable!

  18. the little stockings are so cute. I love stripes too x


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