Friday, 17 December 2010

Slow down?

I fear I may have taken this whole chill out approach to Christmas a bit too far!

I am now realising just how close it is, and there are still a few makes to go. But a few more bits have been done....

Christmas chutney....made...labels done...ribbon attatched.

Chilli Jam....made...labels to be done.

All thanks to Nigella! I'm sure they will be enjoyed!

A sprinkling of snow dusted our way again. I cannot imagine what it must be like up North at the moment. Even the Bears are annoyed it is here again. They think it might hinder us seeing family this Christmas. We shall see.

It is cold. I have been wearing my granny squares scarf a lot. It is my Dr Who scarf. 

I made it long.........v-e-r-y long! I like to be able to wrap it round twice if it is really cold. It is snug and warm, and has become a very good friend to me.

I did make another one....stripy of course...and this has become quite a companion also.

Some wrist warmers and a hat to be made over christmas I think!

As usual, whilst Christmas shopping, I found Christmas presents for me instead of others! These did sneak in the basket. When I wake and walk around the house in the morning, it will be the pink striped scarf around my neck and these oh so pretty snuggle angora striped socks on my feet to keep the chill off! Mr H has it very easy!

Another find this week was a little bit of thrifted china, right up my street and a bargain. I just have to mix it in with the rest!

So, more to be done today, no slowing down yet. Are you organised yet?

Happy Friday and weekend to you all!



  1. Beautiful post and photos!!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hello Hello,
    no I'm not organised yet but I'm sure it will all fall into place soon! I have been procrastinating and admiring your photostream when I should have been wrapping!
    We stll have to collect my daughter from Brighton and then visit family and friends in Birmingham before Christmas eve, weather permitting!Loving your homemade goodies, I'm sure they will be very well received!
    Have a lovely day
    Rachel x

  3. Beautiful! The labels are very clever! Love the granny scarf. x

  4. I'm a little afraid to say for tempting fate but yes I'm all sorted for Chrimbo :). Just need to give the house a good clean and then I'm ready xx

  5. No not quite ready yet. Have spent the morning trying to put marzipan on a cake with only one hand. Luckily daughter child has arrived home to start the holidays and has offered to help. Also been spending quite a time perusing moo pics. Like the idea of their sticky labels mmmmm.

  6. Gorgeous scarf..that will keep you cosy during the next big freeze.
    Just finished wrapping my presents this morning.Only got Mr Boo's to find now.
    Keeping fingers crossed that the snow won't stop us visiting friends and family. :0)

  7. love the socks ... I'm in north east england and we had a few snow showers yesterday but none of it lay ... more forecast for the weekend though

  8. I am just the same - I really shouldn't be buying for myself so close to Christmas, but the temptation is just far too great.

    Your scarf is gorgeous and I always tend to side more on a Tom Baker style - long with a good wrap around yardage is always my motto - it makes for a jolly good (warm) scarf.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

    Nina xxxx

    ps. no snow here.....yet though family in Guildford and further south towards Portsmouth all either had some or it was trying to really hard.

  9. I am in awe! You are soooooo clever. I am coveting that scarf.
    I feel a bit panicked now as I still need to send my Christmas cards arggghhhhhh!
    Lots of love Jo

  10. Nope not ready yet and now I feel the NEED to learn to crochet :-)

    I will be glad when it is over and done with really as little sweetpea is getting rather emotional about it all :-(

  11. tooowitttooowoooo's look at you in your scarf ;0) looks soooo lovely vanessa xxxxx
    such a pretty lady you always at a rush on christmas eve even when ive done my up most not to be...there's always added extra relations that turn up...and im thinking ahhhh need to wrap some chocs for them...sometimes its best to just go with the all gets done in the end xxxxx

    love your should sell it ;0)x

  12. ....hehehe loved your comment on my blog ;0)
    i bet it tastes fabba-tastical...what would i do in blog land without you? you always make me smile- wish i had a friend like u near by ;0)
    Thank you for all your beautiful posts the last few years ;0) x brighten my world lovely v x

  13. I think I'm nearly there Vanessa but then, that's when something I've completely forgotten crops up!

    Am utterly in love with your scarf. Gorgeous rare photo of you too! :-) Just today, I have dusted off my poor neglected hooks and yarn. I physically NEED to make something!

    Nearly there sweetie!


