Monday, 20 December 2010

The year in view...

I was thinking about this past year. It has been a very different one to the one I think I expected. We have been needed a lot by others, and whilst completely happy to be there, it has been tiring. I think just because, our bears have needed us a lot too...and rightly so.........but sometimes it's draining enough just trying to sort out your own little bubble of a brood. In truth, I think Mr H and I will be glad to see the back of 2010 and hope that 2011 will be somewhat calmer.

I have been thinking about what I have achieved in this past year. My little Blog reached a year old. I have faffed for over a year now....but thoroughly enjoyed it. What started out as a little blog diary of my makes, seems to become so much more than that. I have been inspired by others and met some truly wonderful people. I have enjoyed taking pics, actually taking time out to learn how to work my camera(!) and documenting my life over the past year. I have made a few makes....which pleases me immensely. I have indulged in a fair bit of crochet since learning at the end of last year... my new found friend. I Love colour......can you tell from my blog?! I need it...I have REALLY needed it this past year and I think it has helped me get through the greyest of days. are a few pics of colour from the past year of my blog.......

My new found love

Colourful yarn

Bits and bobs

Colourful makes

Pastel pretties

Makes and buys

Christmas time

So, as I sign off for this year, let me take the opportunity to say a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and I hope that your NEW YEARS will each be great ones!

Cheerio all

Much love



  1. And what a beautiful, beautiful blog as well.

    I am so glad I found you. Been inspired by your art, craft and very, very pretty (wantsome) style.

    Here's to another year and many, many more.

    Merry, merry Christmas Vanessa.

    Warm wishes and big hugs,

    Nina xxx

    ps. that was my year last year!

  2. Your blog is so wonderful, filled with colour and inspiration! Just looking at these images makes me feel instantly uplifted!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful 2011 xx

  3. Lovely post as ever V! I can't believe you only learned crochet a year ago and here I am still struggling!! Must try harder!!

    Much love at Christmas to you and your family from me and mine.

    Hugs Justine xxx

  4. Your blog is such a beautiful place to spend time. Your photography is simply wonderful and very inspiring.

    Have a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2011.

  5. What a lovely look back at 2010 and your collections of images above are testament to your wonderful blog, they are so pretty and colourful. I wish you and your a perfect christmas and an even better new year.

    All things nice...

  6. What a fabulous colour filled post !
    Best wishes to you
    Sue x

  7. What a beautiful post! Your photos are wonderful,and so full of colour. I love dipping into your world - you are so inspiring. I know you have had a tough year and contemplated giving up blogging, but when you look back over your fabulous pictures, I hope you can delight in them as we do.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Much love. M x

  8. I have been so blessed to be able to follow along with your year. Your blog is always so beautiful and just what I need on many a gloomy morning. I'm sorry it's been a rough one for your, this year has been one of our most difficult as well, though things are finally looking up. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a better new year!

  9. Merry Christmas, Vanessa. Your mosaics are truly beautiful, thanks so much for sharing them.
    Hen x

  10. What lovely photos! Merry Christmas friend.

  11. It has been an absolute pleasure to share your blog with you during 2010.

    Your beautiful photos, wonderful makes and heart-on-your-sleeve honesty are a total joy. I always look forward to reading your latest post.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas lovely girl and here's to a peaceful, but just as colourful, 2011.


  12. Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for being an inspiration to me!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Lots of love

  13. What gorgeous collages!
    Have a great Christmas and I hope you get all you wish for in the new year.

  14. Have a wonderful Christmas! Becky

  15. Hope you and yours have a very merry and colourful Christmas , looking forward to seeing what you do next year ... thank you for the tin house info.
    Lisa x

  16. Thank you soooo much for this wonderful post...It is soooo full of inspiration and beautiful colorful pics! waw! I saw it again and again more than 10 times :)
    Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year 2011!
    and Thank you again, your blog is a piece of art!

  17. you make blog land soooo beautiful with all your cheery brights n have a real talent as a photographer! we need a Vanessa mag on the shelf ;0)xxxx

    your such a lovely lady missy v x

    merry christmas to you and the bears xxxx

    i hope n pray for a less busy n tiring 2011 ;0)

    lots of festive huggys xxxxxxx

  18. Merry Christmas Vanessa, your pics are truely fabulous. Here's to 2011! :) x

  19. Have a fantastical Christmas and New Year. I hope the kiddies don't drive you too bonkers (mine are at the moment aaahhhh!). Love your photos, just fantastic.

  20. Hi Vanessa, what a lovely look back at all your makes. I can't believe you've only been blogging for a year, your's is saturated with lovely words and photos and I so enjoy visiting. Sending you and yours abundant blessings now and in the new year. xx Josie

  21. What a great look back, I love your blog it's has such a great mixture. Have a great Christmas.

  22. What a beautiful colourful post! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas xxxxx

  23. such a beautiful treat! Love, love the colour!

