Friday, 18 March 2011

☀Appearing Sun☀..........

Firstly....thank you for all your very lovely words on my last post. I am finally feeling like my energy levels are coming back and so feeling brighter in my disposition!!!!! With little energy, getting anything done was a task....even crafting! I just felt a bit rubbish at everything.....mother....crafter....blogger! I didn't want to post about it as I felt like I was being such a moaning minnie, and whilst I don't want this blog to be completely unrealistic and always sickeningly sunshiny, I  also don't want it to swing too far the other way! Trying to find a decent balance!!! I think when I get tired and worn out I get a bad case of the bloggy wobbles. I lack confidence and think my blog is totally pants. But, at the same time, I do think that this blog is me, completely me.....and although it has taken a completely different path to what it was originally set up is nice to have space to be just me, so for now, I carry on as I am.  Also, after the week of terrible tragedies in Japan, you can't help but count your blessings. My woes pale into insignificance.

I have spent the week just taking it easy.....pottering.....crocheting and crafting in amongst the daily chores! Eating plenty of fruit and trying to be healthy!

please note...the coffee was a little treat here!!!!!!! I have been living off fresh orange juice all week.

My kind of brekkie


The bears lve fruit mixes. Me too. Scrummy with Apricot Yoghurt and granola. As you can see it went pretty quickly! Deeeeeeeelish!!!!!!!!!!!

When the sun has been shining, I have been sitting on my back kitchen step, cuppa in hand, head to the sun and drinking in this song.

It's one of my most favourite of feel good songs. It's happy and soft. It reminds me of sunshiny days in cornwall, spent drinking in the sun and sea air. Sitting watching the hustle and bustle on the Falmouth sea front waiting to catch the boat back to St Mawes. It reminds me of walking early morning up the winding little streets of St Ives whilst the sun shone in a cloudless sky. It also reminds me of happily baking in the kitchen on a warm bright day and feeling very content and happy. With a wonderful mix of memories to this song, it has amazing power to uplift me. It's awesome how a song can transport you somewhere in an instant. I like that. Great medicine

Also, I have been trying to find ways to make myself be a bit more organised. I was starting to feel like everything was just running away with me. My monthly planner on my fridge was a month behind and I kept forgetting school dates. Probably catch 22. When you are under the weather you start to fall behind with everything, then trying to catch up and over doing it makes you susceptible to more bugs!

Still enjoying the  flowers budding in the garden though

Early morning dew

Arn't these just such a fabulous colour? When they all start appearing in abundance in my little patch they look so lovely and cheerful. You can't help but smile.

So, little bits at a time to get me started. I have taken a long hard look at a lot of things. How to make the house run more efficiently. How to find space for everything and what to get rid of. I am in my spring cleaning mood (though you may not have thought it looking at my crafty mess piccie!!!!). I am a natural is Mr H.....and the bears seem to have inherited it too. Not a good thing when there are five of you living in a small space. So, after a while of hoarding, I get frustrated and get rid of it.

I am trying hard to do the whole 'one thing in and one thing out' rule, just to try and keep on top of things. I have decided that my monthly magazine stash is just ridiculous. I am such a magazine person, but you know, just never really realised how much I spent every month on them. I just wander around the supermarket, if one catches my eye then in the trolly it goes. So, I am limiting myself to two a month. Chop and change. Save money and space....can't be a bad thing! 

 I have given a good number of bags full to the brim to charity shops too this week, which is a nice feeling. Clear the house....clear the head!

I have been a bit mad and started a few crochet projects without any thought really. Just simple, easy, no headachey projects, but they have been making me happy. Sometimes the ones without thought are the best.

I have had two projects in mind though to start, just had to decide which one to start first......

Beautiful spring colours to get me in the sunshiny mood

Or lush pastel, chalky colours, all soft and snug.

Hummmmmm, decisions, decisions!!!!

I also have to say a big thank you to gillyflower and Gem for bestowing me with Stylish Blogger Awards. I still feel very humbled people read me let alone pass these on to me. Sorry I am late in posting about them! Got there in the end, although I have to say that I might just have to buck the trend a bit. I am not sure I have anything left to tell about me and also find it very hard to think of only a few blogs to pass it on to. I know, I know, yes, a bit useless, but maybe I will get there one day!