  14. It's so nice to see a glimpse of you, and love that scarf. I like mine really really long as well, I can be extra cozy with it all bundled up. Your gifts look lovely, well done. Today I am scrambling to finish up a couple of gifts to get them posted tomorrow so they reach their destination in time and then it's last minute wrapping and prepping to go up to the cabin for Christmas. Have to admit I'm really looking forward to being able to sit and relax here next week.

  15. Homemade Christmas is best!!!

  16. Hej Hej Vanessa

    Walked in the door from London & S'holm half hour ago just checking in quickly with everyone with a nice cuppa tea, as you do lol!
    Your chutney/jams look devine and very professionally and beautifully packaged...
    LOVE the granny scarf ;-)
    You are sooo organised!
    I have NO christmas tree yet or any decorations up...My suitcase was filled with my M & S Turkey crown and Christmas on the English Christmas Dinner I'm fixed just need to buy for the Swedish Julbord...Teenagers...easy peasy so everyone wants Money Money Money...Stocking fillers all done...I once the decs are up over the weekend, will relax and enjoy making so pepparkakor and drinking lots of glogg by the fire YAY! LOADS of snow here too.
    Wishing you and your lovely family
    a wonderful and blessed Christmas

  17. Everything looks like it just came out of a boutique!!!!I love your scarf, scarves.

    P.s. can you send me your address I have not gotten it yet, or maybe it went to junk mail I will check!

  18. oh i do love your scarf he colours are beautiful if only i knew how to crochet, im not there yet i have been making some bits for a couple of hampers that im doing, im half way through wrapping what i have got, but im sure everything will come together at some point this week x

  19. That's a very pretty top you're wearing Vanessa, along with that very pretty granny scarf!
    Im just from today going into chill out mode - I think it's due to the temperature being minus 8 and being sat next to the Christmas tree (where underneath hides a rather disgustingly large tin of chocolates) watching twinkly lights and The Snowman on the DVD (again).
    Love your chutney jars, they look like something very fabulous you would find in a gorgeous deli - Im sure the contents are equally lovely and only wish I could try some!!

    Sending you love for Christmas,
    Julia x x x

  20. oh my vanessa, I LOVE your scarf!!! love love love it!!!!!
    You've made me want to go make myself one right this instant.
    btw I also love my scarves long and wrappy

  21. A lovely post filled with lovely things, especially that scarf! Oh I do wish I could crochet but sadly it didn't work out too well when I tried. I must give it another go in the new year. P.S your jams and chutneys look beautiful! Lovely little finishing touches as always xx

  22. Love your scarfe. It is really really pretty. Wonderful colour choices, right up my alley. ANd over here. I am in denial jsut like you. Is Christmas soon here? Already??!! What happen to being "many weeks away". I am never, NEVER gonna make it in time. That is a fact. Christmas cheers and wishes.

  23. I love your makes, the chutney labels looks fab! And dont get me started on the scarves. Im organised but its because i dont do half of what you do!!

  24. Such Joy over here! Your jam and chutneys look amazingly wonderful! The receivers are going to be sooooo blessed.
    Have a very merry week getting ready. xo

  25. Your posts always brighten my day. The homemade goodies look fantastic - well done you for being so organised, Your scarf is divine, beautiful colours. I hope you have a good week next week with the run up to Christmas - I can feel a baking mood coming on - hmmmmm what to make?! Take care. M x

  26. fab makes! Love the 'Dr Who' scarf! I agree longer is far better!! The cutney and jam looks amazing!!!
    I'm all done now but having said that we have really downsized this year! Sad but with the baby we just haven't had time! Still I'm sure next year will make up for it!!

  27. Please, please, please, do you have a pattern for that scarf? Are they three across? Did you do the colors randomly or did you have a pattern?

    What yarn did you use and colors?

    Sorry for so many questions. I saw your scarf on ravelry. Someone mentioned how awesome it was and I fell in love with it.


  28. Hi Samantha, I hope you read this as there is no way of contacting you personally! I don't have a pattern for the scarf, but I can tell you that it is three squares wide, each square has two granny square rows, I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino yarn, I single crocheted it all together and did a pico edging all around it. I hope this helps! Best wishes Vanessa x

  29. Thank you so much! It's beautiful!

    I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm on


  30. Oh, I just stumbled upon your blog and think you make gorgious stuff! I totally fell in love with the Dr. Who Scarf. Fantastic!! I love the colours.


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