Monday, 28 February 2011

Going down a glorious path.........

...........Hello all.......hope you are well!

It seems as ever, I have a billion things to get done and the hours are just flying by. My head is buzzing with new things to make, in all kinds of crafty areas. As much as I am loving crochet....if I am being completely frustrates me that what I want to produce from crochet cannot be completed in a day!

My 2011 aim was to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine. I am a VERY basic sewer and I would love to become competent at it. My dream was always to make my own skirts and dresses. Nothing mega fancy, just plain and simple and I would be quite happy. Am I asking for too much here?!!!!

I also would love to do more freehand embroidery, and get messy again with papier mache. I went through a phase many years ago when paper mache was big for me in my little crafty world, but I dont think Mr H has such fond memories. I completely ruined a very good blender....not something we bring up!!!!!!!!

So, I have been listing little projects that I want to get done.........still on crochet for now..........and so whilst perusing through my little books of wonder, I decided I should like to try something new to me.

It was these piccies that gave me inspiration....

Don't you just love them? Ahhhh dreamy stuff...well...for me anyway.

I have actually made them, a while back now........loved them......someone else loved them too so I gave them away. Think I would like to do some more to keep, but it was not these that started me on my new little adventure.......

It was these........

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures but they were from a book in poor dull grey light.

I thought these were really rather fun and could imagine them sitting quite nicely in my kitchen. They came from these rather lovely books....

Whenever I need a crafty colour burst, I turn to these books. Sheer inspiration and beauty.

So, anyhow, this got me thinking to what other styles I could find of the potholder variety. After a bit of searching on the internet and finding some free downloadable patterns, I thought I would have a go and see where it would take me........ took me to a place where the air was a tad blue I can tell you. How does following a pattern for a potholder turn into a dolls hat/bowl? No, I don't know either, but it did. A part of me wanted to give up, but the other part of me wanted to succeed. I am not great at reading patterns in written form, I find them very confusing and find diagrams so much easier.

But.....with perseverence......I made one.....or two...or several, just because I was excited and on a roll!!!!!! Woo hoooooooooo.

So, do you want to see what I slaved over?

I went a bit mad with this style didn't I?!!!!!

It was such fun to do and I loved playing with the colour combinations. My favourite is the one with the olive green in the middle and petrol blue edging. It looks like it deserves to be on a retro sideboard.

I love them so much, it seems a shame to use them to plonk a pot on, so perhaps I might go all Emma Lamb inspired, put a hook on them and hang them on the wall to show them off. Will have a little think.

I started another one last night in a different pattern which needed every ounce of concentration.....but I seem to be hooked (forgive the pun) on these little beauties and have plans for several more varieties. Certainly a glorious path to wander down!

Happy Monday to you all!



  1. You are so clever, they are fantastic! They look very complicated. Love your colour ways!
    I am very pleased to pass on to you a Stylish Blogger Award!
    I do so enjoy your beautiful blog! I hope you accept - please pop over to my blog to read about it!
    Gill xx

  2. This has got to be one of my favourites!
    Love it so so so so much! You are so talented!
    Congratulations on Award! How exciting!
    I just got one too!
    Well done,

  3. Oh I am sooo jealous! I've seen these a couple of times and just cannot follow the pattern, my crochet skills are just not up to it. Boo Hoo!

  4. The pot holders look fantastic. I have to say it really is worth persevering with learning to read written patterns - it means there are so many more patterns available to you. I've been crocheting for so long I had to learn to read patterns (no internet picture tutorials around when I was a child, but I did have Grannies to help!) but even so I often find some patterns make absolutely no sense until I actually start crocheting. x

  5. Those are gorgeous, I think my favourite is the same one. Beautiful colours, glad you were able to figure it out. I'm the exact opposite, I have the hardest time with charts, I find it much easier to read a pattern.

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I've got those books too but haven't made anything yet for fear of the charts. Eek! Have a lovely week, my friend. xxxxxx

  7. They are such beautiful pretties - nicely done for sure.

    I'm also sure I have those two books somewhere around here - I really must have a sort out, our book room has piles every where.

    Have a lovely day - it's grey and yuk here too.

    Nina xxx

  8. oh, they are gorgeous! I started one of these quite awhile ago but never finished. I just couldn't get the hang of it

  9. These look amazing! They also look very complicated and clever! I love all the different colourways - making a garland with them would be a lovely way to enjoy them. Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  10. They are gorgeous, I think the colour combos are stunning. Can't wait to see the new pattern.
    I am also sat here frustrated that I am not getting the sewing machine out and becoming an expert! I have so many ideas for crafty things yet don't seem to get any done at the moment.