So, that is my week to date. Slow paced...... poodling along.........feeling brighter, the coughs, colds and are definitely shifting and the is beginning to shine through again!

Today, the weather is grey and drizzly. The Bears requested a variety of these for the weekend

(Marks and Spencers 'Blissful Brownies' Book)

and I fancy making these...

Toffee Apple Cakes
(Marks and Spencers  'Baking Day' Book)

So, A bit of Richard Ashcroft again, pans ready and oven on,  and this morning should be a contented one!

I came across a lovely little saying the other day. Not quite sure where it originated....

'Life is too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.'

So True

Thank you again, you are all truly awesome

Have a super duper weekend!




  1. What a very poignant but true saying.
    Glad you're on the up! Must be all those healthy scrummy breakfasts you consume!
    The colour of the wools is lovely, those soft pastel shades are beautiful!
    Beuatiful flower shots too- that one with the dew is amazing!
    Good luck with the de-cluttering, and those toffee apple muffins look to die for!
    Have a happy weekend, thanks for the mention and congrats on your other award too, yeah that 8 things about you thingy(!) is a pain and best avoided!
    Gill x

  2. Yay so glad you are back :) I have been oggling your lovely crochet on flickr, I honestly don't know how you find the time,can't wait to see what your new wool will be :)
    Have a lovely sunny weekend
    Take care
    Love Jane x x x x x

  3. Yes,the terrible events in Japan really put everything into perspective don't they?
    I love coming over to visit you with your lovely bright and cheery posts, and I think the fact that you have hundreds of followers speaks for itself.I think we'll all feel a lot better when the days are warmer,and brighter.The clocks change soon...yipee!
    Have a lovely,relaxing weekend.

  4. I've missed you this week and so glas you're back and feeling a little better. Your blog is lovely so please don't give up on it! x

  5. So pleased to have you back! After the awful events in Japan, I have been trying extra hard to really appreciate lifes little pleasures!
    Your posts always put a smile on my face!
    Have a lovely cakey making weekend!

  6. Wow, what a great post Vanessa! I simply love all your picturework again, the crochet looks beautiful and the wool stashes... are simply amazing! Indeed very springlike. Only beauties of projects can come from that.
    Enjoy and have a great weekend,
    love Maaike

  7. What a lovely post. Have a great weekend xxxxxxx

  8. Lovely post honey! Glad you're a bit more your old self. I love the crocheting you've done and the gorgeous yarns. Yum! Can you please tell me how you embedded the YouTube video??? I spent ages this morning trying to add one but everytime I typed something or added a pic it kept closing down my browser. GRRR! Big hug, lovely. xxxxxxx

  9. Your blog is so lovely, really inspiring, don't give up on it, I know it is hard sometimes, but that is life, u need it to be hard to enjoy the good stuff! keep smiling x :)
    take care sarah x

  10. Glad you're back and feeling chirpier V!! Beautiful photos as ever my lovely.

  11. So glad you are feeling tons better. I have had a real sluggish week myself. And the shed witch has been out and about being very unsociable!;0) And certainly the events of the past week and thoughts of the poor people in Japan certainly does put things into perspective. Up to a point.

    Love that saying you came across and so true too. Love your photo's as ever even the in mid crafting session ones!

    Hope you have a fab weekend scoffing lots of brownies and just taking time to enjoy!

    MBB x

  12. Glad you are feeling better :) I too have had the cleaning and de-cluttering bug so I think it must be that time of year. Those few bits of sunshine come out to tease us and we just have to clear out the cobwebs ready for the real thing. It feels really good when it's all done too. Rachael Xx

  13. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend! Cx

  14. So lovely to see you back, but so know how you feel about the weather and catching up on everything!
    Love your pictures of healthy breakfast, also I started that this week and also went for my first run last night in like 100 years!

    Hello to Spring and goodbye to fat! heheehe!
    I am wishing!

    So love looking forward to your beautiful creative blogs and thankyou again for all your kind encouraging comments.


  15. Glad you're feeling better. I have to say, even your mess looks gorgeous. Loving those spring colour yarns and that greengate, stunning, I haven't found a way to get some over here though. I have been seriously wanting that particular cup for some time now. Enjoy your declutering, and don't forget to take some time for you to just breathe.