  24. Such stunning photo collages and wonderful colours! I've only just found your blog but look forward to more in the new year... you also give me hope learning to crochet last year, i have been wanting to take it up for a while as I would love to make myself a great big granny blanket, but i've always thought i would just never be able to pick it up! merry christmas and a happy new year xxx

  25. A wonderful explosion of colour...gorgeous pics!
    Have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Bellaboo X

  26. fantastic pictures - have a good christmas

  27. You have a wonderful blog and in these trying days it is lovely to be flooded with such colour. I think I have had a similar 2010 to you and I am also quite glad it's over. Let's hope 2011 will have a more settled feel when time can be spent with our own brood!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a restful and peaceful 2011! Keep blogging and filling our lives with such colour!

  28. This post has brightened up a dull Winter's day indeed!
    Happy Winter Solstice to you!

    Sandie xx

  29. Your amazing Missy and I so look forward to 2011 too! Your work is just candy to the eyes!

  30. coco rose you should write a book!!! everybody would love looking at your colourful pics,,,and i need a really good introduction to crochet book....i need someone to help me understand the basic stiches and how to read the patterns x x i would buy it!!! x x

  31. A lovely post. I hope next year is a better one, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  32. Gorgeous pictures!! Have a fabulous christmas, see you next year xxx

  33. What Beautiful photos - would make a lovely calender or even Moo cards?

    Hope you have a great Christmas, and all the best for a peaceful 2011

  34. So many beautiful images! Your blog is always so beautiful and colourful.
    I hope you have a fabulous Christmas.
    Much love x

  35. Fabulous pictures - what a joy!
    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas!

  36. Merry Christmas Vanessa,
    Thank you for being so inspiring this year. I look forward to reading more in 2011.
    Much love
    Gemma x

  37. Hi Vanessa,

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I love this post, what a lovely way to look back over the year, the photos are gorgeous and I really like the way you have presented them.
    I know exactly where you are coming from when you are talking about your blog and how your original purpose for the blog being completely different to what you had intended it to be (I have done exactly the same)
    I really do hope that 2011 is a calmer year for you.
    Love from
    Gem xx

  38. Vanessa, what a lovely collection of photo's!! I'm so pleased I have just discovered you and will be looking forward to future posts :) I've just added you to my reader! xx

  39. Vanessa I have loved reading your blog this year and getting to know you, and I am looking forward to sharing next year with you too.
    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas...Much Love Em xxx

  40. Hi Vanessa - hope you and your family had a splendid Christmas. Happy New Year. Lots of love. Michelle x

  41. Hej Vanessa

    Just popped by to say...
    Wishing you a healthy AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011
    And wishing you the best of everything your wishing n hoping n praying for...
    ★ ┊    ★ ┊┊   ★ ┊  ★ ┊    
    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊ ┊     ★┊  
      ★ ┊    ★ ┊ ★ ┊ ★ ┊
    ...┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊ ☆ ☆ 
    ☆┊   ☆   ★ ┊    ★ ┊┊ ☆   
    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊★┊ ★
    ☆┊ ☆   ★ ┊    ★ ┊
    Have Fun!

    P.S. Thank you for being such a lovely, inspiring and encouraging blogging friend ;-)
    See you next year x

  42. Gorgeous Montages !, ★ Happy New Year sweets ★

  43. Happy New Year, Vanessa! Your pictures are wonderful and I have spent a long time admiring your talent. Looking forward to sharing what the new year holds in store for your creative self! Your new banner is terrific. BTW, do you sell the gorgeous felt brooches you make?

  44. Happy New Year!!
    What beautiful pictures, I spent an age looking at them, thank you for sharing your colourful world with us, I look forward to seeing what you bring us in 2011!

    Love Julia x x x

  45. Wow, I love your blog, all of your photos are soooo beautiful!
    Looking forward to following your posts in 2011.
    Liz x

  46. What lovely crochet you have made! All the beautiful things you've made and all the colour almost make me burst with inspiration. Think I have to go upstairs and get my hook...

  47. Thank you so much for filling me with inspiration and colour! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and I always have a smile on my face when I read it.

  48. Oohh..I find your sweet and beautiful blog..I love it! very very beautiful!
    ciao Monica

  49. Dear Vanessa, what a beautiful post about 2010! I love all the collages you made, the wonderful colours and you creations... I am impressed!
    Have a great weekend, love Maaike

  50. I would love to see the first year of your blog, but can only see one post at the end of 2009, is it possible to see the rest? I've just really stopped to look at your blog properly and it's lovely.


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