  11. Oh they are amazing! I love the design and yes, your favorite is mine too. I so love love love that petrol color. Thank you for posting this on the grey misty Monday we have here in Holland!
    Love, Maaike

  12. Your favorite is also my favorite. I looked at the complexity of the pattern and thought no wonder you had difficulty with it at first! I would have given up and I admire your perseverence. I love the potholders and am always snatching up and bringing home any vintage ones I find. :-)

  13. Wow you really are a crochet master! Beautiful work! I started on Friday after years of wanting to learn. So far I've managed a few wonky granny squares! As for freehand embroidery, that's a real love of mine; over the last year I've found hand stitching to be one of my fave crafts. I recently bought a copy of 'The Embroidery Stitch Bible' so I can push my stitcheries to the next level. So much fun! xx

  14. Beautiful colours, I lake it!!!
    Kisses and happy new week.

  15. Love them, every colour combo is a winner. I am so impressed, am still dreaming of your big shawl x x x x x Jane

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  17. Goodness Vanessa, you never do things by halves!! The pot holders are fab, I have a couple of patterns for motifs with the interlinked bits like that (IYKWIM *rollseyes*) but have been avoiding them as I thought they would be super tricky - love the effect though so might give them a try!!

    As for your sewing, I bought myself a sewing machine last autumn after spending years thinking I couldn't sew. I did textiles at school (got "U" for my GCSE *blushes*) and would spend 45mins of every hours lesson trying to get the blasted machine to work.

    Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I gave off an electromagnetic field that caused all sewing machines within a certain radius to malfunction. I didn't touch one again for over 20yrs.

    But, I mastered crochet - which I couldn't do before either. And embroidery. So I decided to give sewing a go.

    Soon I was making so many cushions hubby begged me not to make any more. Plain ones. Patchwork ones. Union Jacks. Applique. Then blinds.

    And then, just before Christmas - a dress!! Yep, a dress!! I have since done a couple more, a top and a Victorian style nightie (my favourite).

    Try one of the simple patterns (they are rated) and you will easily manage it with your creativity!!

  18. Your perseverance more than paid off! What an intriguing pattern. I am enchanted by these lovely pinwheel-esque potholders. I, too, love the olive green centered one. Happy crocheting to you!

  19. They are lovely, I've recently started with knitting, but have heard a lot about crochet. These definitely make me want to learn it! xx

  20. Hi Vanessa,

    All those colours look lovely. Good luck behind the sewing machine! Looking forward to see your first skirt!

    Lieve groet & happy new week!


  21. beautiful makes!!! freehand embroidery is a goal for me this year as well !!!

  22. Those are beautiful, they remind of those origami paper lillies..

  23. Love those - great shapes!; really different. And lovely colourways. Well done!

  24. I also wanna make so many thing with al kinds of crafts...
    `Love thos potholders your made... beautifull colors!!

  25. PS: Would you mind telling me what material you used to make these? It's so fluff-free it doesn't look like yarn it almost looks like a smooth string?! Xx

  26. They are fab, what a fantastic pattern. The colours are lovely, but it is the texture/layering that is wonderful. I really need to learn more of this crochet stuff x

  27. Great colour combos very retro. They look really difficult, well done for mastering the pattern. It is a shame to cover them with a pot so definatley hang them up.

  28. GIRL! your colour combinations are wonderful! out of this world brilliant!
    and the so intricate! I've never done anything like this...with that twist..yes, you did go all out..and it's amazing!

    thanks for sharing..your joy and enthusiasm for crochet really shone throughout this entire post.....I can't wait to see what you do with embroidery and your sewing machine!!!!!


    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  29. Gorgeous. Where did you find the pattern? I think I might like to try it too!!!

  30. Your pictures are a real pleasure to see! Thank you x

  31. I have this two books too and i love it so much!
    Your Doilys are much pretty and i love the colours. Very beautiful work!
    Send you many Greetings and wish you a nice week,


  32. They are great I love the colours, they look very complicated.

  33. Oh wow! I've had my eye on those starry coasters for a while and am now really inspired to try them. I am a yarn novice though and wondered if you could share what type of yarn you've used to get such a lovely soft looking finish? Thanks! Tracey x

  34. They are so cool! Where did you find the pattern?

  35. Love all the color combinations. I had to laugh when you posted the comment about ruining a blender. I love to make handmade paper so I know exactly what your talking about!!! Blenders beware when it comes to
    blending paper!!
    The little polka dot cups and their coaster are extra sweet!
    Chris :o)

  36. OK now I am DESPERATE for the pattern for the ones under the teacup - please let us know where it is from??? Lovely work - all of it!

  37. I stumbled upon your blog just today and I love it. I would really like the pattern for these flowers. I see that a lot of people have requested it, but I don't see it posted anywhere (I could be blind though). Thanks for all the great pictures and ideas! I love it!

    1. Hi there,

      Here is a link to the pattern! : )


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