  16. Magazine tip: I now buy my monthly treats on subsciption, saving money, saving time avoiding the aisle at the shop and enjoying the treat when they arrive on the doorstep!!! Thanks for all the lovely cheery photies..Rona

  17. Oops, was logged in with a different account for the last comment!

  18. So glad you're feeling more chirpy Vanessa!! I wasn't happy at the thought of you stopping blogging!!

    Can you tell us where you got you're lovely flowery latte cup? I've seen similar plain ones in Ikea but flowery is always better!!

    S x

  19. Sarah, the flowery latte cup is from Greengate. Berry red stock the range, although this particular size I had to order in from a company that stocked Greengate and would get it specifically for me. It's as shame no shop sells the whole range as i am such a Greengate fan! x

  20. Oh Vanessa you are the most delicious soul - I relish your honesty and don't ever mind your outpourings, in fact it's one of the reasons I like to visit your blog as it's very Real. Thank you for the shot of colour in your pictures today, the weather has perked up here and the sky is that glorious pure blue with not a cloud to be seen ~ Ive been pottering in the garden and gently making art and crocheted waistcoats - your wool looks yummy, what are you up to I wonder?
    I hope you have a gorgeous weekend, sending you huge scoops of love, Julia x x x

  21. Oh Momma your blog is always a happy stop that song!!!

  22. My favorite breakfast!!! Yogurt with fruits and nuts!! Loved your blog, it always makes me smile!
    Chris :o)

  23. It sounds like you've been having a great week.

    Like you I'm doing a lot of organising and trying to run my home efficiently. Even though it's just me with laziness, socialising and working late I'm either super efficient or running around all over the place!

    So more organising to be done this weekend,

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xxx

  24. oo glad that your feeling a lot better than before. .i do think its a catch 22 when your'e feeling below parr then other things go get forgotten or get on top of you which then leads to more stress...hopeing that you are now seeing the woods from the trees!!
    i love richard ashcroft and the verve.. i find a lot of his songs beautiful

  25. I love LOVE LOVE your blog Vanessa, you are so creative and your eye for colour is AMAZING.
    Wishing you a happy weekend :)
    Renee from Australia

  26. I love your bright happy pictures and your delight in your craft, family and life. Glad to hear you are feeling better. A great way to save money on magazines and get a variety too is to visit your local library. Mine has a good selection and they are available for borrowing, with the exception of the current issue. I find myself reading all sorts of things simply because I don't have to risk paying money for something I might not enjoy reading :)

  27. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I just love popping in to visit your blog. So pleased you are feeling brighter. Take care hon.

  28. Glad to hear you're feeling better.
    I love both those yarn stashes, but my favourite is the grey/pink mix. I'd love something made in those colours.

  29. oh vanessa you sweet hearted soul xxxx
    look at that post sooo full of all the joys and colours- i love it so...that breaky makes my mouth water and those piccys...i dribble on my lappy toppy every time i visit hehehehehe ;0)
    glad your well my chic...hope your enjoying a sunny weekend its sooooo lovely here woohoo x

  30. Happy weekend to you Vanessa.

    So sorry you've been feeling down - these lurgies are such rotters. They leave you feeling worn and exhausted not to mention playing with your emotions.

    take care and enjoy the sunshine.

    Nina xxx

  31. Hello sweet friend so nice to meet you! Your blog is ADORABLE! Love the soft pastel pics and your berries look deelish! We all get the blues, hope you are feeling better. Spring is right around the corner.

  32. Thank you for a wonderful post - so much to think about and enjoy here. I love the song by Richard Ashton and hearing about your sunny days in St Ives (I have a lot of wonderful memories of St Ives too)- Love all your tasty healthy food pix, and the wool colours are just beautiful. Have a great week.
    Helen x

  33. Oooops sorry, meant Richard Ashcroft!! (Am reading a book by Helen Ashton at the moment!)
    Helen x

  34. So glad you are back, your blog is definitely not pants! I know what you mean about getting organised at home, I struggle with that too. The thing is to tackle one thing at a time and not to be too hard on yourself.Your new wools look good enough to eat, can't wait to see your projects. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x.


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